My daughter spent a month in the sewer

 My daughter spent a month in the sewer

April 18, 2008, 7:00 p.m. As usual, 23-year-old liulixiang sent a text message to her sister who lived together, saying that she would be home at 7:30. At 8 oclock in the evening, when Liu Lixiangs sister got home, she found that her sister was not at home. However, there were bentos and other things that were obviously brought back by her sister.

My sister thought her sister was out shopping, so she waited at home for half an hour, but liulixiang didnt come back. My sister was a little worried and went out to look for her, but there was no sign of Li Xiang in the nearby convenience store.

At this time, my sister began to be alert and went home to check for other clues. In the porch of the room, Liu Lixiangs sister found a dropped magazine with fresh blood on it. Liu Lixiangs sister thought it was wrong, so she quickly called the police.

Liu Lixiang is a girl who is loved by others. She works in a planning company in Tokyo

Two clues

Liu Lixiang and her sister live in Jiangdong apartment in Jiangdong District of Tokyo, Japan. This apartment has just been delivered for a year, belongs to a relatively high-end apartment, occupancy rate is only 30%. Besides, there was a high line nearby, and it was night when the incident happened, so there were few witnesses.

After receiving the call from sister liulixiang, the police arrived immediately. They also found a towel with half cut off and a missing kitchen knife in the room.

The police called out the surveillance video of that night. The surveillance video showed that liulixiang did come to the apartment door at 7:30, entered the apartment, and took the elevator to the 9th floor. However, after coming out of the 9th floor, there was no monitoring record. For the sake of privacy, there was no monitoring installed in the public aisle. Since then, Liu Lixiang has never been seen again: by the time the police arrived, the surveillance video did not show that Liu Lixiang had left the apartment.

So the police decided that Liu Lixiang was still in the apartment. But after searching every corner of the apartment, there was no sign of liulixiang. It was 11 oclock in the evening. The police, who got nothing, had to start visiting all the residents in the apartment.

The 9th floor of liulixiangs apartment

Three neighbors

The apartment is empty and has a low occupancy rate. Liulixiang sisters live in two rooms next door are empty rooms, only next door there are people.

This neighbor is Star Island Guide, 33, and a programmer.

When the police knocked on the neighbors door, Star Island Guide warmly welcomed him up. He opened the door and poked his head out. His hair was wet, and the sound of water spraying from the shower room came from the house. He calmly answered questions from the police, saying that he had not seen the missing neighbor and was shocked by what had happened.

He said he was taking a bath. The police didnt ask too much.

Star Island Guide is really taking a bath - washing away the blood on himself. And in the bathtub with him, there are two hands and two legs cut off.

Four evils

That night, Liu Lixiang entered the apartment, took the elevator to the 9th floor, and then walked into her room. At the moment when the door was about to be closed, her neighbor, Xingdao guide, who had been hiding in the dark, suddenly rushed into the room and quickly closed the door. She grabbed liulixiang, and tried to knock her unconscious and then take her away. Panicked, liulixiang sends out a cry. In order to make liulixiang no longer make a sound, Xingdao guide takes a knife from the kitchen and threatens to kill liulixiang if she calls again.

Xingdao guide cut off half of the towel with a knife, tied liulixiangs hands with a towel, and then dragged liulixiang, who was half unconscious, to his room.

He originally wanted to imprison liulixiang for a few days, and then he would consider cutting off her limbs and abusing her. Xingdao guide, who was bullied by her classmates since childhood, thinks that women cant like themselves in a normal way. The sense of depression has always made him think that he needs a sex slave who is completely at his command and at his disposal. Hes been following his pretty neighbor for a long time. He also joked to his colleagues that he liked the horror stories of amputated limbs in comics.

But then came the police let Star Island Guide disorderly, after all, this is his first crime.

When the police were investigating and inquiring about the situation in the sisters room, Xingdao guide was listening next door. Worried that Liu Lixiang would make a sound again and attract the police, he took out a knife and stabbed him in the neck. He pulled out the knife and let the blood gush out. Because of too much blood loss, liulixiang died within 5 minutes.

Star Island Guide quickly cleaned the scene, and began to use two knives and a saw to start the dismemberment that night. He cut off Liu Lixiangs hands and feet and put them in the bathtub. Cut off the head and put it in the cardboard box in the wardrobe, and then put the rest of the torso into the box.

He was washing his blood in the bathroom when the policeman knocked on the door to inquire.

When the evening star Island Guide began to separate the body from the body. He just uses the chopping board to pick the meat off, chop it up, and then flush it into the toilet.

Those that cant be disposed of are wrapped in charcoal and put into cartons to prevent leakage of liquid and odor. Some of the corpses were put into the refrigerator by Xingdao guide and disguised as frozen meat.

