Know or not tells us the truth: in the three views of parents, the future of children is hidden

 Know or not tells us the truth: in the three views of parents, the future of children is hidden

In the mothers three outlooks, there is the blessing of the child

There are many mothers in the play, old lady Shengjia, Wang Daniang, Lin xiaoniang, Wei xiaoniang, Princess pingning, Xiaoqin, old lady Wang, aunt Kang

These women are both wives and mothers. They are struggling in marriage, and they are all looking forward to a better future for their children.

These children have different endings in the end. I think it has a lot to do with the education of mothers.

Although Wang Da Niang in the play has no great wisdom, and is a bit selfish and willful, she has a pure and good character, just as the old lady of the Sheng family summed up her: she has no city in her heart and does things rashly, but her heart is still good for the Sheng family.

Therefore, she raised Hualan, Rulan, Changbai three good children. Hua Lan is kind-hearted and has no capital in her heart. Although she doesnt appear many times, she is very attentive to her younger brother and sister and is very filial to her grandmother. Rulan didnt have any plans. He went straight, and he didnt have a utilitarian heart. Changbai, the most perfect man in the whole play, has a very good ending in the end.

Lin xiaoniang, as Shengs concubines room, is very resourceful and always pretends to be weak. But in fact, she is dark and ruthless. She never gives her children a correct education. She only knows to instill them with some bad ideas.

In the end, her son Chang Feng is ignorant and only knows how to eat, drink and play. Her daughter, Mulan, is a complete replica of Lin xiaoniang. She loves vanity and thinks of climbing high branches. Neither of them has a good ending.

We can see from these two mothers that the children are a piece of white paper. Their future and the three views of their mothers have a great influence. It is a blessing for a child to have a mother with three outlooks, but if there is a mother with three outlooks, it is not only the misfortune of the child, but also the misfortune of the whole family.

There are also many mothers in the play, such as the old lady of the Sheng family. She not only educated the common son Sheng Yu very well, but also played a great role in the happiness of her grandchildren.

One generation of good mothers, three generations of good families is the most appropriate sentence for old lady Sheng. She is the master behind the scenes of the Sheng family. She will participate in the rise and fall of the whole family and everyones joys and sorrows. She will guide everyone in the critical moment to avoid going astray and make great contributions to the prosperity of the family.

Of course, there are also powerful mothers like little Qin Niang Zi and princess pingning. These two mothers have never considered what their sons want. They just force some things to their sons with I am for you. In the end, their sons are exhausted and full of regrets. They also make their children a little cowardly and have no self-confidence.

Mother is the first teacher of a child in this world, and she has the most profound influence on her childs life. Different mothers have different education methods for their children, so the children raised are different in character and attitude towards personnel and things, so the outcome of life is naturally different. I think this is the most profound truth about childrens education taught by the play know or not.

Parents vision pattern determines the fate of children

In Zhi no, the feelings of Ming LAN and Xiao Gongye are hard to be balanced by many people. They love each other and want to be together for the rest of their lives. But the old lady of the Sheng family knows that the little Duke is of high birth and family background. His mother, Princess pingning, certainly does not agree with the marriage. If they insist on being together, they will certainly succeed, but in the next few decades, they are doomed to suffer a lot.

Therefore, she analyzed the advantages and disadvantages to minglan and advised her not to jump into the fire pit. However, minglan insisted on being brave for Qi Heng, but she was finally betrayed and became the laughing stock of everyone.

The old lady of the Sheng family took her out of the land of right and wrong in time and chose a marriage of her own choice. Although it did not succeed later, it was enough to show the old ladys vision and pattern.

In contrast, Lin xiaoniangs structure and vision are too poor. In order to climb the family ladder, she encourages her daughter, Mulan, to seduce the powerful son and climb the branch by any means. Although she finally married into the counts house, she also makes her the worst of several sisters.

If parents love their children, their plans will be far-reaching. this sentence comes from the famous piece of touching the dragon to tell the Empress Dowager Zhao in the Warring States strategy, which has appeared many times in the play know not.

As a parent, you must first improve your vision and pattern, because your vision and pattern is the starting line of childrens life, and also determines the direction of childrens destiny.

In Zhi no, Sheng Ming Lans father, Sheng Bi, deduces the eccentricity incisively and vividly. Because he was born of a common son, and Lin xiaoniang was very resourceful, so Sheng Xuan was particularly biased towards Changfeng and Mulan, who were both common sons and daughters.

But ah, Sheng Kai forgot that, a lot of times, partiality is not a kind of love for the right. By doing so, he not only hurt Hualan, Rulan and minglan, but also hurt his preferred Changfeng and Mulan.

