Is it the rehearsal of the finals between Lin Shu Hao and Yi Jianlian?

 Is it the rehearsal of the finals between Lin Shu Hao and Yi Jianlian?

On July 24, Lin Shuhao scored 38 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists in Beijing Shougangs 102-86 victory over Beijing North control and locked in the top four in the regular competition.

Although it has kept the top four, the final ranking of Beijing Shougang still needs to go through the final battle with Guangdong mens basketball team, which is also related to whether Beijing Shougang can avoid Guangdong mens basketball team before the finals. For Beijing Shougang, Lin Shuhao, who has become more and more brave recently, is their greatest confidence in challenging the king. His personal record of 38 points is enough to prove Lins state.

On the same day of Beijing Shougangs victory, Liaoning mens basketball team, which also hopes to compete for the third place, received bad news at the same time: Li Xiaoxu, the main forward of the team, suffered serious ligament injury in his right knee and was reimbursed for the season.

Since the second round, the CBA League has witnessed 7 players season reimbursement. The players insist on fighting for the results, but the CBA really cant afford to hurt.

The 38 points set a new high, and Lin Shuhao made efforts

Faith is the first step, even if you dont see the whole staircase.

On the night of winning the Beijing Derby, Beijing Shougangs core player Lin Shuhao updated his social network. Lin Shuhao is a player of faith. For basketball, he said more than once that he loves playing very much and is grateful for the opportunity to play.. Today, this belief has become the driving force of Beijing Shougang.

Nearly 42 minutes of playing, 18 shots hit 12 goals, three-point shooting rate as high as 50%, 38 points in the field, creating his own career in CBA personal scoring record high. Not only that, he had eight rebounds, seven assists, three steals and two blocks.

Such a comprehensive performance also forced Beijing North controls small foreign aid ferge, helped the team win the key Beijing Derby by 16 points.

This is our leader and our spiritual leader. As early as a few days ago, as a rookie coach, Xie Libin, the acting head coach of Beijing Shougang, did not grudge the praise of Lin Shuhao after the game, when everyone played badly, he stood up and did these things.

Indeed, Lin Shuhao, who had been questioned by fans as not worthy of foreign aid status and data, became more and more brave in the closing stage. This is not only reflected in the data, but also in every contribution of Lin Shuhaos attack and defense.

At the beginning of the second round, when Lin Shuhao bloodstained the court for making offensive fouls, he joked, I wont recreate offensive fouls. My lips have cracked into my mouth. But in the face of Sun Yue and Fu GEs breakthrough, Lin Shuhao stood on their offensive line without hesitation, successfully causing the opponents offensive fouls.

At the offensive end, Lin Shuhao, who was ridiculed by fans as unable to break through the domestic guard, broke through again and again to kill to the basket, and then successfully created 2 + 1. Not only that, outside the three-point line, but also full fire The 4-out-of-8 shooting rate proves that Lin Shuhaos hand feeling is slowly warming up.

Lin Shuhaos strength, which should be the best news of Beijing Shougang with double foreign aid before entering the playoffs.

Zhai Xiaochuan, team leader of Beijing Shougang, said more than once that our goal is to win the championship.. But without Lin Shuhaos stable performance, Shougang mens basketball team today is estimated to be unable to cross the Guangdong mens basketball mountain between them and the championship trophy.

Interestingly, in the final game before the playoffs, Lin Shuhao will lead Shougang mens basketball team to challenge Guangdong mens basketball team. If Beijing Shougang wins Guangdong mens basketball team, they will be ranked third in the regular season. They will choose a relatively easy way to avoid Guangdong mens basketball team on the way to the finals.

However, the Guangdong mens basketball team, which won 28 consecutive victories, has no reason to end the regular season with a defeat before the playoffs. Lin Shuhao vs Yi Jianlian, will this be a preview of the finals?

Li Xiaoxus right knee ligament was seriously injured, and 7 people could not afford CBA injury

Beijing Shougangs biggest competitor in regular season ranking is Liaoning mens basketball team. Compared with Beijing Shougang, the strength of Liaoning mens basketball team is weaker than that of Sichuan mens basketball team.

Although winning the Sichuan mens basketball team is almost certain, Liaoning mens basketball team has to face a cruel reality before the end of the game - the teams forward Li Xiaoxus right knee ligament was seriously injured and the season was reimbursed.

