30 just Tong Yao is cheated and tears green tea. He turns over countless people, but in reality, its miserable

 30 just Tong Yao is cheated and tears green tea. He turns over countless people, but in reality, its miserable

Mao Xiaotong is an office white-collar. Nine to five, safe and steady.

Tong Yao is a full-time mother, named Gu Jia.

She is a second time official.

Tong Liya is scheduled to play.

Tong Yao took over.

Fortunately, Tong Yao took over.

With her wisdom, acting skills, and posture, she crushed the thin film of the river and overthrew Mao Xiaotong.

In the play, she got into the hall, worked as a junior, and killed a dirty man.

Smelling that her husband has a green tea whore, she immediately uses the green tea whores means, and reverses the green tea whore army.

Green tea whore does not give up and continues to seduce her husband.

Seeing her son bullied by her classmates and parents, she turned into a female soldier in an instant.

Take off the watch, take off the high heels, close the door, and beat the two women.

When the obscene man put forward the hidden rules, she was equally impolite and gave a vicious warning: if we order the factory, we dont want your order!

Tong Yao, great a.

For this reason, after Huang Xiaomings Ming learning, a kind of Gu Xue appeared on the Internet.

All in all, Gu Jia is very handsome.

And the interpretation of Gu Jias Tong Yao is so handsome that people cant wait to see.

As a matter of fact, Tongyao, like Gu Jia, has been a child of other peoples families since childhood.

She got into Chinese drama at the age of 17.

It is the school where Jiang Wen, Zhang Ziyi, sun Honglei and Tang Wei are famous stars.

But Tong Yao is more powerful than them.

When she entered the drama, she was not only young, but also the first.

After entering the school, Tong Yao and Sun Jian, Bai Baihe and Yang Shuo were classmates.

In a large number of handsome men and women, the teacher also only preferred Tong Yao.

He praised Tong Yaos first sentence: you are Zhang Ziyis older one, Gong Lis smaller one.

She was just enjoying her wanton youth.

Because she really looks like Zhang Ziyi, she is very popular at school.

There are also many friends.

Tong Yao is also loyal.

Once, Zhao ran told her that she had enrolled in an English class, and the tuition fee was very high.

But she didnt have a few classes, so the training class was cancelled.

Hearing this, Tong Yao obviously bullies the students.

She angrily pulled Zhao ran: no, then I have to tell them that they are all students, and the money is from home.

Seeing that Tong Yao was not easy to provoke, the man returned the money.

Zhao ran wrote about it for a long time, and even after Tong Yao became red, she mentioned it.

Since then, it has been widely said that Tongyao has the chivalrous demeanor.

In less than a year, she was hit by fate.

Zhang Guolis son.

They are said to be lovers.

That year, Tong Yao also appeared in home cooked food and was rated as the most potential temperament woman.

But in the winter of that year, Zhang Mo beat her violently in the downstairs of Tongyao dormitory.

According to a later interview with Tong Yao, Zhang Mo has been fighting her hard.

She was dying. She knelt down and begged Zhang Mo to stop.

But Zhang Mo was still fighting, kicking me in the face and body one by one.

Tong Yao is stunned, her eyes and nose are bleeding.

Finally, he fell on the railing and couldnt get up.

I do not know how long after, or her classmates saw, will she sent to the school medical room.

After examination, Tong Yao was injured in many places, with lumps on his head, fracture of the back of his nose, congestion under his eyes, astigmatism in his eyes, and serious injuries to his waist and soft tissue.

It was spread out and caused a sensation in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Guolis son beat people, but big news.

The media continue to explore the cause of Zhang Mos beating, suspected that Tong Yao had a relationship with an older man.

And this old man is Huang Dingyu, the teacher of Chinese opera.

After it was fermented, some people posted anonymously, saying that Huang Dingyu looks like a gentleman. In fact, what he does is shady things. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

However, before long, the incident reversed again, and Tong Yao said it had nothing to do with Huang Dingyu.

Finally, Zhang Mo was expelled from school for beating people.

Huang Dingyu, who was detained in criminal detention in January 2004, is said to be related to hooliganism.

But whether it is because of Tongyao, no one knows.

After such a disturbance, her whole life has changed.

In the past, she entered the school with her own halo.

Today, she is a problem student that everyone avoids and offends Zhang Guoli.

Tong Yao is isolated.

Yang Shuo revealed that during the university period, no one would like to play with Tong Yao, only he would.

