Yamy is attacked for Ugliness: PUA from parents is more lethal than PUA in the workplace

 Yamy is attacked for Ugliness: PUA from parents is more lethal than PUA in the workplace

First of all, aesthetics is both objective and subjective.

Some beauty is recognized, such as Fan Bingbing. No matter how cruel she is ridiculed by the group, no one talks about her beauty. Beauty is beauty. With the group photo of wanghong, you can see who is more beautiful even if you are blind.

For some beauty, different people have different opinions, so we need to find some beautiful things, such as LV Yan, Liu Yuling and yamy.

People who like them feel that they have unique charm. Those who dont like them think that they are even inferior to ordinary people.

I didnt know yammy at all before. In terms of her appearance, she did have a big gap with the traditional aesthetics, but she was better in her good bone appearance, high recognition of her facial features, strong plasticity and her own characteristics. In my eyes, its much more attractive than the same filling faces.

If you dont believe it, ask a professional makeup stylist. They certainly like this kind of face.

I once followed a blogger in the little red book. By traditional standards, it was really ugly.

Light to look at the face, eyes small nose collapse face is also flat, plus the stature is less than 160. To be sarcastic, its a human tragedy, the scene of a car accident.

But this blogger is very good at dressing, and with that confident and natural smile, it is very infectious. It really seems that if there is light, you can ignore all her shortcomings. Its so charming.

In the great sage, I have also sent out such feelings.

Dasheng is an ordinary child, but he loves to laugh, and the way he laughs is very charming (I admit I have an old mother filter).

When he was three years old, we sent him to the kindergarten because he was a shift in class. When he first went to the kindergarten, he did not have any friends. He always stood in the last row after school. He also tried to shrink back, drooping his head and ears and shrinking his head. His whole facial features were crowded together. When he was at home, he was just two people.

So in those six months, one of the most important things I did was to help him establish social relations and find self-confidence.

I reflected to the teacher several times: please encourage him to stand in front of the team.

Later, he adapted to the kindergarten, made good friends, and gradually became self-confident. From the line up, he took the initiative to stand in front of him and take the initiative to perform on the stage. His facial features expanded again and became the former sunny boy again.

This confidence is far more important than beauty. Who doesnt want to be born beautiful, but the parents didnt give it, do you want to die? Dont compete with your natural genes. Temperament, taste, conversation, upbringing and self-confidence are more important than facial features.

On the contrary, being a parent can not give a child a perfect facial features, but you can give him a sunny personality and a confident smile. Often praise the beauty of children, Ta really will become beautiful.

You are the first in your class. They tell you why you dont compare with the first in grade.

You didnt do well in the exam. They asked you why you still have the face to live. If you cant go to college, you can go to the garbage building to beg for food in the future.

You are naive to share their ideals with them, they disdain to say: do not dream, you are worthy?

They laugh at how ugly you look in front of you, in front of relatives, even in front of strangers.

As long as anyone praises you, they will take the initiative to say: dont believe it, people are lying to you.

When you refuse a blind date, they complain: you are so old, its good to have someone to ask for it. What else do you choose?

Do you have any of these scenes in your life?

A friend has been ridiculed by her parents for being ugly. She said that when she was 15 years old when she was praised for her beauty for the first time, her first reaction was not happy, but deep doubt and uneasiness: was his eyes OK?

Frequent cosmetic surgery is the most lack of deep self-identity, and this identity, in fact, as early as childhood lost.

The parents of the previous generation, although they didnt know what PUA really meant, almost all of them were masters without teachers.

And this generation of us, in fact, has long been used to being beaten down, humiliated, unworthy feeling has always been a shadow.

But how can children who are not worthy of their parents love dare to get love from the opposite sex and respect from their superiors?

Now the word PUA is used poorly, almost like a street mouse, everyone yells and beats, so can we shoot this rat from the source first?

To help children build self-confidence is not to sell melon like boasting, to blow a random graffiti into Picasso regeneration. Instead, they identify with their children from the heart, excavate and affirm the value of TA, let them appreciate their own uniqueness, see the shining place on themselves, and firm the direction of life.

You are you, fireworks of different colors.

Stop talking about other peoples children.