Is Wenzhou business school forcing students to sell health care products related to the school management and affiliated enterprises?

 Is Wenzhou business school forcing students to sell health care products related to the school management and affiliated enterprises?

After the incident, Wenzhou business school issued a statement on its WeChat official account, saying: there is no report titled compulsory sales of health care products for strong students . according to the nineteen reports, we need to deepen the integration of production and education. We should actively explore the form of deep cooperation between enterprises and enterprises, and optimize the teaching aids of entrepreneurial education. Protein peptide products are the best teaching aids for entrepreneurship practice teaching in schools, there is no content related to cannot sell 8 boxes, no credits, dont want to graduate without going.

However, the statement was deleted shortly after it was released.

The No.19 student of Wenzhou business school presented to the interface news the administrative measures on the credit recognition of non course learning achievement credit recognition project students entrepreneurship practice credit (Provisional), in which the evaluation standard is clear that the semester as a unit, no less than 8 equivalent per month can obtain 1 credit. The student said that the equivalent refers to the number of products sold.

It is reported that the International College of Wenzhou business school opened the entrepreneurship practice course in May this year, and the students in the Department voluntarily participate. According to the screenshot of the announcement of entrepreneurship practice course provided by the student, the international college said that in order to further deepen the reform of entrepreneurship education After long-term research and careful screening, the school has determined the first batch of introduction of Wenzhou youjianpeptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the first batch of products are named collagen peptide, which belongs to large health food. It is helpful to improve human immunity and improve calcium, skin, memory and sleep of human body

The above-mentioned students said that although the Department of entrepreneurship practice course voluntarily participated in May, some students were asked by counselors to talk after they could not sell geniposide, and asked them to sell a fixed number of products every week.

At the beginning, the instructor took the goods, and later, the teacher gave each group 30 boxes a month, with about 10 people in each group. They had to digest them every month and listen to the director, counselor and group leaders meeting every week.

It may be that no one is selling it, and the school has come up with a summer vacation practice so that students have to sell it.

(after buying) I havent eaten it. Its sold at half price on second-hand platforms. Many people have hung up. (after hanging up) a person came to me and said that if I put it on the Internet at such a price, it would disturb the whole price system. I hope I can think more about the reform of entrepreneurship education in schools, and take the goods off the shelves temporarily.

In addition to selling Youjian peptide, Wenzhou business school also held a special training course on entrepreneurship education of peptide does not explain practical teaching aids and product interaction on May 28 this year. It claimed to invite Mao Ruixue, a postdoctoral of Peking University, to analyze the professional knowledge of how collagen peptide is absorbed by human body from the perspective of nutrition. The dean of the International School of Wenzhou business school also sold peptides live during this years mothers day.

In addition, Wenzhou business school canteen milk tea shop also sells red peptide Lang, twist peptide beauty and other milk tea added with Youjian peptide.

A school from the dean to the teacher, from the students to the canteen are selling health products, it is too abnormal.

The outsourcing of the product shows that the product is produced by Shanghai tongzhougongji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. entrusted by Wenzhou youjianpeptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the legal representative of the former is Ye Xiaoyan. It is worth noting that ye Xiaoyans name also appeared on the official website of Wenzhou sanhesheng gelatin Co., Ltd., where Zhang Hanming, President of Wenzhou business school, is the major shareholder and legal representative, and her identity is the contact person of the company.

According to the two students, it has been reported that the products are produced by the school management company, and the school has organized some students to visit Wenzhou life and health town where Wenzhou youjianpeptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located.

The publicity pictures previously used to publicize the eight functions of youjianpeptide such as strengthening human body resistance, beautifying and beautifying, anti-aging, protecting liver, clearing virus, preventing blood pressure and blood lipid, increasing bone hardness, improving human immunity, regulating intestines and stomach, relieving stomach pain, and improving learning and memory, were reported to the market supervision bureau, and the supervision opinions of the market supervision bureau also required reminders Teachers and students should stop improper publicity.

According to Deng Hao and others from Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural products processing and Design Research Institute in the paper research progress of collagen, collagen peptide is a kind of collagen precursor product which is made of collagen after being treated by acid, alkali or protease, also known as hydrolyzed collagen protein. The main components of donkey hide gelatin and birds nest are collagen.

But at present, the health functions of collagen and collagen peptide recognized in China are only to protect skin moisture, increase bone mineral density and enhance immunity. In recent years, a number of collagen peptide products have claimed to have whitening, skin beauty, weight loss and even adverse growth effects, and most of these products do not have QS, OTC logo. The outer package of the involved eugenin product also clearly indicates that it is a solid drink, without any health product identification.