Shenzhen 15 star hotel is accused of pouring tea to foreign guests but neglecting Chinese guests.

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 Shenzhen 15 star hotel is accused of pouring tea to foreign guests but neglecting Chinese guests.

Hotel receptionist check-in: foreign guests have tea, but Chinese guests do not.

Ms. Cao told reporters that she stayed in The Ritz Carlton Shenzhen in August 2nd and went to the front desk in August 4th to find a foreign guest who was waiting for the check-in at the front desk. She enjoyed the welcome tea from the hotel, while several Chinese guests waiting at the front desk didnt get the welcome tea. After taking note of this, Miss Cao was angry with the front desk attendant, and the explanation was that hotel cleaning and disinfecting tea cups need time, so service time is different, but it is the same for each guest.

After that, the director of the same day explained Miss Cao and welcomed the tea for every guest on the scene, and promised to apologize for the free upgrade of Miss Cao. Miss Cao said that she thought that the practice of the hotel was discriminating against Chinese guests. Their explanation was too far-fetched, and I didnt enjoy the welcome tea when I checked in for the first time. Thats discrimination.

Hotel response: there is no case of discrimination against nationality.

On this matter, the reporter interviewed the The Ritz Carlton Hotel related staff, the staff said that the incident was an independent event, contrary to the hotels consistent service concept, and the hotel provided the same service to each guest. There was no discrimination.

The staff told the reporter that the foreign guests who had enjoyed the welcome tea from Miss Cao were followed by the taxi from the taxi. According to our service flow, the guests to the shop after a long boat ride were to greet the tea. The staff said that on the day of the other guests in the scene, the hotel can determine that some of the guests have enjoyed the welcome tea, and some continued guests, the hotel also provides tea, only because the tea cup cleaning and disinfection needs time, so there are differences in service.

The hotel said that she had communicated with her in the first time of her suggestion, and the process of communication was smooth and the guest house was upgraded free of charge as an apology. Because of the manpower and service flow, our service may not be 100% coverage of each guest, but there is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of nationality.