The latest development of the missing woman case in Hangzhou

 The latest development of the missing woman case in Hangzhou

This is a premeditated intentional homicide.

Why leave without saying goodbye?

It has become the most concerned thing in July.

Unfortunately, bad news came.

Ms. Lai was eventually killed, and the suspect was even the most intimate person on the pillow.

Its pathetic.

After sighing, he went back to the case again and looked at the details carefully, but he often felt his back cold.

In fact, Xus behavior has long been strange.

According to the report of Qianjiang Evening News:

The first time the family members of Ms. Lai reported the case was around 20:00 p.m. on July 6.

According to the police, there were three people who came to report the case.

Their reactions were very different.

My daughter is very anxious.

One came to the police said: police comrades, my mother disappeared early yesterday morning, how can not find, can you help to see the monitoring?

Photo: Qianjiang Evening News

But Xu is very cold.

After giving an account of the disappearance of the lady, she remained silent.

Police are very strange: found that the wife is missing, do you worry?

My wifes gone. Dont you worry?

Or disappeared in their own bed, no surprise at all?

After that, when Xiaoqiang hotline interviewed Xu, his state was also very abnormal.

At 30 a.m. on the 5th of July, she got up to go to the toilet, and the lady was still sleeping next to her.

At 5:30 in the morning, I woke up and found that the lady had disappeared.

Didnt you care? the reporter asked

Xu is very calm: this is very normal.

Xu said, thats not true.

Since it has not appeared before, how can it be so certain that it is a normal phenomenon?

Photo: Xiaoqiang Hotline

Later, with the case fermentation, more and more people pay attention to it.

Among them, Xu was listed as a key suspect by many netizens.

Xu may be guilty.

When Xiaoqiang hotline went to interview again, his attitude changed obviously.

So when Lady Lai disappeared early in the morning, he thought he was out for a walk.


Go out for a walk and go home?

From the early morning of July 5 to the evening of July 6, for such a long time, a stranger would be suspicious. Did you think it was not right?

Besides, thats your wife?!

He even deliberately induced the case.

She must not go out alone. She cant go out alone. According to her intelligence quotient, according to my experience with her for so many years, I know her well.

Hint that lady Lai ran away from home.

In the end, it sold a lot.

Slumped on the chair: when will my wife come back? I dont know whether its dead or alive. What should my daughter do? What about my life?

The expression is indifferent, the tone is helpless, as if the netizens accusation makes him very hurt.

At that time, I also felt that netizens were overreacting.

Although Xus performance is not sad enough, it is also reasonable.

If you really commit a crime and kill your wife, can you come out to face reporters many times and accept various interviews?

Xu underestimated the fact that I could bear it.

The content is thought-provoking.

On July 17, they came to the crime area and interviewed Xu for many times.

The deepest impression of reporters on him was calm.

Seeing the visiting reporter, Xu, though somewhat repelled.

But still polite.

There was no panic.

At that time, the reporter also felt that the netizens speculated excessively and felt that Xu was an ordinary family member of the victim.

However, with the deepening of the communication, the reporter also felt a little wrong.

Xu is a little too calm.

He made tea for the reporter.

He even said, give me a mosaic.

I lost my family. How can I be so indifferent?

Moreover, Xu gave a vague answer to many details.

Reporter asked: do you still remember what shoes your lover wears?

Xu replied: women have so many things, where can I remember?

After this interview, the reporter of Qianjiang Evening News did not give up.

Crouching in front of the crime area.

Around 3:00 p.m. on July 22, the police began to investigate the septic tanks in the community.

The operation of the manure truck was very loud, attracting a crowd of residents to watch.

Qianjiang Evening News said that at 6:46 p.m., Xu walked out of the east gate of the community.

Soon after, the reporter saw Xu from the east gate of the community to go home, and immediately called him.

He obviously heard it, but he didnt answer the reporter.

As he passed the manure truck, he stopped for a second. I looked back.

I dont know what his mood was when he saw a manure truck.



Or was it expected?

According to the surging News survey, Xu and Ms. Lai are model couple in the eyes of outsiders.

Although they are remarried families, their economic conditions are good.

Xu has done fish meal and aquaculture business.

In 2018, he went to work in Hangzhou and was a driver of a company in Hangzhou before the crime.

Ms Lai is a native of Hangzhou.

There is a monthly pension.

After retirement, I worked as a cleaner in a company in Hangzhou, and the income was very stable.

Photo: surging news

After the crime, litchi news once went to Xus hometown.

Photo: litchi news

During the winter solstice of the past two years, the couple will take their little daughter back to their hometown, and they will also play the game of Mazi with their neighbors.

Photo: litchi news

Neighbors also agreed that they were a loving couple.

Often go out together, go for a walk in the park, every time is talking and laughing.

Photo: 1818 golden eye

Lady Lai is more impeccable.

Its a happy fruit in the eyes of colleagues.

Xus fellow villagers also like to come to the lady very much.

She is a typical good wife.

Photo: litchi news

In fact, think about it can also know that lady Lai should be a very good woman.

She is 51 years old.

She was 39 when she remarried in 2008.

Obviously, she was an old woman, but she gave birth to a daughter for Xu.

That is to fight for life.

Besides, its a second marriage.

For 12 years, Ms. Lai must have devoted all her energy to this marriage.

Its hard to imagine how she felt when she saw the ferocious and ruthless look of her once loved one at the time of the crime.



Or death of heart?

However, she has passed away.

Or in a way that is difficult to accept by all, after being killed, he was also dismembered and even thrown into the septic tank.

She shouldnt have.

After working hard for most of his life, he finally ushered in a leisurely and comfortable life.

Theres a long way to go.

Unfortunately, everything is now empty.

According to interface news reports:

On July 25, Hangzhou police have formally arrested Xu.

Photo: Peoples daily

In the early hours of July 5, he killed the lady after she was asleep. The body was then dissected.

Throw the corpse into the cesspool.

The reason for the crime is only because of the contradiction in family life.

Its so outrageous!

I was so shocked that I couldnt say anything.

What life conflicts need to be killed?

I will continue to pay close attention to more details and wait for more reports from the police.

But no matter what the reason is, it can not cover up a reality

Xu is a crazy devil!

My biggest worry now is their little daughter.

They also said they were laughing.

After the crime, Qilu Evening News reporter went to Xu and Ms. Lais home.

When she saw the reporters coming, she kept saying to them, I miss Mom very much.

There was a group photo released by the government.

The lady inside is very gentle.

Xu also had a brilliant smile.

Although the face of the little daughter is mosaic, but can feel that she is very happy.

Anyone who looks at this photo will think that this is an extremely happy model family.

As the head of a family, Xu should have supported this family.

Now, he destroyed the family with his own hands.

What makes me think deeply is that according to the details disclosed by the Southern Metropolis Daily, Ms Lai was killed at home.

And the little girl was at home that day.

Picture: Southern Metropolis Daily

Now, the case has gradually become clear. I believe that the Hangzhou police will come to a conclusion soon.

But how does the daughter face the truth?

So finally, please dont pay too much attention to who the youngest daughter is.

This is the last thing we can do for this family tragedy.