Zhou Qishu, a better basketball player, played basketball from love to basketball.

 Zhou Qishu, a better basketball player, played basketball from love to basketball.

Now, in the past summer league, he has come out from Houston for training.

When it comes to basketball, there is one thing that is indispensable. That is talent. Zhou Qi is a natural basketball talent: the parents are young basketball players, his father is 1.96 meters in height and the mother is 1.82 meters tall. Under the influence of his family, he is higher than his peers from an early age. He also has a great interest in the sport from childhood.

In 2011, when Zhou Qi, 15, joined the U16 mens basketball tournament, he won the title of the great devil by virtue of his vulgar performance and was evaluated by the Asian Basketball Federation: he is another dominant center after Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi.

Since then, regardless of the international arena or domestic arena, along the way, Zhou Qi has made fruitful achievements.

When people used to talk about Zhou Qi, they would always say that he had long arms, but he was painfully thin; he was tall, but his face was tender. Over the past year, the big boy has grown and improved so much that we are increasingly seeing the limitless possibilities in this young man.

From basketball teenagers to NBA professional players, Id like to know what Zhou Qi has experienced and how he has accomplished the transition from love to play to know how to play.

This time, Zhou Qi accepted the invitation of Keep, sitting in front of the camera, talking about his training, and the change of self-discipline in and out of the court, so that we were close to witnessing his growth.

Now he had a moustache on his chin, and his eyes were still full of the impression of the shy boy.

After the simple modeling, Zhou Qi sat on the triangle chair that was interviewed. The question started from his relationship with the basketball. When was the first time to get to the basketball?

Zhou Qi said: at the beginning, it was a kind of play mentality. When I was 9 years old in Shenyang, I was different. I wanted to learn something through basketball.

It turns out that the basketball road that has been given to the expected future star has been the same as we all started - at the age of six or seven, after playing with Dad, he gradually liked it.

Starting from play, Zhou Qi has different ideas from others. Basketball is a team sport, and in a teams combination, it can increase your ability to communicate and team work, he said.

As for the reason for playing basketball, for the basketball lovers, this team movement is helpful in the way you work or communicate with people. Competitive sports, everyone has a competitive heart, especially boys have this desire to win. Like to score, like to confront, like to have girls watching, for many reasons, but apparently in Zhou Qis heart, the teams victory is more important.

Zhou Qi is on the road to professional basketball, but when it comes to this, Zhou Qi says, I dont think youre a genius, just saying youre more suitable for this sport, not to say youre going to do this in the future, but I dont think its a good use if you dont like it. So in the final analysis, I prefer to play basketball.

However, the height of 2 meters 17 is not everyone, but can only be said to envy.

Taking a hobby as a career sounds like a dream for many people, but this is not an easy task.

Hard training made him want to give up: When training really tired, I used to ask myself, do you want to continue? But he himself understood that it was just a difference in thought: in fact, the body is too tired, a bit of a mental tension, and too tired to think so.

When we and Zhou Qiliao come to Keeps brand that self-discipline gives me freedom, we want him to use his language to describe the training and self-discipline out of the game, and how did Zhou Qi, who received systematic training from childhood, say, as we enlighten him from his daily training and life, he said: For your rest and diet, you can have a good state of training, which requires self-discipline, force yourself to eat, and rest at a fixed time.

Sure enough, for professional athletes, self-discipline has long been integrated into his daily life without trace.

Indeed, over the past year, the most intuitive change of Zhou Qi has become strong. He was not joking about the secret of what he had learned in the United States. He was not joking. The secret is to stick to it every day, not to say you lie on the bed or to say that a comfortable life can become stronger. You need to continue to stick to and train every day, whether in a game or in training. Self-discipline.

He also revealed to us the changes he made on the diet: in fact, whats eating in the United States is higher in calories, all kinds of protein, calorie intake. Its hard to control your mouth, not everyone can control it, because the temptation to eat is really great.

It can be seen that Zhou Qi is not the same as before, more understand the meaning of self-discipline, know that the time is go to sleep, and usually carry some nuts. (look at the picture of Zhou Qi wearing a red jacket carefully. Is he holding a bag of nuts in his hand?)

In addition to adjusting the diet structure, in order to improve their skills, Zhou Qi and most players also find a trainer, using the off-season to do targeted training.

On how to use this period of time, Zhou Qi absolutely counts: the rest period is the best time for you to improve. The season will take into account the factors of the game, and the strength of the training will not be the same as that of the rest period. Its important to keep a state. During the season, most of the time is in the winter, that is, in the summer this time can constantly improve and strengthen themselves.

In fact, wed better be curious about Zhou Qis experience in the United States. He confessed that foreign training system was much more mature than domestic, both training content and time arrangement were more systematic and detailed; whether it was strength training or technical grinding, it was more pertinent to each player.

For me, this year, in fact, more is to learn, according to their plans, goals to do, and then to ensure that your body has a state to be put into training.

In the summer league at the end of the previous period, Zhou Qi completed an impressive one dragon layup, to snatch the backcourt rebounds and dribble the ball into 2+1.

As for training, Zhou Qi has more understanding: go all out in training, to win the trust of the coach for himself, to get more time through training and to test the results of your training after the playing time.

What is most expected is the performance of Zhou Qi next season. We gave him a reasonable assumption: there will be more playing time next season. What are your goals? Zhou Qi replied, if its like what you say, the time of playing is increasing, I think its the first thing to do, and then to the whole system of our team to do what you should do on the spot. Doing your job well is the first thing to do, and then consider other things.

As a matter of fact, we dont know what he called other things. Maybe it is Zhou Qi, a new talent in grade two, and I havent taken that step into consideration.

But anyway, Zhou Qi, we look forward to your performance.

This is the story of Zhou Qi, this story for his basketball career is just a beginning, the growth of basketball juvenile continues. After all, in addition to talent, more important is their own efforts.

Although there are many colleagues who love to play, we find that more love people are still on campus, they may just go to school, perhaps more than ten years old is the hot blood age in high school.

For the love, it is not enough for them to love, to make the ball better, to become a playing basketball teenager, always inseparable from self-discipline and training.

Source: NetEase sports editor: MA BI Le _NS4800