Beautiful college students lost contact in Qinghai tourism for 18 days

 Beautiful college students lost contact in Qinghai tourism for 18 days

Huang Yumengs family members called Xining evening news for help, hoping to find Huang Yumengs whereabouts through the evening news. Why, how and where did Huang Yumeng lose contact? According to the information provided by her family, Huang Yumeng arrived in Golmud, Qinghai Province by train from Nanjing on July 5. On the morning of July 7, she contacted a friend on wechat and said that she had bought a lot of good things to take back to her friends and family. According to family members, Huang Yumeng rented a taxi in Golmud on that day and entered Hoh Xil alone, but did not return one-way. One of the drivers feedback information, Huang Yumeng also killed the price with her, and said he brought a tent to live in Hoh Xil. On July 8, Huang Yumeng appeared in qumalai County, Yushu prefecture. Moreover, she also went to the sonandaje protection station during that time (the specific time is not clear, between 7 and 13).

On July 13, Huang Yumengs identity information appeared in nanshankou of the Qinghai Tibet line (the toll station in the direction of Golmud to Tibet on the g109 line). Since this day, Huang Yumeng has never left any valuable information. A friend of Huang Yumeng told the reporter that Huang Yumengs travel to Qinghai may have something to do with her graduation. She should have graduated this year, but because of many reasons, she didnt even reply to her graduation thesis. Her graduation was delayed and she was in a bad mood, so she came out to relax herself. But Huang Yumeng was still in a normal mood when she chatted with her friends for the last time. She said she had visited the scenic spots around Golmud and bought a lot of things for her family. Huang Yumeng is careless in front of others, but in fact, she is under great pressure because of her study.

Huang Yumengs friends said that Huang Yumeng didnt bring much money with him. In addition, Huang Yumeng once said that she would go to Tibetan areas to help teach, but according to the relevant regulations, any place to teach requires procedures, but Huang Yumeng was not prepared. Huang Yumengs family told reporters that they went to Nanjing to report the case. The police failed to file a case because the loss of contact was not a criminal case.

According to family members, Huang Yumeng has been alone in Qinghai these days, and the last taxi driver has forgotten Huang Yumengs equipment, tent, food, etc. when she entered Hoh Xil, are they enough for her to stay in no mans land for more than ten days? In recent days, can the weather conditions in Hoh Xil allow a person who has no experience in the wild to survive for more than ten days? Did Huang Yumeng get into Tibet by bus to Tibet? This series of questions related to the whereabouts of this young female college student. At present, a group of Huang Yumengs family members are in Golmud, Qinghai Province, and some are in Nanjing.

If anyone has seen or knows the whereabouts of Huang Yumeng, please call 13320899077 or call 110 to report to the police.

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