To distinguish whether it is true love or not, there are some reasons that cant stand scrutiny at all. We should be sober

 To distinguish whether it is true love or not, there are some reasons that cant stand scrutiny at all. We should be sober

I only admit that the first half of the sentence is reasonable, but I cant agree with the latter. In distinguishing whether it is true love or not, some principles can not stand the scrutiny at all.

Because he likes you, you are the way he likes it, so you dont need to change at all. If you want to change, you may become something he doesnt like.

If he wants to make you the way he likes, he doesnt love you like this.

His previous specific requirements for his lover also changed, as if he had overturned the previous setting and fell in love with someone somehow.

This should be based on feeling, but he likes you because you have something worth liking.

No matter how much a person loves you, it is impossible to love every aspect of you. You must also have some appearance that he doesnt like very much, just because he loves your excellent appearance, so he tolerates the appearance he doesnt like.

At first, maybe because of the freshness and enthusiasm, they wont care about the parts they dont like, but over time, the appearance that he doesnt like will become more and more obvious.

At this time, he will be patient at first, will persuade himself to love you as a whole, and cant care about asking for so much. However, if you dont change or enlarge your shortcomings for a long time, he may not be able to endure all the time.

Therefore, your appearance with shortcomings is not that he likes it, but he is tolerant.

But after getting along with each other for a long time, we will find that there are still some shortcomings in him that we dont want to accept, which we dont like, which can only be tolerated or deliberately ignored.

If he can get rid of these shortcomings, then I will love him more. If he doesnt change, I can only feel helpless.

Or we feel that no one is perfect, and we should accept the advantages and disadvantages of his whole person, but this does not mean that we like his shortcomings.

So if we see the first sentence of the article, dont take it as your motto, and use this rule to measure your lover or partner.

If he doesnt like one of your shortcomings, you think he doesnt love you and forces the other party to like all of you, including your shortcomings.

Even if people reluctantly like your shortcomings, it is insincere, that is also helpless, but also can be tolerated and accepted when in love, for a long time, it must be unable to continue to like.

No one really likes shortcomings, and some of them are really just shortcomings, which need to be corrected. It is not to say that the shortcomings are not like shortcomings in you or not in the eyes of your lover.

If we know this, we will know how to constantly revise ourselves, and make ourselves better and more worthy of your lovers love.

Its a mistake to ask others to love your faults without any intention to correct them.

Some words, because one-sided, so that people who identify with live in fantasy, live in unrealistic theory.

If you want a person to really love you for a long time, it is better to see what shortcomings he does not like. He may not say it, but he will be bored and wont like it after a long time. If you can change it, he will certainly like you more.

Will make do with some, tolerate some, there will be some parts you dont like.

After the hot love period, a long time, you will not want to endure, will also start to be bored, let alone like those shortcomings, but this does not really mean that you do not love him.

So if the other party gets rid of those shortcomings, do you think you will love him more?