I bought a box of vaginal dumbbells

 I bought a box of vaginal dumbbells

The more difficult it is to say it, the more it should be said.

Thats a very strong feeling Ive had recently.

Womens body damage after childbirth has brought a lot of pain because of our neglect. These pains are covered up because of the secret and even shame, and become the pain buried in the dark.

This article is a mothers personal experience, she from know pelvic floor muscle to consciously repair, after several years of long time. The text seems to be understatement, but each word also reveals some sadness, especially the old woman who wants to remove her uterus said, we have finished the task..

ears trickling down one s cheeks.

I know that its not easy for us to talk about these physical injuries. But I hope you can come backstage and talk to us today. They are secrets that should have been seen for a long time.

Shen Pinglin

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Tired of standing, I leaned against the doorframe and listened to the doctor inside.

Youve fallen out like this. You have to have an operation! The doctor came out of the partition and said as he walked.

There was a rustle after the partition, and the woman was probably putting on her trousers.

Her voice was crisp, her hair was neatly wrapped in her hat, and her face was covered with goggles and a mask.

The woman came out in black and looked only forty or fifty years old.

She stretched down her black acrylic sweater, pursed her mouth and asked, can you still work?

The doctor looked at her and said, if you cant do heavy work, its easy to relapse. If there is a relapse, you can only have another operation. At your age, ligaments are aging, just like rubber bands. They become looser and looser after a long time. It is very difficult to rely on conservative treatment.

The woman in black bent down and whispered something. The doctor leaned back and said in a loud voice, no way! If you get this disease, you will understand that you have a rich disease and you cant do heavy work any more! Even if the uterus is completely removed, something else may fall out. Theres something else in it, you know?

She looked at her again. Its not that if you dont do heavy work, you wont have a relapse. There are many people who have had two or three operations. We can operate on you again, but you suffer.

The woman in black nodded to the doctor and walked out with the medical record and invoice.

She had no expression, as if it was not her who was going to have her uterus removed, or something else that might fall out of her body.

Next came a woman in her thirties who had her cervix three centimeters out of her body and was also in urgent need of surgery.

And then theres a young woman whos been laughing and leaking urine for two or three years.

Women stand in line at the door, one by one, one out and one in.

The people in line did not talk. In the mechanical voice of the calling machine, all the faces stood upright without expression, as if without sorrow or joy.

The air here is more numb than calm.

Its my turn. I walk in.

I first heard about pelvic floor muscles seven years ago.

In a more than 600 page pregnancy Bible written by Americans, a small column is inserted in one page, which briefly introduces the Kegel movement.

I read it half shyly and half exclamation, and read it to my mother as a wonder.

She kept silent for a long time, then said with a smile, it turns out that there is such a sport. I have a little leakage. She took the book and read it carefully.

My brother was 25 that year, and she had been leaking urine for 25 years.

In the past 25 years, no one has told her that this is a disease that can be treated.

A year after Sissi was born, I finally had time to look after myself.

I think of that page of the book, although I feel no obvious symptoms, but still decided to go to the hospital for a check-up, for peace of mind.

One or two posts on the forum talked about this topic. It seems that a hospital more than ten kilometers away has such business.

Two transfers, more than an hour later, I arrived at the hospital, but was told that the business was set up by a cooperative organization outside the hospital.

After listening to me, the staff shook their heads and said, youve been born for a year. Theres no need to check. It was a long time before I knew that there was a golden treatment period of six months after delivery for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.

But the whole pregnancy, no one mentioned it to me.

A few years later, I was pregnant again.

This time I remind myself that I must do an early examination after delivery.

Sissis sister was born on the eve of the outbreak, and after that everything stopped.

Until one day, when the spring was fine, Sissi and I went downstairs to play. We were laughing and running on the green grass, playing the game of mother of monsters catching children.

All of a sudden, I stopped laughing because my underwear was all wet.

I came to the examination room at the doctors order.

The examination room was bright and messy.

A row of iron gray cabinets against the wall are scattered with disinfectant wipes, paper extraction, documents, and large pink popular science posters are pasted on the wall.

Next to the cupboard is a white toilet, but there is no drain under the toilet. Instead, there is a large translucent plastic cup.

I was half lying on the black examination bed next to the toilet, with my feet outstretched and connected to the tall machine at my feet by a thin transparent hose.

