Thats it! Wei Shihao cut the first goal of China Super 2020 in 7 minutes

 Thats it! Wei Shihao cut the first goal of China Super 2020 in 7 minutes

The opening session was only 7 minutes, and Zhao Mingjians header in the back court was not far away from the top. The bulinho chest dribbling to the top of the arc top to the left side after the ball was stopped, the ball on the left side of the restricted area was adjusted to get rid of Zhao Mingjian, and the ball went into the far corner of the goal. Hengda 1-0 was ahead of the game. The two sides scored the first goal on goal, and Wei Shihao scored the first goal of the season!

After taking the ball, Wei Shihao was very calm, disguised and introverted, and shot straight into the dead corner. Although Li Shuai made a save, there was nothing he could do.

In the warm-up match before this, Wei Shihao had a very good state, scoring 9 goals in total, and he was the first shooter of Evergrande, and he also brought his good state into the game.

Earlier, Cannavaro also talked about Wei Shihao in an interview. He said that although Wei Shihao is in a good warm-up state, it still depends on the competition state. The implication is to let the disciples not be proud. It seems that Kasais psychological massage has played a significant role.

Wei Shihao: winning is the result of the whole teams efforts. I hope the fans can come back earlier. Source: Netease sports Author: Hua man responsible editor: Xu Song_ NS1943