This time, Li Xiaoxu didnt stop crying, but her tears were full of dont want to bow down

 This time, Li Xiaoxu didnt stop crying, but her tears were full of dont want to bow down

For professional athletes, no one knows what serious injury to the right anterior cruciate ligament means. Because of this, on July 24, Liaoning mens basketball team defeated Shanxi mens basketball team 114-77, after winning eight consecutive victories, from players to coaches, everyones face was not too happy.

Li Xiaoxus injury has become their biggest concern.

The former domestic Warcraft seems to be hard to get out of the curse of injury. Even though he has been strong enough to return to the court, the injury seems like a joke and always selects him again.

This time, Li Xiaoxu showed enough optimism and positivity on the social network. However, the cruel reality behind the words struck the tough guy. As he once lamented, it is more difficult to recover psychologically than physically.

This time, Li Xiaoxu cried

With less than 20 seconds left in the third quarter, 21-year-old young center Liu Yanyu tried a hook shot inside and missed. Liaoning players could have chosen back defense relatively easily to end the third quarter, after all, the team has led by as much as 17 points.

However, Li Xiaoxu suddenly jumped out of the bottom line, quickly stuck, jumped sideways from the crowd, hit the basketball with his right hand, and tried to grab a front court rebound. This is his famous stunt. At the peak of his career, he was awarded the title of domestic Warcraft because he was able to grab five front court rebounds per game.

When Li Xiaoxu was ready to take off for the second time and take off the rebounds, the accident happened. After that, the former domestic Warcraft fell to the ground, accompanied by a shrill ah, resounding through the stadium.

When the players came to their senses, the referee stopped the game. Li Xiaoxu covered his right knee, which was wrapped by thick protective equipment, and kept hammering the floor, covering his face with both hands. Then, he was carried by Han Dejun and Wang Huadong to the edge of the stage and sat on a stretcher.

Han Dejun put the towel on Li Xiaoxus shoulder. He grabbed the towel and covered it directly on his face. At that moment, Li Xiaoxu cried. Its just that he doesnt want to be seen.

I have never seen the second brother shed tears because of injury. In everyones heart, he is the strongest man in the team. After the game, he Tianjus words showed Li Xiaoxus state of mind, why is God so unfair, so to treat a player who is so obsessed with basketball career?

No one knows, Li Xiaoxus tears are more pain, or unwilling. It can be confirmed that before this fall, Li Xiaoxu never shed a tear due to injury in public, even when his Achilles tendon ruptured four years ago.

It was August 31, 2016. Li Xiaoxu suddenly fell to the ground during the turn back run of CBA.

Li Xiaoxu recalled: the first two rounds were in good condition and the results were also good. In the middle of the third round, I suddenly heard a sound of bang . In fact, I didnt feel the pain. I thought the shoes were broken.

The following story has been written many times in the media - Li Xiaoxu, who was carried out of the test field by Lian Ming, was so calm that he could not see his emotion. Then he diagnosed the rupture of his right Achilles tendon.

At that time, maybe Li Xiaoxu didnt know what kind of injury he was going to face, or he chose to hide his pain in his heart All in all, the tough guy didnt shed a single tear.

He has overcome injuries, even devastating blows

People who are familiar with Li Xiaoxu say that this tough guy with high cold appearance is not as single as his expression. He himself said, Im a campfire dancer in an ice cave..

Because of this, even though Li Xiaoxu said with a little chagrin in the face of the media that that injury was a devastating blow to my will, but after 225 days, that is, on April 12, 2017, he still took the eye-catching wound on his right Achilles tendon and stood on the court again.

It was the 2017-2018 season. Li Xiaoxu played 49 games with an average of 23.8 minutes per game, scoring 5.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 0.7 steals. This is a new low in his rookie season, almost half less than before the injury, but no one criticized Li Xiaoxu. After all, in the professional sports field all over the world, the players who can completely recover from the rupture of Achilles tendon are almost rare.

For Liaoning mens basketball team, Li Xiaoxu can play, his strategic value is much higher than the data.

