Think carefully and fear of killing a wife frequently! Someone kept his wife in the freezer for 105 days

 Think carefully and fear of killing a wife frequently! Someone kept his wife in the freezer for 105 days

The same case of wife killing occurred in the United States

On the night of November 18, 1986, a snowstorm raged in New Town, Connecticut, and it seemed that something unusual happened to the krafts house at No. 5, new town road. In such bad weather, the hostess Helen disappeared!

Baummy Thomas, the home of the kraftz family, should have been the first to notice the abnormality, but before Helens friends came to visit her, her doubts were only a flash in her mind.

Helen and her husband, Richard kraftz, met at a training event and married in 1975. They then settled in the new town. They raised two men, one woman and three children. Born in Denmark, Helen had been a flight attendant for Pan am for 17 years at the time of the crime. Her husband, Richard, is a pilot of China Eastern Airlines. He has a good reputation among his peers. At the same time, he is also a part-time policeman in the local police station. In short, he seems to be on his own. Richard is a woman. He has been married three times. He has a lot of romantic love before and after marriage. In this regard, Helen chose to accept. However, after Richards domestic violence began to escalate, Helen was determined to file a divorce lawsuit and had hired a divorce lawyer.

At about 6:00 a.m. on November 19, Richard told Mary that Helen, the hostess, had gone to his sister Karens house ahead of time, and he asked Mary to bring her three children to the meeting immediately.

But Mary didnt see Helen at Karens house.

Late in the night of November 19, the krafts house rang loudly. That was Helens colleague and close friend Annas phone, she would talk to Helen every day, but on the 19th, Anna did not contact Shanghai Lun. In the face of Annas anxious inquiry, Richard replied that Helen had gone out because of the incident. In the following week, Helen still did not go to the airline to work, nor to ask for leave from the company, which is obviously something wrong.

On November 22, nanny Mary accidentally found a Grapefruit size black red stain on her master bedroom carpet. At that time, she rushed to another domestic helper, and in her mind she offered to come back and have a good cleaning. But a few days later, Mary came home to find that the carpets in the master bedroom and the childrens bedrooms were missing. Before the faint uneasiness, suddenly becomes obvious. So she handed in her resignation and quietly told Helens friends what she had found.

Helens friends were very anxious. They asked Richard for Helens whereabouts, but Richard laughed at her. As Helens disappearance became longer and longer, her friends became more anxious. However, she had no other choice but to investigate Richard in turn. Richard gave the answers of returning to Denmark to see her sick mother and going to Paris to see her female friend. At this time, friends think of a sentence Helen said: if I have any accident, please believe that it is not an accident.

As a husband whose wife has been missing for a long time, he seems to be too calm

Its no secret that Helens marriage to her husband Richard is in jeopardy. Helen even hired a divorce lawyer a few months ago. Helens friends constantly urged the local police to take an active part in the investigation. However, in early December, the police department carried out three lie detection tests on Richard, and he passed with extremely low reaction. A tester said: he is the subject with the lowest response to lie detection that I have ever met. At this time, Richards former police colleagues also guaranteed his conduct.

For the police inquiry, Richard always does not answer, or arrogant provocation: you to prove it.

Dissatisfied with the tardiness of the new town police, Helens friends went back and forth to the Connecticut state prosecutors office and the serious cases unit of the police department of Connecticut. The case was finally transferred to the Connecticut police, who provided necessary assistance.

Li Changyu

At the time, I was director and chief forensic expert at the Connecticut police court science laboratory. On December 17, our laboratory officially contacted the case. After initial contact with Richard, we found that as a husband whose wife had been missing for a long time, he seemed to be too calm.

Later, we learned that Richard had worked for the CIA for many years, and his experience was enough to teach him how to use lie detection.

As far as I know, the polygraph used at that time was based on the traditional lie detection principle, that is, when people lie or when some events in peoples memory are reappeared, they are often accompanied by the common sense of speeding up the heart rate, blushing and sweating. The physiological changes include changes in blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, skin voltage, etc. these physiological changes, like sweating in hot weather, are not controlled by consciousness. Therefore, in the interrogation of criminal suspects, the changes of blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, skin voltage and so on can be used to judge whether the suspect is lying or not.

However, ordinary people will feel more or less nervous when they are seriously accused of murder by the police, and people who are not involved in the case may also have strong physiological changes. However, Richard is so as calm as water and obviously has known the mystery of lie detector for a long time.

Upper row: private detective Mayo, victim Helen. Bottom row: Helens nanny and Helens husband Richard

Obviously, the priority is to find Helens body, or a lot of blood.

Christmas, the biggest holiday in the United States, is approaching. I and 12 detectives from the Western District crime unit were involved in the investigation of Helens disappearance. We decided to search Richards house when he and his family went to Florida for Christmas.

The house was a mess, the hallway and the master bedroom were repainted blue, and the carpet and most of the rubber pads under the carpet had disappeared. The childrens bedrooms were idle and the carpet was gone. Using a magnifying glass and ultraviolet light to search the corners of the house, we still havent found any blood or other evidence that violence killed Helen. But based on the unusual situation in the house, I judged that something must have happened here.

