Female employees were slapped on the chest by company executives and kicked out of the company after the accident

 Female employees were slapped on the chest by company executives and kicked out of the company after the accident

After interrogation, Ge confessed to embracing Xiaojie in the community at about 23:00 pm on July 13, 2020. On July 23, GE was detained for five days. On July 24, the police of Sanqiao New Street police station of Fengdong new city branch of Xixian New Area Public Security Bureau were sent to Xian detention center for execution, and the execution period lasted until July 29.

On July 23, Shaanxi Youju Technology Co., Ltd. issued a notice of punishment, which caused the company to fall into a negative network storm due to the incidents of Ge and Xiaojie, which led to the panic of employees and seriously affected the companys reputation. According to the study and decision of the company, the two employees will be informed of the behavior within the company and all their duties will be suspended. After the public security organs handling results come out, further serious punishment will be carried out according to the companys regulations.

On July 23, Guangxi Youju science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. solemnly declared that in view of the disciplinary violations by senior executives of Youju agents in Xian, Youju group resolutely adopted a zero tolerance attitude, investigated the relevant responsibilities of Youju agents in Xian, and ordered them to punish the parties. At the same time, Youju Xian will give appropriate punishment to ge within 3 days. If Youju Xian agent ignores the requirements of Youju group, it will unilaterally terminate the cooperation relationship with Youju Xian agent if necessary.

On July 24, Xiaojie said that after the accident, she was kicked out of the group by the company, on July 15, all departments and groups kicked me out. There was only a whole group of several hundred people, and then on the 19th, the last whole group kicked me out of the group early in the morning. The company didnt give me a response in the past two days. Im sure I wont go to work, but I havent been paid.

On the way home, he was hugged and kissed by the companys executives

Xiao Jie said that GE is the director of the companys marketing center. After dinner, he followed her to take her home. The dining place is only a few minutes away from my home. All the way, he said he was drunk. When I got downstairs, Ge suddenly jumped up from behind me Xiao Jie said that GE Mou forcefully hugged her neck from behind, put his hand on her chest, and forced to kiss her neck and face.

Xiaojie scolded many times, Ge did not stop her behavior, forced her to hook her neck, to drag her into the unit building, he wants to go to my house, while dragging me, while saying that he knows my husband is not in, I dont want to cheat him. GEs height is 1.9 meters, more than 30 centimeters higher than Xiaojie. In addition, she hooks her neck. Xiaojie tries hard to break free several times before she can get free.

Xiaojie warned Ge that there were cameras everywhere in the community, but he became more and more aggressive, threatening me to either take him home, or go to the hotel to have a good chat, and then want to rush over again. Xiaojie is scared to run out of the community, hide in the corner of the hotel at the door and call her husband. After catching up with Xiao Jie, he said I couldnt run away. He pulled me along with him and dragged me into the car on the road. After a few minutes, my husband came down. He pretended to explain his work and said goodbye to me as a colleague Xiaojie said that she didnt tell anyone about it out of fear that night.

After the police report, the police suggested reconciliation

The chairman of the company said many times that they knew the police, and the police who handled the case said that they adjusted the monitoring. Xiaojie said that she was so angry that she proposed to settle with Ge for 50000 yuan. However, she contacted the company the next day and said that she didnt want money and didnt make a settlement. According to the law, she would deal with it.

Xiaojie doesnt understand why all the people are persuading her to calm down when she encounters such a thing. Shouldnt it be the problem of people who do wrong? I said that the police should continue to deal with it without money. Sister Wang of the company has always told me that there are many ways to punish others, so I can be merciful. But if you violate the law, you should bear legal responsibility.