When he was studying with the same gentleman, Chang Bai was in the first place at one stroke, but Chang Feng did nothing, and Mulan had a very bad life for the rest of his life because of his vanity.

All these show that Sheng Yu failed in educating his children. Therefore, mother Kong, the best friend of the old lady of the Sheng family, said to him, the just in time master said that I and the old lady are old friends. Today, I have the courage to say a few words. In a family with many children, parents need a bowl of water to be calm. Although sisters should be humble to each other, it is also todays concession and tomorrows concession. Theres no reason to call it a concession. As time goes on, father The girl sisters are bound to have some disagreements. Sir, do you think so

Such a sentence, seemingly sincere, actually pointed out the problem of Sheng Bis biased eyes to the point, so that Sheng bi was ashamed to speak at the moment. As soon as he finished, he immediately went to minglan and said, good boy, you are really a good child. A word from mother Kong woke me up just now. Its time for a bowl of water to be leveled, whether its family management or parenting. If you have any grievances in the future, just tell me, and make decisions for your father.

Although it was a little late to repent at this time, it also told us that parents of all families with many children, no matter who they prefer in their hearts, should behave in a bowl of water. Only in this way can the family be harmonious and the children can grow up healthily and become people with correct three outlooks and correct behaviors.

There is a scene in the play that makes me very touched. Minglan is always unpopular at home. Her father doesnt love her. Her mother doesnt love her. Only the old lady of the Sheng family always protects her.

When mother Kong woke up Sheng Xuan with a few words, he went to find minglan to repent, said his guilt, and said that he would look for himself if he had something to do. But at this time, Sheng Xuan was called away by Long Feng because she wanted to punish Lin xiaoniang.

Xiaotao, the maid of minglan, was very angry. She said, the Lord has not said a word to the girl, and she has been called away. Minglan bowed her head and said, its OK. The time when I need it has passed.

Such a sentence makes me feel extremely sad. How much disappointment did minglan bear before she could get used to her fathers indifference and leaving?

Every child grows up only once. If you miss it, you will miss it. Many parents are busy working, entertaining and living their own lives. When their children need themselves most, it will be too late to find that they are missing the growth of their children.

I once saw a sentence, those who grow up in love have confidence that cant be imitated. I hope all parents can accompany their children when they need them. Because the flowering period is limited, dont wait to miss the flowering period and regret again. At that time, its really too late.

We should learn to let go, let children experience setbacks and take responsibility

In the play, Wang Da Niang Zis lack of mind makes people particularly anxious, which is actually related to her family background. Because she was born in a noble family, she was rich in clothing and food since childhood, and she did not suffer any setbacks and grievances. Therefore, she developed a character of no city government and hot temper. Because of this, she is particularly easy to enter the trap set by Lin xiaoniang, never know how to protect herself.

However, in contrast, minglan, who has suffered from hardships and setbacks from snacks, understands the dangers of the world, and has formed a tough character. She can not only protect herself, but also the people she loves.

Whats more, minglans personality is inseparable from her mothers education. They all taught minglan to be a strong man, not easily owe others anything, but to be honest, kind and have a bottom line.

But take a look at Lin xiaoniang. In order to win favor, she always tries to excuse the children when they make mistakes. In this way, Mulan develops the bad habit of opening her mouth to avoid responsibility. Changfeng has no responsibility and is weak.

If a person wants to really mature, he must learn to take responsibility for what he has done. Whats more, he needs to have suffered hardships, injuries and falls before he can understand how to be strong and protect himself.

There are no parents in the world who dont love their children. But the right love is not to protect them, but to let them go. Only in this way can children grow up and their children can be happy.

The best education for children is that the father loves his mother. I think this is the simplest but most useful truth.

In know or not, both the Sheng family and the family have caused great harm to the children because of family discord and disputes. All the children of the Sheng family have suffered hardships, either from family affection, or from marriage, or even hinder their career. Gu tingye once gave up himself because of his complicated family.

From them, we can see that only with family harmony can everything be prosperous. Only with family harmony can children grow up healthily and face all the future calmly.

There must be such people around us, because there are many problems in their parents marriage, which makes them fear marriage. I hope all parents can love each other, let their children get enough security from their original family, let them have love, kindness and strength in their hearts, let them know how to love well and be loved bravely.

Parents are childrens first teachers in the world. Parents can bring their children far more than we can think of.

After reading know or not, I feel that childrens future is hidden in the three views of their parents, and their words and deeds may affect their childrens future.

I hope that every child can have a happy family, and that every parent can do their best to accompany their children through the clearest and happiest time and bring bright and bright future to the children.