The year Li Xiaoxu was absent due to injury, Liaoning mens basketball team lost to Xinjiang mens basketball team 1-4 in the semi-final. In the whole series, Liaoning No.4 position is facing the embarrassment that no one can use it. Especially in the face of Zhou Qi + brache Xinjiang interior line combination, without the help of second brother, Han Dejun is helpless.

In the first year of welcoming Li Xiaoxu back, Liaoning finally filled in the vacancy of No. 4 position. It was that year that the brain of the thousand year old second of Liaoning mens basketball team was removed

Li Xiaoxus experience is probably in line with the four words of crying with joy in the team, but Li Xiaoxu still didnt cry. When Guo Allen was holding old uncle Guo Shiqiang and crying bitterly, Li Xiaoxus face flashed with excitement from time to time, but more often he was calm.

Li Xiaoxu gave the answer in the off-season after winning the championship. He and he Tianju went to the United States for special training, which was very intensive. After a beach training, wearing socks and exposing toes was a routine operation. After 40 days of special training, Li Xiaoxus body fat decreased from 11% to 9.2%.

After I was injured, my body function decreased a lot. I should say that the effect of (special training) was relatively good. I also hope that through this training, I can improve my declining aspects.

Li Xiaoxus words are full of his vision and desire for the future after overcoming the disease. Obviously, that devastating blow did not knock down his will.

In the following season, Li Xiaoxu averaged 8.2 points, 5.9 rebounds and 0.8 steals per game, with a shooting percentage of 48.4%, the highest in three years.

Love continues, but the reality is too cruel

The reality is very cruel, the injury did not because Li Xiaoxu is strong enough to let him go easily. This season, Li Xiaoxu only played 37 games, including 20 starts.

After the second round, Li Xiaoxu missed eight games, and the problems of Liaoning teams lineup were obvious, and Guo Shiqiang left his post in a gloomy mood; and in the seven games after his return, the team returned to the right track and ushered in a wave of seven consecutive wins.

However, before every game, Li Xiaoxu has to put on a thick layer of knee protection on his right leg.

Psychological rehabilitation is far more difficult than physical rehabilitation. Li Xiaoxu has experienced too much, he also knows how terrible the injury is, however, this time, it is the right leg.

This particular season Ive been back and forth with knee injuries and I know its going to be a big risk, but I just want to do what I can. Although the club and the coach have repeatedly told me to be more careful, I try not to do too much

Li Xiaoxu wrote on social media, between the lines, showing his love for the game and the helplessness of injury, but sometimes life just goes against our wishes, the only way to face it calmly.

What Li Xiaoxu wants to do is actually Kwai Kwan, who knows that the right knee ligament is seriously injured and must be operated as soon as possible. A sports medicine expert told the media that the necessity of surgery means more than 50% ligament tear, and the injury usually takes 15-18 months to recover.

I know so much about the pain of the front fork injury and how Ive been through these two years. Zou Yuchen, who had been absent from the competition for two years due to the same injury, wrote such a paragraph on social media after learning about Li Xiaoxus injury. It was at this time that many people realized that Zou Yuchen, 24, had spent two years to overcome his injuries. Now that he is 30 years old, how long will it take

For a 30-year-old like us, its like I saw myself a few years ago As a teammate, he Tianju knows Li Xiaoxu better. He has also experienced various major injuries and understands the reluctance of an veteran at this time. When we face such sudden injuries as we grow older, our last defense line will collapse. I dont want to lose a good team friendly brother like this. I hope God can take more care of this veteran veteran and let him recover quickly

Blessing and encouragement seem to be the few things that others can do for Li Xiaoxu at this time. Of course, the true temperament like Allen Guo will add a sentence after the blessing, good people will have good fortune..

Perhaps it is Li Xiaoxu who has experienced too many devastating blows. This time, he is more optimistic on the social network. A short rest, just for better road, my love continues! Under this paragraph, he matches a picture of Luffy walking forward with clenched fists.

The man who aspires to be the king in the animation once said: Im not a born king, but there is blood in my bones that doesnt let me bow down..

This is very similar to Li Xiaoxu. Even though she shed tears, she still has to face the cruel reality positively.