Shougang Group pet Qiu Tian is often open small stove counterpart, Zhou Qi once sent a big hat

 Shougang Group pet Qiu Tian is often open small stove counterpart, Zhou Qi once sent a big hat

The book is full of talents

The Beijing News reporter learned that Lin Shuhao attached great importance to Qiu Tian after his arrival in the team this season, hoping that he would play a greater role in the competition, and often open a small kitchen for Qiu Tian with his teaching assistant fan zhenshuya. Josh will teach me how to cover, how to run, how to play better space. Hogo is also teaching me how to cover, how to cooperate with him and create better opportunities almost every day. Or how I can get down to the bottom is my own better chance.

The young man said frankly that there are so many excellent teachers around, enjoying the group pet treatment, thank them at the same time, but also tell themselves to study hard, in order to better help the team.

Not afraid of opposition players

In the first 30 rounds of this season, Qiu Tian averaged 2.2 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. He basically started with Lin Shuhao and played more than half a quarter. After changing to foreign aid, he would no longer have the chance to play. After the second round, Qiu Tians field average data increased to 6.1 points and 2.4 rebounds, becoming an important member of Shougangs internal rotation, and his playing time exceeded two quarters.

Against Xinjiang team, Qiu Tian gave Zhou Qi a big hat in the first quarter. In the second section, there was a quarrel between the two people when they were stuck. Although the parties clarified that it was a child bickering, there was no excessive language, but the scene at that time did not seem to give in to each other. This game, Shougang inner line 15 minutes, 4 shot all scored 10 points, efficiency win 43 minutes, get 17 points Zhou Qi.

In addition to such high light moments, Qiu Tians face after the second round was better than his opponents body or experience. He was not afraid of opposition, and tried to complete each round of attack and defense. Where did the impressive progress come from? He himself replied: based on the long-term systematic training before the second round and the accumulated self-confidence, we can play in the game.

In the eyes of Xie Libin, Qiu Tian is open-minded and eager to learn. He is willing to change his own problems through training. Shuhao and Youdu, the old team members, are not reluctant to give advice. As a teaching assistant, Xie Libin talked to Qiu Tian most about the hope that he could increase his confidence and show his own characteristics. It is natural for Qiu Tian to transform his hard work in the off-season period into practical progress.

Before Qiu Tian entered the first team of Shougang, many fans already knew that there was a mixed blood center in the youth team, hoping that he could fill the short board of Shougangs internal line as soon as possible. In the 2017-2018 season, Qiu Tian registered as a CBA player.

However, in the past two seasons, plus the first 30 rounds of this season, he has not been able to get into the rotation lineup. Rookie played 6.6 minutes per game in the season, getting 1.7 points and 1 rebound; the playing time of second grade increased to nearly 12 minutes, averaging 2.9 points and 2 rebounds. Before the suspension of this season, his data even declined, the progress is really limited, the young man is not satisfied with his growth speed, can progress faster.

Qiu Tian frankly said that the League suspension is an opportunity to regain strength. A large number of repeated basic skills training is really boring, but we can really feel the harvest from it. The hook technique, the sense of space position under the basket and the confrontation are more practiced in this period of time before the rematch, and pay more attention to the basic skills of the attack under the basket.

Xie Libin led Qiu Tian in the youth team before he entered the coaching group of Shougang mens basketball team. From then on, he was very clear about his characteristics. After the two masters and apprentices joined the first team together, Xie Libins expectation of Qiu Tian was still down-to-earth and hardworking. The young man also told the Beijing news that the coach teams plan for him is to first practice defense and help the team in many ways on this basis.

CBA Players have printed a sharp on their pants for the first three years. In a twinkling of an eye, Qiu Tians star sharp identity has reached the last season, and finally ushered in his own transformation type growth. Qiu said the progress is just the beginning, and the playoffs at the end of this month are the real test. He set a goal for himself: less fouls, so that we can help the team more, especially in defense, to defend the screen and the low post. Attack to improve the quality of cover, the ball should be scored