Expert interpretation: where does the hostility of the United States come from?

 Expert interpretation: where does the hostility of the United States come from?

Of course, to say that China is a threat is a fallacy. It is totally demonizing China and breaking through without attack. Chinas one belt, one road initiative and the community of human destiny point to positive and constructive cooperation. China has played a lot of positive role in the international community in the process of fighting the new crown. What is the threat?

Although it is not worth refuting, it is still worth our vigilance.

Pompeio arranged a series of speeches to try to change the tone of his China policy, probably in imitation of the series of hearings held by the late Senator Fulbright in 1966. Ironically, when Fulbright believed that the Soviet Union was a much greater threat than China, thus paving the way for China and the United States to break the ice, now the pompeios are abandoning their achievements. Will todays build momentum work as well as it did in the past? This needs our close attention.

At this time point, four senior trump government officials came out to make these remarks at the same time, which is probably related to the election. As like as two peas, but if there are no elections, the four men will still speak the same words. Pompeio did not deny Nixons contribution in his speech. The reason why he wanted to give up the contact policy was that China would inevitably become a so-called democratic country as defined and expected by the United States. This is also one of the three major goals of the United States long-term China policy. The other two goals are to turn China into a huge export market for the United States commercially and to turn China into a Christian country in religion. In their view, at least, these three aspects are quite frustrated, though to varying degrees.

Unity Lake reference: but in todays I have you, you have me world pattern, it is almost impossible not to contact or even decouple, right?

Xie Tao: pompeio himself knows it well, so he said that it is impossible to contain China as he did with the Soviet Union. China and the United States are deeply integrated into each other, and it is very difficult to completely cut them off. But dont underestimate pompeios ideological conservatism and toughness. Pompeio is a politician who grew up during the cold war, and his cold war thinking is deeply rooted. However, he knew that todays Sino US relations were not the same as those of the then US Soviet relations. He should also be very contradictory, so he did not throw out a real strategy to confront China in his speech.

Trumps impression is not strategic. He is a typical result oriented politician. He fought a trade war and threw off the pot and did not cooperate in the epidemic situation. He did a good job in fighting for short-term interests. The trump administration also has a feature that can not be ignored. It almost integrates the extreme roles of populism, mercantilism and China hawks. Why does the trump administration seem to show special hostility to China? With the joint efforts of all parties, the lethality is naturally astonishing.

On the surface, the USs attack on China is aimed at a series of specific issues such as the South China Sea, intellectual property rights and Hong Kong. We know that these are excuses and cannot explain the deep logic of the US attitude towards China. What are the structural factors behind this?

Xie Tao: from a historical point of view. 1840 was the beginning of Chinas decline. About the same time, the United States began to pursue overseas expansionism. When China fell sharply, the United States began to rise sharply. But by 2008, it was almost completely reversed. The United States has never thought of facing an increasingly powerful China when the signs of its decline are obvious. We can imagine the psychological gap. China is active and promising in the world. In the eyes of Chinese at the stage of national rejuvenation, it is easy to be overreacted by the downhill United States. Unfortunately, the extreme politicians of the trump administration gather together and the effect of overreaction is more obvious. They even think that Chinas threat to the United States is the whole government and the whole society.

Unity Lake reference: even without the special government of trump, it seems that this misunderstanding is difficult to solve. Why?

Xie Tao: this involves the unique nationalism of the United States. What is American nationalism? There are three elements. First, freedom and democracy are paramount, not only in the United States, but also in helping people all over the world to obtain the freedom and democracy they identify with; second, the supremacy of white people is manifested in racism at home and the superiority of Western civilization in the world; third, the supremacy of the United States is not only the priority of American interests, but generally speaking, the United States should always be the number one in the world One.

To be realistic, China is incompatible with China in all three aspects. Especially when China actively participates in international affairs, some Americans think that its hegemony will be impacted, which makes them hard to accept. From the perspective of identity, there is a doomed tension between China and the United States.

Unity Lake reference: will the conflict of identity lead to hostility?

Xie Tao: even if there are fundamental value differences, there is also the possibility of cooperation between big powers, such as when there is a common and imminent threat. The key is how to define this threat. Are global public issues such as the new coronavirus a threat? Unfortunately, if one side does not stand high enough and think far enough, it will be difficult to reach a consensus.

But hostility comes at a price. Why did pompeio go to Europe? If the United States really wants to open hostility with China, it will rely more on the support of the EU and Japan, the so-called alliance of like-minded countries. The problem is that these countries trade, investment, education and other fields are highly interdependent with China. The United States must spend unprecedented efforts to shake up the situation. The whole world is cool and hot here and isolating China means that it will hurt the existing international order and hurt more than one generation.

United Lake reference: the United States is playing the card of ordering the closure of the Consulate General, which seems to be playing a Coward game and forcing people to show weakness. How can China adhere to its principles and reduce its losses in an unfavorable situation?

Xie Tao: in the past, when we talked about Sino US relations, we always said managing differences. The more important thing at the moment is probably crisis management and control. However, the closure of the Chengdu consulate general is a counter measure under the principle of reciprocity, which is fair and has little damage area.

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