Sure enough, I found a few small reddish brown blood spots that the naked eye could hardly see next to the spot.

Based on the size of luminols fluorescent reaction site, I preliminarily infer that some smaller blood droplets belong to the medium speed blood splashing, which splashes to the ground or wall at an acute angle of about 10 degrees. I further infer that Helen had knelt down or bent to the foot of the bed after being attacked. She was probably changing the sheets, and the blood didnt splash on the mattress, so it splashed directly onto the surface of the mattress. We cut a six by six square inch mattress and brought it back to the lab for further testing.

On the way back to the lab, I had a hunch that Richard had planned this terrible case very carefully. However, we used all the advanced equipment to take infrared aerial photos of hundreds of miles around to find the body. We found nothing except the body of a cow.

On December 29, we learned that Richard had rented a wood chopper a few days before the crime.

A wood crusher

On the same day, we observed through a high-power microscope in the laboratory that there were a large number of tiny reddish brown stains on the mattress. After the anti human hemoglobin test, these blood stains came from people. Moreover, these bloodstains have PGM (phosphoglucose mutase) activity, which proves that the bloodstains are newly formed because PGM will lose its enzyme activity after 12 months. After further blood group detection, we found that the blood type of these blood stains was consistent with Helens blood type, which was all O blood type.

On December 30, we found eyewitness Joey Hein, the snowplow driver who saw a log crusher parked on a bridge at 4 a.m. on a snowstorm night, and he said to the driver, its snowy. Go home early. I didnt expect that the man raised his middle finger impolitely.

Although much evidence points to Richard, there is no clue about Helens body.

According to eyewitnesses, we followed the side road where the woodcutter stayed that day, all the way to Lake jorla.

Thats right. Its the perfect place to dump a corpse.

In order to carry out the field investigation more effectively, we used the corpse of a pig to start the experiment of throwing the corpse with a wood crusher. In order to be as close as possible to the actual situation of the case, I lobbied my daughter to cut off her long hair for our experiment. The final experiment proved that the bones could only be thrown as far as 15 feet, some of the lighter bones and hair would be left within one or two feet of the lake, while some of the heavier bones would sink to the bottom of the lake.

Its going to snow again!

We were worried that the large-scale investigation would cause the media and the public to crowd around and interfere with the process of handling the case, so we decided to withdraw part of the police force temporarily. Although the evidence will be buried by snow, snow, like refrigerant, will protect biological evidence such as blood, muscle and bone.

So far, I have participated in the investigation of more than 8000 cases and won more than 800 medals, medals and honors. In America, Im often asked to speak. The American police asked me, Dr. Li, how did you find the evidence for so many cases?

When it was speculated that Richard was most likely to have thrown his body in Lake jorla, a heavy snow covered the lake, and our investigation continued in an orderly manner. We trudged through two feet of snow, working 10-20 hours a day, searching for evidence in the frozen ice.

We divided the huge search surface into a number of 8-inch mesh surfaces. We used portable heaters to melt the snow bit by bit, scooped up the soil layer, and placed it on the table top in the temporary tent. We checked whether there was any evidence nearby by powerful lighting. All topsoil and other objects are sieved to separate leaves and larger objects, then cleaned and viewed with a magnifying glass. The more important evidence was brought back to the laboratory for further analysis and examination. Thousands of suspicious particles were then packed into cardboard evidence boxes for further testing.

When the frogs fished out a worn chainsaw from the bottom and asked if I wanted to keep it, I said, keep it. At that time, we had to deal with countless suspected weapons from the bottom of the lake every day, but I felt something from this new looking chain saw, and intuitively judged that it seemed to have something to do with the case. Later, we used chemical methods to make dominance, and in a few seconds, we quickly wrote down the number that I still remember - e591616. Whats more, according to the visa credit card documents we got from our local dealer, we found that the chain saw was sold to Richard kraftz.

Finally, we found 2660 hair, 69 small pieces of human bone, six drops of human blood, a truncated human skull, a small section of human finger, a nail and a small piece of toenail in the snow near Lake jorla, which added up to three ounces of human tissue.

Evidence found at the scene

Now, at last, we have enough evidence to call for the arrest of Richard kraftz.

At the beginning of 1988, the trial of the case was officially launched. I was summoned by the prosecution to testify in court. It took me nearly three days to reconstruct the scene in the court. Richard in the courtroom remained expressionless, just listening quietly. I told the jury that Helen kraftz was dead and disheartened, scattered on Lake jorla, and that her husband Richard had a lot to do with it. In view of Richards early purchase of chain saw and lease of large wood crusher, it is more likely that he deliberately murdered his wife. Of course, I also told the jury truthfully that it may be accidental injury in the process of husband and wife dispute!

In March 1989, the jury finally found Richard guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to 99 years imprisonment.

Media reports on the detection of wood crusher homicide cases.

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Its always the husband: a documentary on the case of a wood crusher killing his wife (source: video synthesis)

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