A serious woman cant talk about the secret pain of marriage at night

 A serious woman cant talk about the secret pain of marriage at night

The city is shrouded in the night, tall buildings gradually lit up one after another, is the time for tired people to return home. However, walking in the stream of people, Liu Shupings heart is at a loss.

Looking back on last night, she thought it was the most terrible night of her life.

As a primary school teacher, her daily work and rest are very regular, usually 10 oclock has been sleepy. However, she probably drank too much water. In the middle of the night, Liu Shuping got up and went to the bathroom. The most shocking scene in her life appeared like this: her husband LV Dawei masturbated while listening to the sound of the neighbors house, and held a pair of strange womens underwear in his hand.

Liu Shuping stood stupidly for more than ten seconds, a little at a loss. Until her husband found her and stood up to her in panic, she suddenly screamed and rushed back to the bedroom and locked the door tightly.

Hooligan, abnormal, disgusting these words impact on Liu Shupings heart, and her peaceful life is completely shattered in an instant.

After daybreak, Liu Shuping habitually gets up, and then walks out of the bedroom. Lu Dawei was sitting at the table having breakfast. He only looked up at her and continued to eat.

There is an ice wife at home, but she has to become a bad man

This night can also be called a night of horror for LV Dawei. However, after apologizing and pleading, LV Dawei suddenly felt unprecedented grievance. Was he like this in the beginning? How could he become a bad man if he didnt have an ice wife at home.

He and Liu Shuping fell in love at first sight, and within half a year, they smoothly entered the marriage. LV Dawei felt that he was a lucky man. His wife was gentle and generous, industrious and virtuous, and could handle the relationship with his elders.

In the early days of marriage, when LV Dawei made love with his wife, Liu Shuping seemed very stiff and seldom responded, which made him change his enthusiasm into carelessness. At first, LV Dawei thought that his wife originated from the shyness of a young girl. However, after a long time, LV Dawei gradually lost his patience, and Liu Shuping always looked bored when he asked for intimacy.

How do you know that? What the wife said unintentionally made their husband and wife have the most heated dispute after marriage, what is it to know this? Its everyones normal need. Its not normal to be as cold as you are!

After the quarrel, both sides reflected and compromised. Unfortunately, Liu Shuping soon became pregnant, which gave Liu Shuping the best reason to refuse intimacy.

In this way, Lu Dawei completely entered the ice age of sexual life.

Until her daughter was 4 years old, Liu Shuping still insisted that the children should sleep with their husband and wife. Lu Daweis heart was completely cold. How many nights he watched his wife fall asleep with his daughter in her arms, he was full of resentment and could not sleep.

Finally, when he was drunk on a business trip, he overheard the sounds of lovers in the next room by chance, and masturbated while listening. This made him find an outlet to vent after a long time of depression. He even began to collect various kinds of sexy womens underwear to enhance his sexual interest.

Are good women doomed to no market

After that incident, Liu Shuping really did not know how to face her husband, so they simply separated. However, every day of separation, Liu Shupings heart has never stopped fluctuating.

In the past seven years, she never thought that her marriage would face such problems. Whats more, she didnt understand what was wrong with her marriage.

However, as time went on, Liu Shuping began to calm down from shock and anger, and she recalled many past events.

Such things have happened many times in Liu Shupings life. Therefore, in the process of her growth, she seldom interacts with men and never laughs easily. People around her praise her as a small adult, quiet and steady.

As an adult, many friends around Liu Shuping began to fall in love and get married. Liu Shupings mother also began to ask people to introduce her. One of the young men, Liu Shuping, still liked her very much. However, the young mans sentence honey, I think you are really sexy made Liu Shuping feel offended. She even thought that she had not made contact with each other so seriously How can we trust them for life. In this way, Liu Shupings love road can be described as a bumpy road.

After she married Lu Dawei, Liu Shuping also tried to be a good wife, mother and daughter-in-law. But one thing bothered her was that her husband always wanted to make love to her every two days. Liu Shuping understands that this is inevitable between husband and wife, and she is willing to do it in order to give birth to future generations; but at the same time, she is thinking: is it necessary for husband and wife to live so frequently? Her heart will even have a voice: to be a good woman, not a slut!

[expert comments

Hou Wenjun

Sex is nature. It is suggested that women like Liu Shuping can try to release themselves and learn to enjoy sexual happiness in the following three ways:

1. Know your body and love yourself.

Chinese women are often shy and unfamiliar with their body knowledge, which also leads to unclear identification of sexual pleasure in sexual life, and even causes fear. Therefore, the first step is to know the body and love yourself well. You can choose to observe every part of the body carefully while bathing. It is a good communication with the heart.

2. Open your heart and treat sex correctly.

You can first find three or five friends in the boudoir, everyone in a private, safe environment, completely open to talk about sexual topics.. For example, everyone likes the way of sex, different exciting points, the scene of desire, the most moving or happy behavior of their partner, and so on. At the same time, it is also necessary to talk about the sex education that everyone has received since childhood, and ask others to express different opinions. This kind of communication can break the strong sexual repression, make sex no longer a secret and can not be discussed, but also make the sexual concept instilled by the previous generation be fully verified, even denied and subverted, so as to gradually alleviate the sexual repression. When you hear that other peoples husbands will masturbate and watch pornographic movies, some of your partners behaviors may be easy to accept.

3. Learn to appreciate masculine and have a good interaction with partners.

A lot of Liu Shuping are often dignified to indifferent when facing the opposite sex. Such experience often makes them fail to learn a benign way of communication with the opposite sex in an important growth period. Many people even cant fall in love and become elderly leftover women. Therefore, in order to enjoy the good emotion and sexual well-being, we must learn to understand the opposite sex and get along with it. It is suggested that you can read some mens magazines or books, start by learning to appreciate male sex, understand mens bodies, and discuss with friends what kind of men are more sexy. To be a Sex girl in a new era is happiness.

At the same time, it is very important to understand mens sexual self-esteem. Therefore, womens active feedback and praise are essential for high-quality sexual life. Dont be rigidly attached to the form. Its important to explore the sexual interest between partners, tell them the characteristics of women, and teach them how to ignite themselves.


Through the following three points, I hope to help couples enjoy the sweet sex life

First, men and women have different sexual cycles. Mens sexual reaction speed is faster, but it also subsides quickly after reaching the climax; while women belong to the type of slow fever, which needs a certain period of time to arouse the sexual reaction, which requires both husband and wife to take care of each others reaction speed, increase the length of sexual arousal stage, and guide women to gradually radiate sexual charm, so as to experience the beauty of sex together. For example, in terms of physiology, LV Dawei should pay more attention to his wifes feelings, pay attention to arousing his wife, and have sufficient patience to guide his wife to slowly begin to enjoy sex.

Second, sex is never limited to the experience of orgasm. In fact, sex is rich. As long as there is a positive and receptive attitude, both husband and wife can explore all kinds of sexual forms and enrich their marriage life. In this regard, Lu Daweis masturbation is not an unforgivable mistake. It can only be accepted and become the help of marriage if it is made into a fun shared by husband and wife.

Third, men and women have different sexual psychological needs. Men are more concerned about the affirmation of their own sexual ability, while women should recognize and appreciate more and avoid random comparison; at the same time, women are more concerned about whether they are beautiful, beautiful and attractive in the eyes of each other. Men should focus on this expression.