Western sports recruitment poster accused of pornographic website style official: want to adjust students mood

 Western sports recruitment poster accused of pornographic website style official: want to adjust students mood

Western style recruitment posters accused of taking the style of pornographic websites students: from a dialectical point of view (source: surging News)

On July 23, an enrollment poster was released on the official social account of Xian Institute of physical education. Its style was referred to as pornographic website, because it used words such as Asias largest, sexy, real person, heart beating, instant friend making.

In the video, the reporter interviewed a student of the school the next day. The student said that he recognized the practice of the schools admissions office, and the poster event should be treated dialectically.

The teacher of the admissions office is in charge of the propaganda poster. the student continued: I should have noted this here, and there should be no such thing. In the view of some people, regarding this misunderstanding as the pornographic poster, we still look at it from the correct perspective, not to say that it is slightly biased We dont think its a pornographic poster. For our students, we should first of all affirm the work of others. They are more recognized for the publicity of our school and the enrollment work of our school. Therefore, we still look at it from a dialectical point of view.

In addition, according to the surging news, his reporter had called the Enrollment Office of Xian Institute of physical education, the academic affairs office, and the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee on the incident, and all the calls were unanswered.

On the afternoon of July 25, Beijing time, Xian Institute of Physical Education issued a statement on the poster incident, saying that the original intention was to regulate the students tense mood, but it was maliciously misinterpreted due to the colloquialism of some words, which caused misunderstanding.

The statement reads as follows:

Recently, the official microblog of our university has published a recruitment poster based on the popular advertising body publicity method in the University Circle. The original intention is to adjust the tension of examinees score checking by the way that college students like to see. However, some words are misinterpreted maliciously, which leads to misunderstanding by online friends. We apologize to the majority of netizens who care about western sports. Xian Institute of physical education is committed to cultivating healthy and positive students. I would like to thank the majority of netizens for their concern for the development of various undertakings and national sports undertakings. If the media continues to exaggerate the matter, our school will reserve the right to investigate the legal responsibility. (Xian Institute of Physical Education)