30 just: emotional relationship, there is a simple state, can let people in an invincible position

 30 just: emotional relationship, there is a simple state, can let people in an invincible position

But in my opinion, how are you doing? Its still his mentality. If we want to look at the material aspect, it may not be the standard of measurement.

And there are no specific upper and lower limits for the rich and the poor. You feel that you are poor, and there are others who are poorer than you. You think youre rich, and theres more than you.

Therefore, it is sometimes inaccurate to judge whether or not you are doing well from the material aspect.

If, from the perspective of spirit or mentality, a persons spirit and mentality are very good, there is no dissatisfaction with their own life, and they keep calm every day or feel happy at any time, then even if they are poor, they should be classified as those who live a good life.

Of course, the kind of free and easy and dont care cant count.

It can be seen that if a person has a correct or invincible view of love, then he will easily be invincible in the emotional world, or he will gain more than others.

For example, the three heroines in just 30 have different views on love.

Gu Jia also had expectations for her husband. She hoped that he could work with her to make the business bigger and better, and make their quality of life better and more stable. However, her husband did not seem to meet her expectations in the end.

As for the unmarried Wang Mani, she worked in Shanghai for eight years and worked in a famous brand store. She was promoted to sales director when she was 30 years old. She failed to become a deputy store manager. She was occupied by a young girl who was airborne.

It seems to be a mediocre job. In fact, most of the salary is used to rent a house. Almost every day, I repeatedly take the subway to get to and from work.

Her family background should also be ordinary, when tired, she can only cry by herself. When a person faints, no one will know, and there is no one to accompany in hospital.

Although Wang mani is a woman with personality, and is not a character of material reality, she still refuses step by step and can not help but accept it.

After all, the other party seems to be paying great attention to her, such as flying to Shanghai to find her, and quietly buying many things in their store to increase her performance.

So Wang mani also used her heart and put her feelings into it. Just as she said to her girlfriends: Liang Zhengxian satisfies all her imagination about her boyfriend, except that he doesnt want to get married.

Yes, Liang Zhengxian behaved so well that he was almost a perfect boyfriend, but he said he was an unmarried man.

His reason is that marriage does not guarantee that there will always be love. The purpose of marriage seems to be to be economically profitable, but he is willing to spend money for her if he does not marry.

Many people encounter such a partner, Im afraid its difficult to pass the test. If you think about it, the other party is still single anyway, and its OK not to get married.

Unfortunately, everyone has expectations. Just like when Wang mani was with Liang Zhengxian at the beginning, she didnt ask him whether he was single or whether he wanted to confirm his love relationship.

At the beginning of expectation, the patience of the other party seems to be decreasing, or in other words, a bit of wanting to escape. Of course, this is the performance of those who dont want to be responsible for the truth and like to constantly change love partners.

Wang manis view of love is obviously not open-minded and free and easy. Her expectation increases a little bit. After learning that the other party is not married, she cant bear to give up for a while, so she can only accept it first.

But her expectation did not die out. But if one day he wants to get married, he is his choice.

Unfortunately, this expectation is doomed to fail. Judging from Liang Zhengxians virtue, 80% of them just dont want to maintain a long-term relationship, just want to talk about one romantic love after another.

If that is the case, Wang manis expectations will be disappointed, her true feelings will be betrayed, and at the same time, she will suffer some inner suffering and injury.

Seeing this example, I feel that a person who has no expectation in his feelings is certainly admirable. This is a simple realm and a powerful realm.

We dont expect anyone to pursue themselves or get together. We dont expect the other party to give us material benefits or spiritual comfort. We dont expect the other party to give us any commitment and future.

They seem to want nothing, as if they disdain nothing, such a person, indeed, will not fail in love.

They are free and easy, open-minded, love or not, you come, Ill pick you up, you go, Ill send you or not.

To such a state, it is invincible, even if they are abandoned after playing tricks, they will not feel hurt.

At most, I think its a bit of a waste of time, or a waste of energy, or just smile and start again.

Therefore, if you want to be invincible in your feelings, learn such a state and mentality.

You will find that those who are ignored, disdained, without any demands and expectations of the object, will in turn give you more, more than you really do not want.

Of course, if they dont, you wont care.