Hangzhou womens missing case more details announced: unpredictable, pillow people difficult to prevent

 Hangzhou womens missing case more details announced: unpredictable, pillow people difficult to prevent

Hangzhou woman disappeared 21 days later, the truth finally came!

On July 22, the police conducted an inspection on the septic tank in the community where Ms. Lai lived.

That afternoon, it was close to 40 degrees.

The investigators wore isolation clothes and screened 38 vehicles of filth one by one.

The last scene came.

Police found suspected human tissue in the septic tank. DNA comparison shows that this is the missing lady. In other words, Ms Lai may have been killed.

And the husband of the lady, Xu, is suspected of committing a major crime.

Soon, he was under police control.

At 10 am this morning, Hangzhou police issued the latest notice:

Xu initially confessed that he was dissatisfied with his wife because of family life conflicts and killed his wife in the early morning of July 5.

After the dismemberment, they were scattered and abandoned.

Human nature should be so evil.

How cruel Xu is, lets review a few details.

In the early morning of July 5, Xu killed and dismembered his wife.

On the evening of July 6, Xu called the police.

The day before his wife was dismembered, the next day he went to the police. This kind of psychological quality is simply terrible.

He gave a serious interview to the reporter. Three times before and after.

I bet with her IQ, she didnt go out alone.

During the interview, not only did he not have the slightest fear, but also insulted his wifes IQ.

Xu, 55, was a driver of a company in Hangzhou before the crime, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

In 2008, he married Ms. Lai.

According to the 11 year old daughter, it is almost after marriage that Ms. Lai and Xu gave birth to a daughter.

12 years of married life.

The biological parents of a child.

No feelings, but also gratitude.

Tokono is right. Only the sun and people cant look directly at them.

In fact, this is not an isolated case.

According to BTV life media, on October 27, 2018, a man surnamed Zhang took his wife and 2-year-old daughter to Thailands Jeep island for a tour.

The hotel is a very private resort hotel. With a swimming pool.

Three days later, the accident happened.

Zhang called his parents in law: in the swimming pool, his wife accidentally drowned.

The two old men braved their grief and rushed to Thailand.

The water in the swimming pool is only 1.4 meters deep. How can an adult drown?

Zhang has a lot of scratch marks on his hand, which is obviously the trace left by fighting with a woman. Did they have a conflict before?

After the autopsy report, let two old people collapse.

The liver is broken, the ribs are broken, and there is congestion on the stomach. Shes not drowning, shes been beaten

The families of the victims told reporters.

Zhangs motive for killing his wife is outrageous.

In order to cheat.

Before traveling to Thailand, Zhang had secretly bought a huge amount of accident insurance for his wife.

If the plot succeeds, he can get insurance compensation totaling nearly 30 million.

Generally, the bad guys just lock their targets to outsiders.

Its not too much to say that such a man who attacks the person next to the pillow is a villain.

What makes people helpless is that Zhang was sentenced indefinitely because the case was tried in Thailand.

Its hard on the victims mother.

She cried to her daughters tombstone

Im sorry, daughter. I cant let him die. He was just given an indefinite sentence.

There are also cases of murdering wives and hiding corpses in Shanghai.

This time, though, the murderer was executed.

The villain who killed his wife finally killed himself.

The case occurred in October 2016.

In a quarrel, Zhu Xiaodong strangled his wife with both hands.

But this is not a passion killing, but a premeditated intentional killing.

He bought several crime Books Online. The method of murder involved in the content is basically the same as that of his crime.

He also bought a new big freezer. The purpose is to hide the body.

Then, squander.

He traveled to South Korea and Nanjing.

Use your wifes ID card to open a room with the opposite sex.

He used his wifes mobile phone to send wechat to his family.

Even said: the handset is broken, we can only use wechat communication.

But paper cant wrap fire.

Zhu Xiaodong also realized that it would be discovered sooner or later.

Three months after the crime, he turned himself in.

On the motive of the crime, Zhu Xiaodong said: I just dont want her to nag any more.

Just to avoid being nagged, he killed his wife cruelly.

After seeing all kinds of family tragedies, I more and more agree with an ideau2014u2014

Marriage is really a womans second birth.

But this is not to encourage women to rely on men to change their fate.

Instead, for women, marriage is important.

Its important that you need to be careful before you get married. There must be no carelessness or carelessness.

Because the perverts who kill their wives tell us:

1u3001 Look into his background as much as you can.

If you can, look into his background.

If you dont have the ability, you should observe who his friends are, how his original family is, how he treats the weak, and how he behaves when he is extremely angry.

Generally speaking, these things can roughly infer his true feelings.

2u3001 Dont rush to get married.

It is difficult to find out whether the other party has personality problems in the early stage of love.

But more contacts may be different.

The problems of getting along with each other, the differences of three outlooks, the emotional control ability of the other party, etc., will be shown in the trivial life.

Dont think youll suffer if you break up. On the contrary, you should be glad if you find it inappropriate to share it.

Because divorce is far more troublesome than breaking up.

3u3001 Dont ignore the terrible little details and signals in the process of communication.

In the process of communication, he must have something wrong to alert you.

Like addiction to violence.

For example, they have a strong preference for homicide terror.

Such as extreme selfishness and lack of empathy.

Another example is controlling addiction

When you see it, remind yourself and leave as soon as possible.

At the end, hurry up.

4u3001 Listen to your friends and relatives.

If other people think he is very mature, only you feel stupid, then you can marry.

If only you think its good and others think its unreliable, then you should think more about it.

I forget who said it, but theres some truth in it.

Love is like a fog, the parties are easy to get involved in it, do not know the whole picture.

Maybe its not that you dont understand your love, but you have already seen through the nature of that man.

Its just that you dont know.

For example, before Yang Liping and Zhu Xiaodong got married, they were strongly opposed by their parents.

Zhu Xiaodongs family is not good and he has no ambition for his career.

In 2015, the two married.

But this wedding is very poor, Zhu Xiaodong didnt even buy the wedding dress.

There was no wedding ceremony, no MC. Yang Liping just wore a white lace gown and a pair of torn jeans, and became a bride.

In the second year of marriage, tragedy happened.

It was a pity for my daughter.

Must have two old people had such regret?

Yang Liping is also set at the age of 28 forever.

Its hard to know peoples mind, but its hard to guard against them.

The most intimate couple in the world.

Because when the song ends, you will find that he has a lot of problems and his marriage is a chicken feather.

Its a great fortune to be able to retreat.

I am afraid that when I want to leave, I am trapped in the mire and cant extricate myself and become a lamb who died unjustly.

Finally, I hope that her husband will be severely punished.

Also hope that all girls, can have good luck, meet good people, and be gentle with him for life.

Author: Zhuo Jue