This matter had a far-reaching impact on Tongyao.

It lasted until graduation.

After Tong Yao graduated, many people said that she was banned.

In fact, she did a lot of acting.

But theyre not the protagonists.

Whether it is ancient costume or modern drama, there is no spark.

At that time, he was rated as the most potential artist, but when he really showed his talents, he lost all the people.

Its a pity to think about it.

Over the past year, Zhang Mo finally responded positively to the incident.

But the apology for being late didnt help Tong Yao much.

Because of the scandal, she still cant get the chance to play a leading role.

In order to have a play, Tong Yao says that as long as there is a good script, he can accept any play without asking the price.

Among them, she played life of dragon and tiger, because she starred Wang Zhiwen, so she didnt think about it and agreed.

She did this until 2012.

She plays the village heads daughter, arrogant and capricious, but extremely gratifying.

She won the Star Festival new actress award.

People say she looks like Zhang Ziyi.

She talked more about it than she did in Chinese drama.

To be honest, its quite similar.

Both in appearance and temperament, they are very similar.

The only difference is that Zhang Ziyis face is more murderous, while Tongyao is softer.

She said: Zhang Ziyi is an actress I like very much. Of course, she is also very beautiful, but I think its better to be myself.

Do not want to rely on the stars, Tongyao rely on their own.

Shes been dormant again until 2016.

Play high princess. A villain.

In the crew, Tong Yao gets to know Zhou Xun. She takes Zhou Xun as an example and has seen all of Zhou Xuns films.

But she was still worried.

The audience always likes to mix characters with real people. She plays a bad person and may be scolded.

On the opening day of Ruyi Zhuan, Tong Yao ran to the director and asked, do I want to go out and hide for a while?

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

The result is beyond everyones expectation. Although the noble princess is a villain, she is very popular.

Some people describe Tong Yaos high imperial concubine as follows: she is a kitten dressed in a lion. She wants to be fierce, but she cant be fierce. If she wants to be bad, she is not so bad.

Gao Guifei offline, online also broke out a wave of nostalgia, I hope she can revive.

More and more popular.

For acting, Tong Yao finally has the right to choose.

Now, as time goes by and years go by, Tong Yao doesnt care about that shadow.

When she asked about it again, she just said, I think the biggest help Ive had in the past four years is to put myself down.

In 2018, Tong Yao took over the performance of big river.

Play song Yunping.

Because of its simple image and flexible acting skills, it has received a lot of praise.

Professional evaluation: she has a strong ability to shape.

On the same day, Tong Yao dressed in black and combed up her hair. She was very confident.

She was no longer the girl who was crying in the hospital.

Todays Tong Yao is a performing arts school with strength, and is recognized and recognized by people.

But she is still afraid of love.

Once, Tongyao interviewed reporters from entertainment star world in a shopping mall. While wandering, Tong Yao chatted with reporters.

But when the reporter asked her to choose clothes for her boyfriend, Tong Yaos face immediately changed, very serious.

Reporter does not know interest, straight ask: that in the past not smooth feelings?

The reporter was stunned.

Once bitten by a snake, he was afraid of the well rope for ten years. For the rest of his life, he was afraid that he would not mention it.

But shes a woman, and she wants love.

A year later, Tong Yao was photographed shopping with a mysterious man.

They are both eating and playing. They are very close.

But Tong Yao remained silent about this love.

No matter how Im photographed, I just dont say.

The news came suddenly.

In 2019, someone photographed Tong Yao and a man holding a wedding ceremony in Italy.

Tong Yao still did not respond. Just keep shooting in silence.

After the performance of big river, she was pulled to fill in 30 which Tong Liya didnt play.

This play, however, has made her popular.

This year is the 17th year from the domestic violence.

Once, some media invited Tong Yao to talk about her mood and recite poems or essays.

Lily was as like as two peas when it was born. However, it knows from the bottom of his heart that he is not a weed. In its heart, there is a pure idea: I am a lily, not a weed, the only way to prove that I am a lily is to blossom beautiful flowers One day, it finally bloomed. At this time, the weeds no longer dare to laugh at it.

When Tong Yao read this passage, her voice was always soft.

In this way, she secretly tells the audience in front of the camera: the lily is in full bloom, the fragrance is overflowing, it has defeated everyone and herself.

Is also to say to oneself: Tongyao, you finally stand in the light, from now on side has no harm.

Author: Chi Geun Wen