Daily Yile: why do you show your bags every day when you are not busy at the auto show

 Daily Yile: why do you show your bags every day when you are not busy at the auto show

When I went to learn a car that year, the coach kept talking about it. It was so hot that I didnt go there for a year. The next year, the driving school called and begged me: come on, Ill give you a qualified coach. Sure enough, the coach is really good. He has been praising me. He drove the car into the fish pond that day. He also said with a smile: great, you didnt hit a fish..

Its the weekend again. Are you all off? Im still working overtime for Chengdu auto show! Why dont we plant grass first: wey tank 300

In addition to the active suspension, the vehicles on the tank platform will also be equipped with a lot of cross-country equipment, including: front / middle / rear axle three differential locks, tank cornering, active stabilizer bar, electronically controlled shock absorber and professional four-wheel drive system. In addition, the new car will also have automatic terrain recognition, intelligent off-road assistance and off-road creeping system.

Dont listen to the keyboard, car God spray, there is a saying, this retro design is very attractive, if the price can be beautiful, optimistic about the sales of the Great Wall in the second half of the year! Come on!

Cant help asking! Is Wuling on now? This is the rhythm to cheat me out of my property!

Maybe its because I work overtime too hard? The diligent female colleague directly pulled out the power supply! Its a pity that the documents I didnt save went black

Whats the situation of these two cars? Is this a fight? (source: Netease Auto comprehensive)

As DS, I still cant help but ask, can insurance pay for it?

This is where the bus, I also want to try can have this treatment!

Young people are not energetic at all. Lets see your aunt

If you dont work hard at the auto show, do you need to show famous brand bags every day?

Whats the use of the famous brand in the picture display every day? I still think this backpack looks good!

Mens lust is not really acquired

You tell me the truth, is it your own?

The primary test items of Lan Xiang Zhou Kao

How much does it cost to build bricks for such a beautiful girl? How much money, I am willing to give ah!

Elder sister, if you make a mistake, you should admit it. Its no use playing tricks like this

Do you remember the woman driver? The female driver got out of the car and didnt pull the handbrake. As a result, she slipped into a Rolls Royce!

Get out of the car and hit Rolls Royce without pulling the handbrake

Why do you brake! I dont think there is a car ahead! This is too dangerous!

Todays car guessing is a little simple