Rain night mystery! A woman in Shanghai lost contact completely after work. The only clue is that she invested tens of thousands of yuan to buy

 Rain night mystery! A woman in Shanghai lost contact completely after work. The only clue is that she invested tens of thousands of yuan to buy

Or an accident?

A husband suspected of committing a major crime

I didnt think of calling the police until 36 hours later

And in the following case

But I came to Shanghai all night to find someone

My wife is still missing

What happened on this rainy night?

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Two points and one line of regular life

They seldom go out to make friends

Sometimes I come home late

They will also explain the situation to their families

Abnormal behavior like the day of disappearance

Mr. Shen, who is in Yangzhou, is worried

So he decided to rush to Shanghai overnight

One oclock in the morning the next day

After Mr. Shen arrived in Shanghai

However, Miss Liu lost contact less than 24 hours

The police asked them to look for it again

After a nights searching, Mr. Shen and his relatives and friends

They must go through when Ms. Liu goes home

Found Miss Lius umbrella

Although she found the belongings of Ms. Liu

But Mr. Shen did not find his wife

After investigating the police, police found that after Miss Liu disappeared, her Alipay bought several tens of thousands of game props to a number of equipment sellers in a mobile phone game.

Ms. Liu has no habit of playing games

Whats even more bizarre is that

These expensive game props

They were all given away for free

A player surnamed Jin

That is to say, Jin has no reason

She got tens of thousands of yuan from Ms. Liu

Such an abnormal situation

Therefore, the police decided to take Jin back to investigate

Facing police interrogation

He robbed Ms. Liu

And strangled her neck and killed Ms. Liu, who was trying to call for help

And pushed her down the river where the crime was committed

The suspect, Jin, has a stable job and a single parent family. In the eyes of friends, Jin is honest and introverted. He committed such a felony that it was beyond everyones expectation.

For ones own criminal motive

Game gambling owes 300000 yuan

Jin was addicted to the game and was in debt, but did not seek the help of his family and friends, so he directly chose to commit a crime. According to the analysis of psychologists, Jin is defending his social role by doing so. It is better to take risks than to ask for help. Jins behavior makes people sigh.

According to the autopsy report of the victim, after Jin choked the neck, the victim probably did not die, but was in a coma due to brain hypoxia. Later, Jin threw his body into the river. The superposition of the two behaviors eventually led to the death of Ms. Liu.

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