Not worthy? Ferrari leader: Schumachers son is not qualified to enter F1

 Not worthy? Ferrari leader: Schumachers son is not qualified to enter F1

Ferrari has confirmed the drivers seat next year, but if Ferrari is optimistic about Mick Schumacher, it is likely to send him to the Alfa Romeo team of Fiat Group. After all, it is uncertain whether Raikkonen will continue to fight next year.

Of course, all the premise is that Mick Schumacher has the ability to occupy a place in the F1 car industry, and in the opinion of Ferrari leader pinoto, at least at present, Mick does not have this competitiveness. He has to make more progress and win more to get a place in F1. Of course, I think Mick has done a good job this year. He has done much better than last year, and he is still improving

He has proved his progress since the start of the season, but this year he has not been lucky. On the Hungarian station results, he performed very well, in short, harvest progress, the importance of self-evident Although he is sure of Micks performance this season, pinoto said that if he wants to get the F1 seat, Mick still needs to work hard and show stronger competitiveness. Its still too early to make a decision. We can show fairness in Micks body, that is, his overall performance in F2 is very critical. Therefore, he has a full chance to get F1 seat, and what he needs to do is to be more based on the existing foundation Try, well make a decision in the second half of the season

Mick Schumacher said that the focus of this season is to become the best driver and grow faster. My goal is to become a top-notch driver this season, strive for a better ranking position, strive to improve my racing level and become the perfect racing driver I am pursuing. And I want to be more mature.

Mick Schumacher is a member of Ferraris young driver program and currently ranks fourth in the F2 scoreboard. For Mick, he must first get the F1 super license this season before he has the chance to be accepted by Ferrari and enter the Alfa Romeo team.

For Mick is expected to enter F1, Chinese fans think that Micks current ability, he does not deserve to get a F1 drivers seat, Schwarzman is much better than him, foreigners also pay attention to relations, there are back doors. Some fans think that Mick Schumacher is not as capable as Chinese cyclist Zhou Guanyu, he just forget it, but he cant run Zhou Guanyu.

I have to mention that Dr. Marco, Red Bull consultant, also commented, Schwarzman is a very good driver. If I am in charge of Ferrari, I will put him in Alfa Romeo next year. As for whether Mick can drive Ferrari, there are fans joking: Mick with this broken car is also appropriate, this car is a pity for lecleres talent.