After Wang Han and Du Haitao, Yang Di apologized for propaganda on Youli net: confiscating money

 After Wang Han and Du Haitao, Yang Di apologized for propaganda on Youli net: confiscating money

Yang Di claimed that he was not the spokesperson of favorable network

The funds lent by investors can not be cashed when they are due. Has the platform lent the due creditors rights to Lao Lai? Recently, Yang Di was also held accountable by netizens for having taken a promotional video for favorable network. On July 24, Yang Di issued a statement on his microblog, saying that he had recorded a video for the propagandist during the film promotion period, not a spokesman for the favorable network, and there was no charge for recording the video.

Yang Di said that it is collecting and understanding the situation, and will help the cheated users to investigate to the end. He apologized for the loss of the video recommendation audience, and at the same time called out favorable network: if what netizens said is true, please give us an explanation!

According to the official website of favorable website, the platform was established on May 31, 2012, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan and a paid in capital of 50 million yuan. The legal representative is Wu Yiran and the main operating body is Beijing Honghe Baiji Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. The platform was officially put into operation on February 25, 2013.

According to the operation data of Nandus official website, as of June 30, the accumulated loan amount of the platform was nearly 74.517 billion yuan, and 4.98 million borrowers had completed the loan. So far, there are 269879 overdue projects, the overdue rate of projects is 13.60%, and the overdue rate of historical projects is 2.95%.

Advantageous network customer service: the overdue payment is being processed in line

At present, a large number of investors feedback on the social network that the loan money on the platform has not been cashed when it matures, and the repayment loan is used endlessly for lending.

On the afternoon of July 24, the reporter from Nandu called the official customer service number of favorable network. Customer service responded that due to the influence of market environment, the dingcunbao products of yiyiwang need to queue up to process debt transfer payment according to the end date of the service period of the project.

Due to the small number of lending users and the impact on the repayment ability of borrowers during the epidemic period, the speed of debt transfer is not as fast as last year. The customer service said that at present, it is processing part of the three-month payment collection users whose service period ends on January 1, 2020, and queue up for debt transfer processing according to the due date.

In response to questions such as lending the matured creditors rights to Lao Lai and other questions, favorable network responded that the platform had stopped lending new loans on June 30. After all, there are 1.4 million borrowers, and there will be some of this. There will also be cases in which normal users will not be able to repay due to the impact of the epidemic. Favorable network customer service said, is still in the specific investigation, if the user recommended by the cooperative organization does not meet the conditions of the contract, the partner will recover and compensate for such assets.

For Yang Di 24 days in the micro blog call favorable network, the customer service said that did not notice this situation, the follow-up will be verified. The customer service also said that the company has always arranged senior executives to answer questions in QQ group, and will organize a meeting of senior executives on August 7.

Wang Han and Du Haitao have been criticized

It is not the first time that a star has been denounced by netizens for endorsing P2P platform products.

Nandu previously reported that love Qian Jin had attracted attention because of the endorsement of well-known host Wang Han. On July 2, Wang Hans team responded to the outside world. Wang Han once endorsed the love money app from the end of 2016 to 2018. Due to the cooperation of endorsement products, the team and the legal team closely communicated, strictly fulfilled the obligations of the spokesperson specified in the advertising law and other relevant provisions, and verified the legal compliance and business authenticity of the platform qualification. Recently, love money into products after the news of cash difficulties, Wang Han has on the endorsement of the matter to the relevant regulatory authorities for detailed information.

Wang Hans team said that they feel very sad when they encounter difficulties in cashing funds... They are also trying their best to cooperate with relevant departments to urge the platform side to solve the problem.

Another well-known host, Du Haitao, was held accountable by netizens for publicizing the P2P platform netlibao. On July 11, Du Haitao studio made a clear response, saying that it had conducted short-term cooperation through advertising agencies in shooting advertisements in 2018, and did not directly sign a endorsement contract. Now, the cooperation has already ended.