People who choose to marry for a second time, regardless of gender, should make the following three preparations

 People who choose to marry for a second time, regardless of gender, should make the following three preparations

After sorting out the recent letters, Mingyi found that more than half of his friends were confused about their second marriage life. Even many second marriage people said that they felt its too difficult to get married again after they started their marriage.

Ms. a, just one year after their second marriage, they feel that they cant live on. Both of them have children before their second marriage, and both of them have quarreled with each other every day. However, the two adults are biased towards their own children, and no matter how good their feelings are, they will not quarrel.

Mr. B has been married for three years. Although there is no dispute about children, he is always arguing that he cant go to his ex-wife to look after his children. He thinks that he does not understand himself enough and is very distressed.

Mr. C, successful in his career, has two children with his ex-wife. He is now 20 years younger. He is supposed to be quiet, but after he put his son with his ex-wife in the company, he quarrels every day, on the ground that fighting for property in the future is not good for him

The recent case of the disappearance of Lady Lai from Hangzhou, which is hotly debated recently, is also due to the second marriage. Although I dont know the contradiction between the husband and wife, the constant burst of news makes people sweat. It is said that the second marriage husband has a murderous heart because of his real estate. Although the case is being further tried, what can be brought about by the second marriage study? How to face the second marriage has become another forever unsolved problem.

People who choose to marry for the second time are always less relaxed than those who marry for the first time. The reason lies in one word: benefit.

If you have children, you should strive for more benefits for your children, such as family property and real estate.

What scares me most is that, like Mr. C, after marrying a little wife, the little wife wants to fight for the family property and prevent his adult children from fighting for each other and talking about the relationship between husband and wife?

The right choice of second marriage is fate, but the wrong choice is a robbery.

Mingyi thinks that its not because they are unhappy in their second marriage. However, there is only one way to find happiness, which is to make three preparations before marriage.

Ming Yi Yuedu dividing line

First of all, we should have sufficient psychological preparation.

No matter whether the other party has children or not, the second marriage can not be as capricious as the first marriage, learn to be tolerant and be ready to accept everything.

Second, selfishness is nature, but learn to stop at the right time.

Its natural to love your own children, but you should learn to be moderate. Even if you cant treat others like your own, you should at least learn to be fair before others. Even if you want to fight for family property, you should also see how much you have earned.

Finally, the second marriage does not ask for sincerity for sincerity, but yours is yours, mine is mine. The well water does not invade the river, leaving some bottom line of human nature.

Just like Mr. C, the second marriage is to guard against the current family property, while the current one is biased against it. Such a marriage is just another failure. Just like Ms. Lai from Hangzhou, if the second marriage husband is really greedy for real estate and plans his interests before the second marriage, there may be a possibility of a first-line life.

To be a man, we can change our sincerity, but sometimes sincerity is not as important as interests in second marriage. On the one hand, we should try our best to do it well. On the other hand, we should set aside a way for ourselves to attack and retreat. Marriage is not easy, and the second marriage is even more difficult. We should do it carefully and cherish it.