Long four B, one arrow, three stars! ZY-3 03 successfully launched

 Long four B, one arrow, three stars! ZY-3 03 successfully launched

Changsib rocket soared into the sky

The changsib rocket ignited and lifted off

ZY-3 03 satellite is developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. the main user unit is the Ministry of natural resources. The satellite is mainly used to produce national 1:50000 basic geographic information products, carry out 1:25000 and larger scale map revision and update, and carry out land and resources investigation and monitoring.

After being launched into orbit, zy-3-03 will operate in networking with zy-3-01, 02 and gf-7 satellites, providing stable satellite data sources for Chinas surveying and mapping operations.

The transport of satellite dome assembly

The launch carried the lobster eye X-ray detection satellite and Apocalypse 10 satellite developed by Shanghai aegis Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., 805 Institute of the eighth Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group.

Lobster eye X-ray detection satellite is the first space science exploration satellite with new lobster eye bionic technology in the world.

Tianqi-10 satellite is a data acquisition satellite. It will carry out on orbit verification of key technologies of space-based Internet of things, providing advanced technical verification for the construction and application of narrow-band space-based Internet of things constellation.

Hoisting star cover assembly

The long march 4B carrier rocket is a normal temperature liquid three-stage carrier rocket developed by the eighth Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group. It has the capability of launching multiple satellites and single and multiple satellites with different orbit requirements.

Long march 4B launch vehicle ready

This mission is the 341st launch of the long march series launch vehicles.

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