Hangzhou man kills his wife and dismembers his wife

 Hangzhou man kills his wife and dismembers his wife

On July 25, the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province held a press conference, announcing more details of the case of Huilis mysterious disappearance and murder. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

After the husband killed, he calmly called the police and asked his relatives where to go

On July 5, a 53 year old woman from Hangzhou came to Huili and lost from her home. Because the surveillance did not take pictures of his escape, making the missing case become confusing.

Police comrades, my mother disappeared early yesterday morning, how can I not find it, can you help me to have a look at the monitoring? At about 20:00 on July 6, the police of Sijiqing police station of Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau received the help of a woman surnamed Yu. It is understood that Yus mother went missing at home in the early morning of July 5, and there has been no news.

Are you worried about finding your wife missing? The police asked.

Im not worried. Xu replied.

Upstream news reporters learned that at 7:00 p.m. on July 6, Xu Mou also contacted Lai Huilis elder sister and others successively to inquire about the whereabouts of Lai Huili.

In the case of Hangzhou womans murder, her husband is detained, her 11 year old daughters psychological life is concerned and her neighbors scold her (source: ~)

After 25 hours of defecation, the police found human tissue

Hangzhou police decided to carry out investigation according to the working mechanism of suspected homicide cases of missing persons. The most difficult problem before us is how to minimize the frame of the scope of investigation, so as to concentrate the most intensive firepower to solve the problem. Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau Jianggan District sub Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy chief Hu Tianjun said.

It is understood that, as a Zhian district, the accident area has 96 internal monitoring units and nearly 1000 peripheral monitoring units. There are 6 buildings in the community, with 1075 people in 379 households and 179 people in 69 households living in Huili. At the same time, the underground parking floors of all the buildings in the community are connected everywhere, and the environment is extremely complex.

Since July, we have collected 6000 hours of monitoring video, and urgently recruited more than 100 professional video investigators from the Public Security Bureau of the city. They are divided into time periods, points and objects, and are checked repeatedly and cross checked in groups for 24 hours. Finally, it was determined that the missing woman and her little daughter took the unit building elevator home at 17:04 on July 4 and did not leave the residential building again, said Ying Zhaohui, executive deputy director of Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau.

On July 22, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, after 18 days of laihuilis disappearance, a notice for missing people was posted in the elevator of the community. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Subsequently, the police visited 6 unit buildings, 379 families and 1075 households in the community, and carried out four carpet type investigations on the underground garage of more than 10000 square meters, as well as all the elevator shafts, water tanks, inspection wells, lockers, flues, ventilation pipes and other hidden parts.

Hangzhou police also focused on visiting and inquiring about the family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, friends and other relations of the lost people, and described in detail the life law, interpersonal relationship, life experience, activity track and financial status of the lost people.

After comprehensive analysis and judgment, the police ruled out all kinds of possibilities, such as Lai Huilis own escape and other peoples committing crimes. They initially found Xus suspected crime and clearly listed him as the key object of the special case. And focus on the investigation of the corridor septic tank.

From 3:00 p.m. on July 22 to 4:00 p.m. on July 23, the team carried out a 25-hour extraction work on the septic tank. After washing and screening the collected 38 vehicles of filth, it was found that there was suspected human tissue after on-site extraction and detection. After DNA comparison, the missing lady came to XXs human body tissue, and it was judged that Lai XX might be killed. The case investigation made a major breakthrough, and Xu was suspected of a major crime.

On July 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, at about 3:30 p.m., there were still excrement trucks in and out of the residential area of Huili. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

The husband who killed his wife was a driver, not a scout

At 1:00 on July 23, Hangzhou police summoned Xu on suspicion of intentional homicide. Considering that the criminal suspect is very good at camouflage, he cooperates with his family members to report the case and accept media interviews after the incident, so he has a strong sense of anti investigation. We have specially organized criminal investigation experts in the province and formulated detailed interrogation strategies and plans in advance. Hu Tianjun, deputy chief of the criminal investigation team of Jianggan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, said that at 10:00 on July 23, after a night of interrogation, he broke through the confession of the suspect Xu. According to his preliminary account, he was dissatisfied with his coming to XX due to family life conflicts. In the early morning of July 5, he killed him while he was sleeping at home and separated his body and then scattered and discarded. At present, the suspect Xu has been taken criminal compulsory measures by Jianggan police according to law.

On July 25, Jia Qinmin, deputy director of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, said at a news conference that this was a premeditated intentional homicide case.

In response to the information that Xu is a retired scout, a security guard and dismembered in the next room, Tian guogang, deputy district chief of Jianggan District and director of Public Security Bureau, responded that the suspect Xu was 55 years old, born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, registered in Hangzhou. Before the incident, he was a driver of a company in Hangzhou. Since 1987, he has been engaged in fish meal and aquaculture business in Shaoxing, Shanghai and other places. Work in Hangzhou in 2018. The victim came to Huili, the wife of Xu, 51 years old. Hangzhou household register is a cleaner of a company in Hangzhou. The couple remarried in 2008 and lived together in Jianggan District of Hangzhou city before the crime.

There were a lot of hot discussions on the Internet in the early stage. Some said that Xu was a retired scout, some said that Xu was engaged in property management or security work in the community. Some said that Xu was familiar with the monitoring of the community and the corridor and deliberately avoided the monitoring. Some said that Xu used the vacant room next door to separate the corpse. According to the police investigation and verification and the confession of the criminal suspect Xu, the above statements are not consistent with the facts Fu. Tian guogang said.