Hangzhou murders wife and dismembers mans circle of friends exposed

 Hangzhou murders wife and dismembers mans circle of friends exposed

This is a premeditated case of intentional homicide.

She disappeared on the 5th and reported to the police on the 6th. On the 23rd, the police reported that Ms Lai had been killed. Her husband Xu was suspected of committing a major crime. Today, she was informed of the specific situation of the case. Lets see what happened in these 210 days.

The morning of July 4

Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital

The afternoon of July 4

Qingchun Yintai

Come and take your daughter to buy books and cakes.

17:00 on July 4

The surveillance cameras showed the arrival of the lady and daughter coming back from the outside to take the elevator. This is the last picture of Lady Lai.

19:00 on July 4

Home, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan

Home, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan

Xu said that at about 0:30 on July 5, when he got up to go to the bathroom, his wife was still lying beside him. At half past five in the morning, he was alone in bed. He thought the lady had gone out and didnt care.

July 5th

Xu said, to the ladys phone can not be reached, also cant contact.

July 6th

To the womans work unit called, said she did not come to work.

19:00 on July 6

Sijiqing police station of Jianggan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau

The family went to Sijiqing police station of Jianggan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to call the police. The police carried out a comprehensive search of the community, including the basement, roof and other areas. Police dogs were also sent to carry out carpet search on the nearby ponds and parks, but there was no discovery.

July 21st

The police set up a special group to investigate and search the basement, rooftop and green landscape carpet.

July 22nd

The team carried out 25 hours of extraction work on the septic tank. After washing and screening the collected 38 vehicles of filth, it was found that there were suspected human tissues after on-site extraction and detection. After DNA comparison, the missing lady came to XXs human tissue, and it was judged that Lai XX might be killed.

1:00 on July 23

Hangzhou police summoned Xu for suspected intentional homicide.

10:00 on July 23

After a night of interrogation by the police, he broke through the confession of the suspect Xu. According to his initial account, he killed Xu at home in the early morning of July 5 while he was sleeping, and then separated and discarded.

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Hangzhou missing womans husband confesses the fact of killing and dismembering (source: video synthesis)

Night of July 23

Hangzhou police issued a notice that the missing woman had been killed and her husband Xu was suspected of committing a major crime, and has been taken criminal compulsory measures by Jianggan branch according to law.

July 25th

Hangzhou police held a press conference to inform them that the case has been basically identified. This is a premeditated intentional homicide case. The case is under investigation.

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