The accident happened in the second half of the game. When the third quarter had 20 seconds left, an attack of Liaoning mens basketball team failed to hit. Li Xiaoxu jumped high when he was fighting for rebounds in the interior line. During the landing process, when Li Xiaoxu was leaning against his right foot and landed on one foot, he gave a painful cry, and then fell to the ground

Li Xiaoxu was lying on the ground with a ferocious expression and pounding the floor with his fist when the live broadcast camera came back to him again The thick bandage and protective equipment originally wrapped on the right knee looked particularly dazzling.

After the injury, Li Xiaoxu left the field in tears and never returned to the game. After the match, the Liaoning mens basketball team officially announced that Li Xiaoxus anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee was seriously injured, and surgery was needed. This also means that Li Xiaoxus season is over and Liaoning mens basketball team has lost an inside player on the way to the championship.

Pray for my brother Li Xiaoxu to recover soon. As far away as the United States, Stephenson also sent his blessing to Li Xiaoxu. His injury is affecting the hearts of many domestic players. I know the pain of the injury to the front fork. I know how I survived two years. I hope my second brother will return to the stadium as soon as possible. Zou Yuchen, who was also seriously injured, wrote on social network, while Guo Allen, Li Xiaoxus teammate, wrote, when you come back soon, good people will have good fortune.

For the cause you love, keep faith. Similarly, Zhou Peng, who recovered from injury this season, also sent his blessing, a short rest is for better return.

Indeed, after 151 days of suspension, the CBA reopened, and every player tried to release his love. But up to now, including Li Xiaoxu, as many as seven CBA Players have been reimbursed for the season.

The CBA rematch only played two games. Yi Li, a veteran of kentia, Jiangsu Province, was reimbursed for the season because of his Achilles tendon discomfort. Then, Wang Rui, sun siyao and Song Jianhua, the three main players of Tongxi mens basketball team, were injured seriously and were reimbursed for the season. Li gen, the Shanghai mans basketball player, had returned to Shanghai due to serious skin problems and would not participate in the rest of the season. Before Li Xiaoxu fell, he was the main force of Xinjiang mens basketball team Guard Zeng lingxu is also out of season

Whether it is fierce competition or intensive competition schedule, the frequency of players injury increases, but CBA League really cant afford to hurt.

Changing commander is like changing knife, Yang Ming: let Guo Allen become a real leader

Li Xiaoxus season reimbursement is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the depth of Liaoning mens basketball team. As the leader of the Chinese coach team of Liaoning mens basketball team, Yang Ming has a heavier burden on his shoulders.

At the end of the season, poor performance, in the face of danger, entrusted with important tasks, for rookie coach Yang Ming, the pressure is not small. But compared with Liu Wei, the head of Shanghai Mens basketball coach team, Yang Ming seems to have brought greater changes to Liaoning mens basketball team.

After the team defeated Shanxi mens basketball team 114-77, Liaoning mens basketball team has achieved eight consecutive wins. The change Yang Ming brought to the team has been praised by Liaoning fans.

I said before, play for the name on your chest, not the name behind you. Yang Mings courage is one of the important reasons for the team to change its mental outlook. As in these two games, he dares to put Guo Allen, who is not in good physical condition, on the bench. Everyone has the desire to perform, but they have to integrate into the team. Im looking for assists, not points. Im looking for the ball to run smoothly, so that every player and teammate is involved in the system, not alone

In an interview with CCTV, Yang Ming stressed the importance of team basketball more than once.

Interestingly, under his leadership, Allen Guo is really changing. In the seven consecutive wins in Shanxi, Guos assists increased from 3.5 to 6.7 per game.

I had a talk with him, the main thing is: you want to be a leader, the outside world now says you are the core, and the data shows that it is true, but I want him to be a leader, that is to let him bring this point to the face and make other team-mates stronger. This is his next step. Yang Ming revealed in an interview that the two talked a lot about this time, I believe he will do better and better in the future, and the coaching team will also strengthen team basketball and let him imperceptibly change.

The once jade faced teenager on the court is also adapting to the coachs identity more quickly.

Originally I wanted to be a refined coach, but I feel that I will also become a grumpy type in the future. Yang Ming admitted that he may not be able to control his temper on the field, because I see some problems, there are some low-level mistakes, not in accordance with the coachs intention to play tactics and play, I am more angry.

Unfortunately, the Liaoning mens basketball team just on track has to face Li Xiaoxus season reimbursement, which is undoubtedly a major blow to the teams playoffs. However, Yang Ming is more concerned about whether the team can be down-to-earth.

From such a goal, it is not difficult to see Yang Mings pragmatism, and this may become one of the most important driving forces for Liaoning mens basketball team to attack the championship again.