From the first minute to win, Libin praised Shuhaos attack and defense

 From the first minute to win, Libin praised Shuhaos attack and defense

The first minute begins to show the desire to win

We started the game with the same strength as against Fujian. We showed the desire to win the game from the first minute. Everyone went up the same way, all of them were carrying out the arrangement before the game. Just as Xie Libin, the acting head coach, said, Shougang team led all the way last night. In the face of chasing points, Shougang team could adhere to the rhythm and playing method, timely return the opponent, and go all out for the top four.

Xie Libin pointed out that Shougangs 18 steals were the most since the second round and became a key factor in winning the big score. On the other hand, the teams 26 assists fully demonstrated the idea of sharing the ball at the offensive end. What he was most satisfied with was the consistency of defense, especially the limitation of ferges catching and the coordination of defense. He praised Lin Shuhao and Wang Xiaohui for their efforts in this respect.

One game ahead of schedule to lock in the top four of the regular season, Xie Libin said that the next win or loss is next, more important is to increase the teams confidence and familiarity before the playoffs.

Call on the general

Lin Shuhao goes all out in attack and defense

With 38 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, Lin Shuhaos performance not only brought a key victory for Shougang team, but also had the meaning of reappearing the Crazy moment of that year.

In the two games before the Derby, Lin Shuhao took a sabbatical and played for 7.5 minutes and got a full rest. He also specially thanks Youdu for his humility. He said before that he was tired and wanted to rest very much. But when it came to the game where we could have a rest, he said to me, youve been fighting a lot recently. I wont let you play. You have to rest.. For a team like this, these are not data that can be seen.

As for the personal offensive firepower, Lin Shuhao also thanks his teammates for giving the ball to him at ease. If my teammates dont shoot very well, theyre not afraid of my teammates, and I dont have the space and the opportunity.

Xie Libin focused on Lin Shuhaos contribution to defense: no foreign aid has gone all out to attack and defend. Shuhao is the only one who can do so. As No. 1 position, each game can also contribute 78 rebounds, which is the greatest help to the team, but also an encouragement to other players