Hangzhou missing woman killed, neighbors and little daughter said the same thing

 Hangzhou missing woman killed, neighbors and little daughter said the same thing

The police released the video of the husband of the missing and killed woman being arrested (source: Peoples daily, peoples daily)

According to upstream news reports, Lai Huili, 53, and Xu, 55, are both reorganizing their families. After marriage, they gave birth to a daughter whose child is 11 years old. The eldest daughter of laihuili and his ex husband have already married, while Xu and his ex-wifes son are working in other places.

To Huili and Xus family is quite good. According to Lai Huilis eldest daughter, her mother worked as a janitor in an office building, and her monthly salary and pension were more than 8000 yuan.

According to Qilu one point report, residents of Sanbao Beiyuan community said that this residential area is a return house. Although the home of laihuili is only more than 50 square meters, the market price is at least 2 million yuan. Whats more, Lai Huilis family is in another community, and there is a new house with more than 100 square meters.

On the morning of July 4, Xu and laihuili went to the hospital together. He said he was going to have his teeth extracted and his wife was going to get blood pressure medicine. In the afternoon, Xu went to supervise the renovation of the new house. He also said that the house could be decorated in August.

A neighbor said that he had heard the couple quarrel about their new house because Xu wanted to use the new house for his son. However, this statement has not been confirmed by family members, and Lai Huilis two daughters also said that the couple had a good relationship.

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Neighbors recall the details of their association with the murdered woman in Hangzhou: straightforward and kind, asking for help and paying (source: ~)

Xu once said that there was no pressure in life when he had a 7-digit deposit at home. The former husband of Huili said that he knew Xu before his divorce and had a debt dispute.

Xu said that at 5:30 am on the 5th, laihuili disappeared in bed. 36 hours later, he went to the police with her family, but insisted that she could not leave the community alone. The police continued to carry out carpet search, but there was no result.

On the morning of the 22nd, some residents met Xu. He also said hello to each other with a smile on his face. In the early morning of the 23rd, residents saw dozens of manure trucks entering the community. Finally, the enclosed septic tank well cover is only 50 meters away from Huilis house. The clothes suspected to come to Huili were picked up at the scene and taken away by the police.

Many netizens guessed that after Xus dismemberment, he flushed the corpse into the cesspool with the toilet. But Lai Huilis neighbors and little daughter said that they did not hear any sound that night. Police also think it is unrealistic, one is that the bones are difficult to crush, and the other is that a large number of corpses will block the sewer, but it is better to find.

Is Huilis home the first scene of the case? Why did Xu have such a strong psychological quality and lied for 19 days? The police said that a press conference would be held to report the case.

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According to the investigation and verification of the police and the confession of the suspect Xu, the early Internet rumors that Xus scout retired, Xu works in the community property, Xu is familiar with the monitoring of the community and the corridor, and deliberately evades the monitoring and Xu uses the vacant room next door to divide the corpse, which are inconsistent with the facts verified.