The younger brother transferred 1658 yuan to his sister in the morning, and his body was found two days later after he lost contact

 The younger brother transferred 1658 yuan to his sister in the morning, and his body was found two days later after he lost contact

After transferring money to my sister in the early morning, my brother disappeared

What is the truth as events ferment online? Although the reporter tried to contact Ms. Chen, but the other side did not respond. To this end, the reporter interviewed the original Zhejiang TV channel 6 1818 golden eye column, relevant people introduced the incident to the reporter.

Ms. Chens three brothers and sisters are all from Jiangxi Province. At present, they all work in Hangzhou. His younger brother, Xiao Chen, 23, works as an online customer service provider in an e-commerce company in Hangzhou.

Early in the morning of July 22, Ms. Chen woke up to find that she had received a transfer from her brother at 2:24 a.m. During this period, he and I did not have any money problems, and did not ask me to borrow money. Ms. Chen couldnt help wondering, why did she transfer money in the morning for no reason?

Ms. Chen wanted to find her brother for verification, but she contacted her many times, but her phone couldnt get through, and she didnt return her wechat. When asked about the company where Xiao Chen works, the person in charge of the company told her that Xiao Chen should go to the day shift on the 22nd, but he didnt show up. He has also been trying to contact him by phone and wechat, but he is turned off. For the next two days, I let my family and colleagues find out, but there was no news. Xiao Chen lost contact.


The mobile phone charger was still plugged in when the connection was lost, and there was no abnormality in recent work and life

In an interview with the column, Ms. Chen said that recently, she specially talked about her work with Xiao Chen, and Xiao Chens reaction was not abnormal. According to the wechat chat records between Ms. Chen and Xiao Chen, on July 2, Ms. Chen asked whether she would like to change her job? Xiao Chens reply was OK. Then, on July 22, when Xiao Chen transferred money to her sister, Ms. Chen broadcast more than 20 wechat voice messages, but the other party didnt receive it. So, has Xiao Chen encountered any difficulties in his work recently? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the company said in an interview that Xiao Chen was not very talkative, nor did he notice that his recent work state was abnormal. In some cases, I have learned from every team member, including whether there is any conflict or frustration between him and the internal team members, basically there is no such conflict. After finding that Xiao Chen had no response, Ms. Chen rushed to her brothers rental room at about 9:00 p.m., but still could not find anyone. After contacting the landlord to open the door, Ms. Chen found that there was no one in the house, but the things were put in order. The ID card, bank card and other important items were all in the room. The commonly used backpacks were also put in the cabinet, and the mobile phone charger was still plugged into the wall. He didnt answer the news for so long, and he didnt take his ID card with him. There must be a reason. Ms. Chen, who is aware of something more and more wrong, thinks that her brother is likely to have an accident instead of deliberately losing contact.


Transfer amount 1658 means help me quickly?

According to reports, surveillance in the community showed that at 0:00 a.m. on July 22, Xiao Chen returned to the rental room on the 11th floor with a takeout. Forty minutes later, he went downstairs again. According to the movements and pictures, Xiao Chen was playing with his mobile phone and brushing social software. After going downstairs, Xiao Chen rode his electric car away from the monitor. More than an hour later, at 2:24 a.m., Ms. Chen received 1658 yuan from her brother. After her brother lost contact, Ms. Chen looked at her brothers transfer, which was the only clue left by Xiao Chen. There must be something wrong with the number 1658 of the transfer. Its normal to turn it into an integer of 1600. Why do you still carry such a few mantissa? In the face of the camera, Ms. Chen and her family think that 1658 is translated into words, which means help me quickly. Xiao Chens sudden transfer of money sends out a call for help, and has reported the case to the Wuchang police station in Yuhang District.


The cause of death has been found and further investigation is needed

On the morning of July 24, the reporter contacted the Wuchang police station in Hangzhou to understand the latest progress of the matter, while the operator told the reporter that he did not know about the case for the time being. Subsequently, the reporter continued to try to contact Ms. Chen, but there was no response. On the afternoon of July 24, the reporter learned from the column 1818 golden eyes that Xiao Chens body was found on the riverbank near yuhangtang road and Zijingang Road, and has been sent to the funeral home. The specific cause of death is under further investigation by the police. For this matter, China Jiangxi net reporter will continue to report.

At about 3:30 am on July 8, 33 year old ou bingchao disappeared on his way home. He was finally captured on Jinle Road, about five kilometers away from huaikou City, Jintang County, Chengdu. Tuojiang River is on the right, Yunding mountain is on the left, and there is a road in the middle. Ou bingchao disappeared for no reason

In the past 14 days, no signs of people and vehicles have been found on the mountain and underwater, and there are no traces of the use of Ou bingchaos ID card, mobile phone and bank card. Until the 22nd, the family of Ou bingchao said that the man had not been found and the car had not been found. How did the rickshaw disappear? At present, scattered information splicing together found that in the three hours before the disappearance of Ou bingchao, there was a relatively obvious abnormal behavior.