Chinese boxing champion is robbed by black men, unarmed and single armed Ko subdues gangsters

 Chinese boxing champion is robbed by black men, unarmed and single armed Ko subdues gangsters

Interestingly, the black boy came back to ask for a bicycle and smashed the door with a traffic sign. As a professional boxer, Yang Lianhui couldnt give up. Yang Lianhuis wife was also cruel and handed her husband a five shot shotgun. Yang Lianhui wrote an article praising her wife and explaining why she didnt shoot. My wife is really a great woman. She didnt panic and gave me the gun directly. However, according to the law of California, you cant shoot outside, or shoot behind your back. I can only go after him empty handed, the police come to give me universal knowledge, but to enter the room, you can directly shoot him

A few days after this incident, Yang Lianhui described how to subdue the gangster at that time. When he came to talk dirty, he asked me how to drive? This is to come to me to settle accounts. Take a road sign from the opposite side. Its not to scare me. Its really smashing. Its crazy. I cant let you break the door. Youve come to the door. What should I do. I rushed out with a knife. He was lucky enough to carry a schoolbag. I was wearing slippers. As soon as I slipped, I fell on his schoolbag, and the contents of the bag fell to the ground. I am mainly kind-hearted. Otherwise, there will be big news the next day, and my wife will come out and give me a five in a row.

The other side is still challenging me, you come, you shoot at me, give me a sign, wave to me unscrupulously. Everywhere, in any circle, in any country, there are local laws. When you are persecuted, you must deal with problems rationally. I will give the gun back to my wife, I will rush out, and you smashed my things, you run what to do. I will not let you go, I have no idea, I want to protect my own interests. And he even provokes me like this. If I dont catch him again, I believe that the boxing profession will be tarnished by me

When he took the knife, I forced him. He stepped back. He stretched out his hand and didnt stab him. As soon as he received it, I got a hook in my front hand, and Ko fell down. At the moment he fell down, I guess he knew that he met a man he would never defeat. I have to open my head again

Yang Lianhui was also injured when she caught up to fight with the gangster. This is the real battle scar, with a total of more than ten stitches sewn. Yang Lianhui said that she had to practice before she could do it. Netizens praised Yang Lianhui, this is too good. I can only worship it.

Yang Lianhui was admitted to Beijing Shichahai Sports School in 2002 and was selected into the Beijing boxing team in the same year. In 2012, she became the first Chinese boxer to win a professional boxing championship in Korea. In 2014, Ko boxer from Thailand won the Asian Asian gold belt subordinate to wbo. In 2015, she lost 12 rounds to kunka of Argentina in Macao, and failed to challenge the vacant IBF 140 pound world gold belt.