The next day, Star Island Guide got up early and went to work as usual. He stayed up all night last night, dealing with bodies and cleaning up the scene. He knew that the police would intensify their search today. Sure enough, the police sent dogs to search every corner of the apartment. But because the Star Island Guide cleaning work is too careful, even the police dogs can not smell a trace.

Liu Lixiangs mysterious disappearance has not made any progress, which has also attracted many media to watch and interview. As the neighbor of the missing girl, Xingdao guide calmly answered the medias questions. During the questioning process, she also made many laughs.

Star Island Guide

Xingdao guide, who went out to work, packed a part of the bones in a bag and took them out of the apartment and discarded them in a nearby dump. At that time, the police did not think about liulixiang has been killed. They were still trying to find someone, so they did not check the belongings of the residents.

6. Search

After coming back from work, Star Island Guide continued to deal with the body. He started to process his internal organs today. He shredded his guts, flushed them into the toilet, and he began to deal with the head.

The police stepped up the search and made a temporary inquiry into the residents last night. They did not get a search warrant, so they could only inquire. Today, the police with the search warrant began to inspect the house by house. Clean up the scene even the dog can not smell clean, Star Island Guide unusually calm open the door to meet the police search.

Only the next day, the police were still trying to find someone, and did not consider the killed aspect of the missing person. So in the face of the house neat, people look very calm Star Island Guide, the police just a cursory glance.

However, the paper box exposed under the sofa attracted the attention of the police. When the police asked if they could open the box to have a look, Xingdao guide readily agreed. But it was found that the cartons were full of computer accessories and books.

The police took a look at Xingdao guide and thought that this is an honest technology house. Star Island guide asked the police whether to open the other boxes to have a look, the police said no.

Star Island guide also asked with concern whether there was any progress in the police case. At the same time, he scolded the management of the apartment and complained that the property was not dedicated enough.

Starwood, continue with the body in the evening. At a court hearing after his arrest, Star Island Guide complained that the head was too difficult to handle, so he had to boil it for several hours before processing it. He put the unfinished part of his head on the ceiling.

Seven meat grinder

When going to work in the morning, Star Island Guide continues to take some of the bones out and discard them, sometimes in the garbage cans of convenience stores. Because no one would think there would be bodies in the trash can of a convenience store.

After the third days work, Star Island Guide bought a meat grinder and wanted to deal with the rest of the body. But with more and more policemen outside the apartment, he was worried about being searched, so he threw the meat grinder away on his way home.

The head on the ceiling began to rot, Xingdao guide quickly disposed of the remaining head and flushed it into the toilet. For the next few days, Star Island guide carefully disposed of some of the bodies every day until all the pieces and bones were disposed of.

The last time I took the bone out was two clavicles. He hid his collarbone in his pocket and took it out of the apartment and left it in the trash can of the convenience store.

Eight clues

It wasnt until the seventh day that the case broke through. Police found a fingerprint on the wall of the entrance to liulixiangs room. This fingerprint is different from other fingerprints in the room, obviously not the fingerprints of the two sisters.

So the police started collecting fingerprints of all the residents in the apartment. But it turned out that none of the fingerprints matched those found in liulixiangs room.

However, strangely, there was a person whose fingerprints were not clear enough to be judged. For some unknown reason, the ten fingers of this resident were so badly exfoliated that they could not be matched without clear fingerprints. This man is Star Island Guide.

Star Island Guide guessed that he might have left fingerprints in liulixiangs room, so the next day he went to the supermarket to buy some corrosive agent and washed his ten fingers.

However, the police began to pay close attention to Xingdao guide.

One month after Liu Lixiang disappeared, the police again took fingerprints of all the residents. At this time, Xingdao guides fingerprints have grown well.

After comparison, it is determined that the fingerprint found on the wall at the entrance of the room matches the fingerprint of Xingdao guide. The police finally located the suspect.

9. Police

On the first day of the trial, Xingdao guide denied that he was the murderer of liulixiang. On the second day of the interrogation, the police asked Xingdao Guide: dont you feel guilty for what you have done to liulixiang? Star Island Guide: no guilt.

If a person is innocent, he will not answer, he will say that I have never done such a thing. The police in charge of the case did a little bit of Xingdao guide.

Since then, Star Island Guide knows that it is inevitable to be punished by law, so he finally admitted that he is the murderer of liulixiang.

Ten fathers

This reminds me of the missing lady Lai from Hangzhou and her relatives who were wailing around the manhole cover of the dung pool of the community when the case came to light.

However, no one was concerned about the killing of liulixiang. In June 2008, another more sensational incident happened in Japan, that is, Akihabara indiscriminate killing.