The knife in Xinjiang is sharpened and sharper. He cuts 16 points to help Zhou Qi perform one handed smash

 The knife in Xinjiang is sharpened and sharper. He cuts 16 points to help Zhou Qi perform one handed smash

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This season, the 22-year-old Tang Caiyu has risen rapidly. So far, he can contribute 9 points, 1.8 rebounds and 1.1 assists for Xinjiang team, and the shooting rate of three-point shooting is as high as 40%. Since the second round, Tang Caiyu has got more performance opportunities and has become a stable scoring point and three-point point point for Xinjiang team.

In this competition, Tang Caiyu showed a good state at the beginning. Tang Caiyu, who has a 40% long-range shot, is a knife killer outside the three-point line. As soon as the first quarter of the game came up, Tang Caiyu ambushed the bottom line, received a pass from his teammates and hit three points.

The first competition started more than 1 minute, Tang Caiyu was quick to snatch. After cutting the ball, he accelerated the counterattack with all his strength, and scored 2 points in the easy layup. It took only three seconds for Tang Caiyu to make a layup. Tang Caiyu scored 8 points at the beginning, leading the Xinjiang team to play a 15-2 attack wave.

Tang Caiyu had few chances to attack in the third quarter, but he showed his ability to dominate the ball. Soon after the third quarter competition, Tianjin team implemented the full court press. After receiving the ball, Tang Caiyu quickly dribbled to break the press. At the same time, he saw the opportunity of Zhou Qi under the basket, sent out a wonderful pass, assisted Zhou Qi to complete one handed smash.

Although the strength of Xinjiang is obviously superior, Tianjin played a very tenacious game, has been biting the score is not opened. At the end of the game, Zhou Qi sat down and rested, and Tang Caiyu became the main attack point of Xinjiang team. At 9:48 before the end of the game, Tang Caiyu used the breakthrough to drill through the defensive layup to score and open the difference to 9 points. At the end of the game, lutubula and other young players were in good condition. Tang Caiyu is not greedy for merit, and has continuously sent wonderful passes to his teammates. Finally, Xinjiang team finally defeated Tianjin team with 105-93.