newest! General class a 594, two 495, three 279! Zhejiang college entrance examination results and score line announced in 2020

 newest! General class a 594, two 495, three 279! Zhejiang college entrance examination results and score line announced in 2020

2. Zheliban app

Candidates can download the zheliban app on their mobile phones, enter the college entrance examination service area on the home page, click college entrance examination score query, and enter the ID card number and password to query the scores.

3. Automatic SMS push

In order to let the examinees know their scores at the first time and avoid being unable to query them in time due to network congestion, the provincial capital will send the candidates performance information to the mobile phone number reserved by candidates in advance by SMS.

General section line

Note: after the completion of the third paragraph, the candidates who have not been admitted to the college entrance examination can participate in the solicitation of volunteers.

Provincial unified examination of the second batch of Arts Majors

Comprehensive segmentation line of each category

(2) If all the plans have been completed after the first paragraph of a certain category has been accepted, the second paragraph will not be filled in for that category.

Sports Comprehensive segmentation line

Note: (1) if all the plans have been completed after admission in the first paragraph, the second paragraph will not be filled in.

(2) After the completion of the second stage of enrollment, it will be decided whether to expand the proportion of students to solicit volunteers according to the vacancy plan and the situation of students.

Note: after the separate examination enrollment parallel voluntary admission, if some categories need to carry out the voluntary solicitation, all candidates who are not enrolled in the corresponding category can participate in the filling and filling according to the regulations.

This year, 326000 candidates have applied for the college entrance examination in our province, including 268100 ordinary college entrance examination students and 57900 students enrolled in separate examination. All candidates for the college entrance examination are required to fill in and fill in the website of Zhejiang Education Examination Instituteuff08 uff09This is also the only website in our province to fill in the college entrance examination.

The first round of application will be completed from 8:30, July 29 to 17:30, July 30, including early admission of general class, Trinity and first batch of art, parallel admission of first paragraph of general class, first paragraph of second batch of art class, first paragraph of sports class, enrollment of separate examination and various special types of student recruitment. The second paragraph of the general category, the second paragraph of the second batch of Arts, and the second paragraph of the sports category should be filled in from August 25 to 26; the third paragraph of the general category should be filled in from September 5 to 6. Please remember the time and fill in the form on time. If it is overdue, it will be regarded as giving up. Our province general college entrance examination file admission will be launched in early August.

In order to enable candidates to better fill in and submit their applications, the Provincial Education Examination Institute launched the action of running once online at most this year to provide candidates with one-stop convenient service integrating interpretation of policies and regulations, enrollment data of previous years, inquiry of this years enrollment plan, and voluntary filling. Starting from the 26th, the relevant information scattered on websites and paper books in previous years will be displayed on the website of Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Institute this yearuff08 uff09The application window is integrated and presented. When the candidates enter the window, they can not only easily trace back the scores of each major in the previous three years, but also check the latest enrollment plan of this year suitable for their selected subjects from multiple perspectives (such as by University, region, etc.). They can not only master the enrollment policies, volunteer filling methods and matters needing attention by reading voluntary filling in 100 questions and 100 answers, but also accurately grasp their own position through a paragraph by paragraph table Times. One stop login, complete information, convenient operation, easy choice.

This year, due to the change of enrollment policy and the requirements of selected subjects, candidates should pay special attention to the following items when filling in the application form.

One is the first implementation of the strong foundation program and the adjustment of the Trinity enrollment method for high-level universities. According to the spirit of the Ministry of education, the strong foundation program is scheduled to be admitted around August 5. The Trinity enrollment of high-level universities will be completed after the foundation strengthening program and before August 7. Candidates for the examination should fill in the volunteers of the unified enrollment plan together with other candidates on July 29 and 30. Candidates who are admitted by the Trinity of the strong foundation program and high-level universities will no longer participate in the unified enrollment plan.

Second, the Ministry of education for the first time to implement the guidance on the requirements of undergraduate enrollment in Colleges and universities. This year, the requirements of selected subjects in Colleges and universities in our province fully reflect the spirit of combining national needs, University requirements and personal hobbies.

Third, we should have a more clear understanding of the segment line is not equal to the batch line. Our provinces new college entrance examination enrollment cancels the University batch, each category according to the examinees score section admission. What needs to remind examinees is that the segmentation line can not be simply compared with the original batch line. Some candidates who have gone through the second section line will be admitted to the specialty because of their high requirements or the adaptability of the selected subjects is not wide.

Fourth, make full use of the opportunities guaranteed by the number of volunteers. This years enrollment policy is generally stable, but there are also changes in the implementation of the strong foundation plan for the first time and the appropriate adjustment of the requirements for selected subjects. In order to increase the chance of admission, it is suggested that the candidates should fill 80 volunteers as much as possible, and should not give up easily.

Fifthly, take good care of your own login password, so as to avoid being tampered with by others and lose the opportunity to enter the school and major you yearn for.

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