The father-in-law of a woman who jumped from a building by domestic violence doesnt want to divorce them: This is my only son

 The father-in-law of a woman who jumped from a building by domestic violence doesnt want to divorce them: This is my only son

The father-in-law of a woman who jumped out of a building by domestic violence says: only one son, dont want to divorce them (source: ~)

In addition, on the evening of July 24, Ms. Liu, the party concerned, told pengpai news that the court informed her to go to the detention center next Monday and make a divorce judgment after she identified the criminal suspect.

On the evening of the same day, the peoples Court of Zhecheng County, Shangqiu, Henan Province, reported a case concerning a womans paraplegia by jumping off a building due to her husbands domestic violence. Dou, the perpetrator, was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury and is now in custody in Zhecheng County Detention Center; the beaten woman, Ms. Liu, sued dou for divorce and will be sentenced on an optional date, the newspaper said.

According to the circular, on June 5, Ms. Liu filed a case online and sued dou for divorce. On July 14, Zhecheng County Peoples court heard the case. According to Article 32 of Chinas marriage law, the peoples court shall conduct mediation in the trial of divorce cases; if the feelings have broken and mediation is invalid, divorce shall be granted. Due to the great difference of opinions between the two parties, the court will no longer carry out mediation and the case will be sentenced on a selective basis.

Ms. Liu also said on the morning of July 24 that the local court had contacted her to re submit the injury identification report and assault monitoring video due to intentional injury by Dou, and would make a divorce judgment as soon as possible.

The news of the surging news had previously reported that the womans family violence had failed to get divorced for a year. The Zhecheng County Peoples court responded that Liu had not filed a lawsuit against the court at the first time after being subjected to domestic violence. At present, mediation before litigation is over. The case is under trial.

A review of the incident of womens paraplegia by jumping off a building in the face of her husbands violence

In Shangqiu, Henan Province, Ms. Liu claimed that she was raped by her husband in August 2019. In order to escape, she jumped from the second floor, resulting in multiple fractures and paraplegia of both lower limbs. She said she sued for divorce, but was told that because her husband didnt want to divorce, the two sides disagreed and needed to be sentenced together with the criminal case. Ms. Liu is unable to accept it and is applying for a second hearing.

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The woman was seriously injured by her husbands domestic violence and was unable to get divorced for a year (source: ~)

Ms. Liu recalled that the first domestic violence by her husband Dou was when the child was 4 months old, because her husband lost money in gambling and was asked for debts at home. The second domestic violence was on August 13, 2019, and her husband again committed domestic violence due to gambling and other related problems.

Ms. Liu said she jumped out of a second floor window on the day of the second domestic violence. She stressed that it was to escape, not to commit suicide.. She said that the incident caused a total of 9 fractures of her body, including her left eye orbit, lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae, and paraplegia of both lower limbs. She has been hospitalized for 11 months and needs a wheelchair when going out.

The man threatened to go to jail and kill your family

According to an appraisal opinion notice issued by Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau on November 25, 2019, Ms. Lius left eye fracture injury degree constitutes grade I minor injury after identification of the face and left eye.

Source of notice on hospitalized cases and public security appraisal opinion of Ms. Liu

Another hospital operation record provided by Ms. Liu showed that after diagnosis, Ms. Liu had multiple body fractures such as lumbar burst fracture with spinal canal stenosis, paraplegia of both lower limbs and fracture of medial wall of left eye.

Ms. Liu said that nearly a year after the incident, she still failed to get a divorce. Her husband did not agree to divorce and she has filed a divorce lawsuit with the court.

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