The machine flashed, and I felt the cool water pouring into my body.

This is the urodynamic test.

The nurse with her back to me is typing data into the computer.

She was hidden in her blue protective clothing, and she couldnt tell her age.

Give me your cell phone and Ill take a picture of you. She said, turning suddenly.

She took a picture of my lower body.

Here, look, this is the bulging vaginal wall.

How could this happen? I was shocked.

I didnt know

She suddenly looked up and looked at me over her glasses. You didnt protect it at all.

Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong, I was jumping up and down the corner of the stairs where there was no one.

Squatting and jumping in place, going up and down stairs, running in place, walking fast, coughing, after finishing all these for a round, you can go back to the examination room, take off the sanitary napkin and weigh it. Then, you can know how much urine leakage is. Then, sit on the toilet in the examination room and let the full urine drain into the plastic cup under the toilet.

So far, the urodynamic test is complete.

Usually 70% of the injuries are caused by giving birth to the first child, said the nurse in blue. A lot of people dont feel the first time theyve finished their lives, but the injuries have already happened.

I gave the two page report to the outpatient and got a treatment plan full of uncertainty.

Can I get back to what I used to be? Will I never be able to run again? I asked the most wanted question.

Its hard for me to give you a promise. Prognosis is related to many factors, such as age, gene, lifestyle, physical condition, self-discipline, etc. The results of the same treatment plan may be different for everyone. I can only say that you are still in time. - this is the first time Ive heard of six months of golden age. .

After saying goodbye to the doctor, I went to the examination room to make an appointment for my first treatment, but was told to wait in line for three to five weeks.

Five weeks later, my six-month golden period was running out. I begged, but it didnt help. The more than 100 women in front of me were all in a hurry.

Why didnt anyone tell us that earlier?

I think of the old lady I met before I left the hospital.

She was wearing a patients uniform and her hair was all white. She moved to the door of the examination room step by step and found out that she had made a mistake.

She made an appointment for that days operation to cut off all the uterus that had fallen out.

I gave her a seat, and she said thanks again and again, and sat down to wait for the nurse to take her back.

The poster on the wall of the examination room says that on average one in three women has a pelvic floor disorder.

However, even in a first tier city like Shanghai, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation is a new thing.

Those who gave birth to eight or nine before did not suffer, but their suffering was not known.

Why dont they say it? Why dont they be seen and heard?

The nurse in blue once told me that the disease was not life-threatening, and even that the uteri that had been cut off was usually healthy; but the disease greatly affected the quality of life - urine leakage, organ prolapse, pain in sexual intercourse.

It doesnt affect their reproductive function, it just affects their happiness.

Put, put, put, put, put. the app in the mobile phone sends regular sounds.

Mom, what are you doing? six year old Sissi pushed the door in.

I thought about it and said, mom is exercising the muscles in the area where she pees. Having a baby can cause damage to these muscles, and some mothers may have urine leakage when coughing, sneezing, running or skipping rope. So it needs treatment.

She rolled her eyes. So you cant race with me, can you?


I think, as far as Im concerned, Ill start by talking about it with my daughter without the slightest sense of shame.

I bought a box of vaginal dumbbells at the drugstore.

The palm sized box, with a purple cover and a white background, opened and nestled neatly with five pink spindle shaped balls.

Weigh up one, the surface is soft, the inside is hard, a little weight.

At the top of the ball, a small 1 is embossed.

This is the number one ball.

The end of the ball drags a small tail about ten centimeters, like a small tadpole.

I lay down, took a deep breath, and slowly stuffed the sterilized tadpole No. 1 into the vagina. After it is completely stuffed in, with a little force, the tadpole is sucked in.

Its fun.

I slowly closed my legs and slowly got up and got out of bed.

After a few words to send the family away, I stuffed the tadpole back, and decided to make further efforts.

According to the instructions, when using it for the first time, try to stand for 15 minutes with the lightest ball.

However, in the first two minutes, the tadpole fell out three times.

In the process of pushing back - sucking - falling out - pushing back, the muscle that I had neglected for many years finally came to a complete recovery.

Its like a living creature playing with tadpoles.

Shes alive. She just doesnt listen to my brain.

Hello, pelvic floor. Im sorry I didnt take good care of you before. Lets get to know each other again.

