When the villagers carried him to health school, he made an amazing move.

 When the villagers carried him to health school, he made an amazing move.

There is a doctor with ones own power

The people guarding the 28 villages

Over the past 18 years

He visited 170 thousand people.

12 medical bags with rotten back

Total mileage of more than 400 thousand kilometres

Can run 10 laps around the equator

The villagers carried him to the health school, and he returned the 24 hours door-to-door Inquisition.

Daning County of Shanxi province is located at the south foot of Lvliang mountain. Le Tang village is located in a corner, and 143 households in the village are distributed along the east coast of the Yellow River, which is 10 kilometers long.

There were no doctors in the village because of the backwardness. A minor illness leads to a serious illness, and a serious illness takes away life happens from time to time. When he was young, he died because he was ill and ill diagnosed. He was determined to learn medicine.

Near graduation, the county hospital wanted to leave him to work and was declined by him. His choice is to be a village doctor, return to the village, defend the Loess with his knowledge, and guard the villagers.

In 2000, he set up a clinic in a cave dwelling. His promise to the villagers was 24 hours door-to-door service. Ten li and eight village people have his mobile phone number, no matter day or night, who calls a phone, he will immediately ride on the motorcycle, set foot on the winding mountain road, wherever he is.

The right foot fractured. He said, the other foot can still step on the brakes.

On the road of saving lives and suffering hardships, he knows best what is time is life.

2013 is the cold moon, the heavy snow is over the mountain. A child with fever and epilepsy in the village was in urgent condition. He Xinglong raced against the clock to catch a motorcycle chain, fire, fuel and jump out. On a downhill ride, because the brakes are too fast, even people with the car overturned more than 10 meters, heavy locomotive like a boulder pressed his feet.

Hello? Wait, Ill be here. He could not take care of the pain and did his best to lift up the car, pick up the drugs scattered on the floor and stumble to the patients home.

The child was saved later, but he was diagnosed with a fracture of the right foot in the hospital. The other foot can also step on the brakes. He was plaster and went out again.

He Xinglong was asked to give up his life in order to see a doctor. He laughed plainly and said, We always wanted to let the villagers see the doctor less errands, less money, then our heart is the happiest.

Happiness is a struggle. For the understanding of struggle, he said: struggle is not out of the mouth, is to climb the ditch, step by step out of the footprints!

The villagers said, long long is the son of everyone.

After many years of village doctors, he and the villagers have long been more than just doctor-patient relationship.

The 86 year old man, Zhang Li Shan, almost lost his life in a high fever ten years ago. It was he who kept him for three days and nights without rest until he pulled the old man back from his death.

Besides seeing a doctor, he also gave water to five insured households and sent them to dinner. Some of the villagers had broken the water pipes, there was no signal on the TV, and even the cell phone could not be used, so they called him. The villagers have already regarded him as a family.

Dragon dragon is not a fuckin son, it is everyones son! If we can be comfortable one day, we can live longer. Speaking of this young man, the old people in the village praised him very much.

Dont make the money, but live the life of the more than 4000 people

After 18 years of medical treatment, his removal fee and medical fees are at least 3. 4 million yuan, which is almost astronomical in a village that is not rich. For 18 years, many of his classmates have bought a car and bought a house in the county town and live a decent life. But he still travels alone on the vast Loess Plateau. .

Looking back at the retrograde from the city to the country, He Xinglong said he never regretted that these years are not earned, but I live in the Yellow River on the side of the more than 4000 people,

In the best years of life, He Xinglong chose to stick to his ideals and protect the peace of the people. In the past 18 years, he has proved that choosing to stick to his actions is not an empty promise. Choosing to guard is not a surge of emotion.

Remember a feeling of kindness

Keep a promise

No matter the thunderstorm

No matter how cold it is

He is the doctors benevolence

Let the sun shine in the village

Give the striving for the star dragon!