Hangzhou womens missing case solved: three most terrible people in love

 Hangzhou womens missing case solved: three most terrible people in love

According to the police, the missing woman Lai has been killed, and the suspect is her husband Xu.

According to the confession, because of family life conflicts, Xu killed his wife while he was sleeping and separated his body to cover up the crime.

From love to killing each other, such family tragedy is really terrible.

It also reminds us that when it comes to relationships, its really important who we are with.

With the kind, bottom line of people together, even if it is not appropriate, the worst result is just good get together good scattered.

Therefore, in terms of emotion, how to stay away from those crazy and extreme people is a problem worthy of everyones attention and thinking.

So in life, what characteristics of people need to be extra vigilant?


Some people are confused.

In front of the public is a face, in private is another face.

For example, in the case of Bao Li, a girl who committed suicide in Peking University, the perpetrator Mou usually has a graceful, considerate and warm man image, which is perfect and charming.

However, when she was alone with her girlfriend Bao Li, she humiliated her, abused and manipulated her in an almost abnormal way. Finally, Baoli, who was psychologically collapsed, sought relief by suicide.

This is the horror of dual faced people.

They are very good at camouflage themselves, always wearing masks.

They either disguise themselves as good men / women to cheat others of their first impression;

Or pretending to be an unfortunate partner who is always giving and always being betrayed, so as to cheat others sympathy.

Such a kind of deception will make people around them misjudge how such a good person can have problems, and thus may target their partners.

When people have unlimited trust in them, they will be more unscrupulous and even crazy in front of their partners.

In this case, the family is most likely to breed harm.

This kind of injury is either mental, such as PUA;

Its either physical, such as domestic violence, or even life-threatening tragedies, just like the case of Lady Lai from Hangzhou.

At the very least, you need to figure out whether the other person is a person who is consistent with his words and deeds in most cases, or a person with different faces at home and outside, who seems to be a little split.

If its the latter, its better to be cautious.

2. People who are too sensitive

Some people are particularly sensitive.

In life, most of the people who are out of control and even fight because of some small things are people with low self-worth.

Such people have a low self-evaluation and feel unwelcome or worthless. This kind of cognition leads to their weak self-esteem, which is like a soap bubble.

With such a person, you need to be extra careful and cautious, whether it is speaking or doing things together, you should pay attention to the sense of the other party, because if you are not careful, it may stimulate the other partys sensitive nerves and cause some extreme behavior.

Objectively speaking, many people are actually very sensitive. However, there is a measure of sensitivity.

If a persons sensitivity, although sometimes make you uncomfortable, or uncomfortable, but generally can live, does not affect the normal life, that is OK.

After all, people cant be perfect, some things need to be inclusive.

However, if a person is too sensitive, beyond your tolerance, and makes you walk on thin ice all day, it is necessary to seriously consider whether it is necessary to be together.

Its like putting out a fire. If there are small fires that you can put out at any time with your ability, its not a problem.

But if you encounter a raging wildfire and you are not willing to leave, it is likely that you will be swallowed up.

What Ms. Liu cant understand is why things have developed like this.

When they first got married, the husband was considerate to himself, which was the standard image of a good man. But after only one year, he became like a devil and often raped his own family.

This is the horror of extreme words and deeds.

They like a person, good to a person, will really give all.

For you, I will give everything, even my own life!

For you, Id rather let down all the people in the world!

Such a sense of dedication and sacrifice will make the loved one enjoy a kind of extreme narcissistic satisfaction, and then indulge in it.

However, such people are extremely unstable.

When you love, you will love to the bone, but if you hate it, you will hate it to the bone.

What kind of way to express hate is enough fierce?

Its nothing more than physical injury and life-threatening.

But their problem is that they always express their feelings in the most intense and extreme way.

In their own eyes, its real, but to others, especially their partners, its scary.

Therefore, in a relationship, we should not only see whether the other party loves you, but also pay attention to the way TA loves you.

People who love you in exaggerated and extreme ways are likely to hurt you in the most extreme way one day.


In short, its the old saying

If you love the right person, happiness will knock on your door every day, but if you love the wrong person, even if you pay more and be careful, you may live like the Smiths.

Of course, its not easy to find the right person.

The key is to learn to understand people, learn to see something essential through appearances.

As mentioned in the Book Cognition: thinking and intelligence behind human behavior:

The higher the cognition, the more far-reaching.

To do things like this is to see people.