Vaginal dumbbell scientific name pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation device, belongs to medical equipment, it is far more than simple Kegel exercise to help women find the feeling of pelvic floor muscle power, is an excellent helper to exercise pelvic floor muscle.

My female friends, however, told me that they were not going to do it..

Just as sanitary napkins are mainly popular in East Asia, European and American women prefer to use tampons. It seems that there is a psychological barrier and cultural taboo to insert something into the vagina here.

The vagina and pelvic floor are probably the most powerful organs in our bodies, they can pass through a person.

But they are also the most neglected and forgotten body parts.

How on earth did you get this little ball in? In the bathroom, Sissi looked up and down at me with great interest.

I rolled my eyes up. Youre really curious about this, right? But sorry, this part is a private part of my body, so I cant show it to you.

I briefly explained how vaginal dumbbells work and stressed that since this is my privacy, I hope she wont share this anecdote with her good friends.

After the standing position of No.1 dumbbell can be maintained, the training of climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects, coughing, running and jumping in turn can be maintained. After that, No.2 dumbbell will be trained in the same order until the training of No.5 dumbbell is completed.

It is recommended to train every six months. Thats what the manual says.

I was walking in the neighborhood with my dumbbells.

Sissi came and went on a scooter beside me. The golden sun was sifted through the thick green shade, and the mottled light and shadow fell on both of us.

A week around the community, pelvic floor muscle finally tired, dumbbell slowly slide out, todays training is over.

So, how does the 3-ball feel? Asked the fitness coach with a smile. Not bad. I can feel my progress every day. I said with a smile.

The coach has short hair and loves to laugh. We have known each other for two or three years.

Recently, she mentioned to me that after giving birth to a child many years ago, she practiced handstand, and there was a farting sound coming from her lower body. After checking, she found out that there might be pelvic floor muscle damage in cesarean section. This phenomenon, which is called Yin blowing, is just a manifestation of the damage.

I recommend vaginal dumbbells to her, to my friends who have had a second child, to my mother.

I hope I have strong gluteal muscles, tight and beautiful abdominal muscles, and I also hope that I have pelvic floor muscles that can retract and release freely.

I wish I was healthy and strong. Run freely in the sun during the day and enjoy the pleasure of sex at night.

I hope that I can be frank and direct about my own desires and have a strong sense of my rights and interests.

I hope every woman can.

In the treatment room, light pink curtains fall from the ceiling to the floor, each covering a pink cot and a computer.

I lay half on one of them, listening to the thunder outside the window.

Its the rainy season of plum blossom in Shanghai at this time. Everything is wet and can be twisted out of the water. However, the air conditioner in the treatment room is turned on just right and its cool.

The nurse in blue patted me to remind me that the electrical stimulation was over and it was time to exercise.

I try to concentrate on the screen and use my pelvic floor muscles to control the dolphins swimming up and down. If I swim well, I will not only get a good score, but also get an electrical stimulation reward

Unknowingly, a course of treatment is over, its time to go to the big eye doctor for review.

The door of the pelvic floor muscle clinic is still crowded, but the epidemic situation has entered normal prevention and control. Doctors with big eyes no longer wear goggles and surgical caps, but only wear masks.

My hair, which was bound neatly, was a brown wool roll.

When she got up, she showed her long dress with purple flowers on the black bottom under her white coat and a pair of silver gray medium heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Cut it off! And then a wave came out.

Bobo is wearing a shrimp red Hoodie, blue washed jeans with holes, and a cowhide backpack on his back.

When I saw the glass stockings on her feet and the gray hair on her head, I realized that she was a little old.

When can I cut it? She asked the doctor.

The doctor explained, and she said, cut out the ovaries, too!

The ovaries cant be cut casually. the big eye doctor couldnt help laughing. Why do you think so?

Bobos head was stunned, then he shrugged with a smile, weve finished the task. The women standing at the door laughed.

It was evening when I got home.

After dinner and a shower, I leaned against the head of the bed to read Sissi her favorite book.

The light was dim and she was leaning against me. I thought she was asleep.

Then suddenly she said, I dont know if I want to have a baby. Im afraid of pain, but I like the feeling of reading to my baby like you.

Whether or not to have a baby, this question is really important.

Vagina, uterus, ovary, every human with this set of organs needs to think about it.

I cant give Sissi an answer directly, but comfort her that she still has many years to think about it, knowing all the risks.


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