Sudden bad luck! Semiconductor giant falls suddenly evaporates more than 40 billion US dollars

 Sudden bad luck! Semiconductor giant falls suddenly evaporates more than 40 billion US dollars

After Thursdays opening, Intel disclosed the second quarter of 2020s revenue of 19.73 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 20%, net profit of $5.105 billion, a year-on-year growth of 22%, adjusted earnings per share of $1.23, a year-on-year increase of 16%. These three financial indicators are expected by supermarkets, including data center business unit (DCG) revenue growth of 43%; non-volatile storage Device solutions division (NSG) revenue growth of 76%, the company said it will accelerate the transition to 10 nm products this year.

Intel is the worlds largest manufacturer of personal computer parts and CPU. NVIDIA and AMD are Intels biggest competitors in the GPU and CPU markets respectively. Previously, NVIDIA and AMD both released products based on 7 nm manufacturing process this year. Intels delay in the production of 7Nm products also means that TSMC will expand its competitive advantage in this manufacturing field. Ultramicro semiconductor, TSMC and NVIDIA rose 16.5%, 9.53% and 0.64% respectively today. Although the market value of Intel was surpassed by TSMC and NVIDIA, Intels net profit was still the highest, with $5.105 billion in the second quarter, higher than TSMCs $4.08 billion and NVIDIAs $917 million in the latest quarter.

During the epidemic, a large number of retail investors poured into the stock market

Due to the impact of the epidemic on the economy, the volatility of the financial market has been magnified, and the share prices of some companies have soared and fallen. Even companies that have declared bankruptcy and delisted have been stir fried. This is related to the structural changes of participants in the US stock market.

Retail investors have been an important player in the market in the past few months for various reasons, thanks to the emergence of zero Commission trading platforms and more time for consumers to place orders at home during the spread of the new coronavirus, the president of the New York Stock Exchange said in a media interview on Friday. The majority of American financial market is institutional investors. After the outbreak and the stock market volatility caused by the epidemic, a large number of retail investors entered the market for frequent short-term trading, which also had a huge impact on the stock prices of some companies. The second quarter financial report of American securities companies also showed the degree of new investors entering the market. The commission income of most companies increased strongly, which brought huge returns to the company. For example, the Commission of Yingtou securities increased by 55% year on year; Jiashengs new retail accounts in the second quarter reached a record 93433, and the total transaction volume of the companys retail traders increased by 27% year-on-year.

Zero income company backdoor blank check company

In addition to a large number of retail investors involved in junk stock speculation, there is also a phenomenon in the US stock market, that is, the rise of special purpose acquisition companies. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) are also known as blank check companies because they have no other business. The registration system implemented in the United States allows the sponsor to promote the blank check company to be listed on the stock exchange. Since then, the issuers goal is to find a company with development prospects and eager to be listed, and merge with it to obtain financing and listing, which is similar to backdoor listing, and the original investors of the company can obtain certain rewards. If the issuer fails to find a suitable target or complete the merger and acquisition within a certain period of time, the blank check company will face liquidation.

This week, Wall Street billionaire investor bill ackman launched the largest blank check company in history through his fund. It will issue 200 million shares at $20 a share, raising $4 billion.

Global stock markets have been watching for a week

There are obvious signs of rebound in European economic data. The purchasing manager index (PMI, when the index is higher than 50, indicates that the economy of related industries is expanding, otherwise it is contracting) shows that French business activity exceeded expectations in July; in July, the PMI of German service industry rose to 56.7 from 47.3 of last month, reaching a high of nearly two and a half years, and the PMI of manufacturing industry rose to 50 from 45.2 of last month, which is the highest in the past 19 months In July, the UK manufacturing PMI recorded 53.6, better than expected, showing a strong rebound.

Affected by the rebound of the epidemic situation in the United States, PMI of Markit manufacturing industry and service industry in July were lower than expected.

Despite the rebound in European economic data, investors ignored it. Major global stock indexes fell on Friday due to tensions between China and the United States.

On the plate, gold, silver and other precious metal plate rose first, vaccine plate, automobile plate fell first.

Judging from the performance of the worlds important indexes in the past week, Russias RTS rose the most, with a cumulative weekly increase of 3.74%. Indias sensex30 index had six consecutive positive weeks, up 3.01%. The FTSE 100 index of the UK and CAC40 index of France performed the worst, falling 2.65% and 2.23% respectively.

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