Welcome big changes again! Changes within the safety system of top management of oneaccount

 Welcome big changes again! Changes within the safety system of top management of oneaccount

In fact, since the listing of financial one account, there have been many changes in senior management. However, this is a major adjustment within the Ping An Group System: Huang Yuxiang returns to Ping An technology, and the newly introduced District Haiying also comes from Ping An system.

Some analysts believe that after the new personnel change, the synergy effect among the companies of Ping An science and technology system may be further enhanced.

Huang Yuxiang to be promoted to general manager of Ping An Technology

According to public information, Huang Yuxiang joined the financial one account in October 2016 and served as the chief technical officer and chief operating officer to promote the research and development of financial technology of one account through. Before joining one account, Huang served as deputy general manager of Ping An technology and chief information officer of investment system of Ping An group. He was responsible for the development of investment system of professional companies within Ping An Group and the establishment of cloud technology investment plan of Ping An group.

According to industry insiders, Huang Yuxiang was transferred from Ping An technology to one account link, helping finance one account to complete the content of its technology structure. Today, the financial one account has also been listed. And Huang Yuxiangs return to Ping An technology is also the personnel change and resource complementarity within the Ping An group system.

It is worth noting that, just one month after the listing of one account link, Ping An of China issued an announcement saying that the board of directors of the company had deliberated and passed the proposal on the deliberation of capital increase to Ping An technology. However, according to current industrial and commercial data, Ping An technologys last capital increase was in December 2018, with its registered capital increased from RMB 900 million to about RMB 2.9 billion.

Li Jie takes over CTO and introduces Haiying

Li Jie, who took over the post of chief technical officer of oneaccount, has rich experience in financial technology development, and has participated in the research and development of financial technology and the creation of the team. According to the data, he joined Ping An in 1998. He served as the deputy general manager and general manager of the Development Department of Ping An Life Insurance. At the end of 2015, he joined the financial one account link. He is now the assistant general manager and chief technical officer of retail and insurance account one.

In addition, rongyizhangtong has introduced a technology magnate Haiying District, with nine years of rich research and development experience in Microsoft. After joining the financial one account, district Haiying will focus on the management of Jiama platform and act as the CEO of Gama platform.

It is reported that Qu Haiying was previously assistant to the general manager of Ping An International Smart City, in charge of smart transportation, smart community and smart pension business department, and set up an Internet of vehicles team, and successfully promoted the cooperation and implementation of major projects such as Shenzhen public security project group.

According to the financial one account link, since its establishment five years ago, it has been focusing on the cultivation of talent echelon, with a mature and stable scientific research team and excellent scientific research strength. This appointment will further strengthen the companys scientific research strength.

According to the latest research report of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chinas financial institutions have a growing demand for the digital market. With a wide range of products with proven value, it has a large and sticky customer base, and Ping An Group provides support in terms of revenue, infrastructure cost savings and technology, which will have a synergistic effect.

Data show that the overall performance of the financial one account link market in the first half of the year was stable. According to the financial report, as of the end of the first quarter, the companys business income increased by 29.6% year-on-year, the gross profit rate increased from 28.5% to 34.8%, and the income from third-party customers increased by 50.4%, higher than the overall growth rate. Driven by the epidemic situation, the revenue of operational products increased by 148% year-on-year, and the proportion of revenue increased from 15% to 28%.

Source of this article: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of CFA_ NF