A smile every day

 A smile every day

Seeing her husbands indifference, the wife said, hum! And they said you.

What do you say to me? Under this, the husband is nervous, say I am cow dung?

The wife Puff Chi a smile: look at you nervous, they dont say you are cow dung... The husband breathed a long sigh of relief, but his wife immediately added: they all say you are compound fertilizer.


An old man passed by a fruit stand and saw a sign standing in front of the stall, which read a few big words: Banana 1 yuan 1 jin. The old man picked a bunch, and the peddler said, more than five catties, ten yuan!

The old man couldnt help but ask, how can you...

The peddler pointed to the sign and said, see clearly, its one yuan and ninety-one catties!

My uncle bent down to look at it carefully. There were two very small 9 characters in the lower right corner of the big character 1 yuan.

He shook his head, looked up and said to the peddler, Im going to buy a magnifying glass first, and then go to the hospital to treat my waist!

The husband went shopping with his wife when suddenly a beggar with sunglasses stopped them and said, please, Im blind...

The husband is about to pay, his wife quickly stopped him: come on, obviously not blind.

The husband thought about it and pointed to his wife and asked the beggar, is this woman beautiful?

The beggar looked at it and said, beautiful!

The husband said to his wife with a smile, ha ha, I think he is really blind.