Han Hans racing car accident revealed on Internet

 Han Hans racing car accident revealed on Internet

Once the news was sent out, it immediately aroused heated discussion among the public, and a considerable number of netizens questioned the authenticity of the news, because there was only one sentence and a screenshot.

Later, a family member who claimed to be the photographer involved refuted the rumors on the social platform that the person had not died and was still in the emergency room. The man claimed to be a relative of the victim and produced several screenshots of the chat. It can be confirmed from the screenshot of the chat record that the crash was indeed the writer Han Han, but the photographer is still in the emergency room, still in the life and death.

Then, some netizens began to question the family member of the disclosure, and even said that this was taking the family out to spend. In the face of doubt, the family member firmly said that he did not mean to hype rumors, but explained the situation on the social platform.

However, by the morning of the 25th, the family member had deleted all the screenshots and follow-up responses of the chat records, and the signature of the home page also wrote nothing. In addition, the information platform that first disclosed the information of Han Han Tianmashan racetrack accident, the scene photographer suspected of being hit and killed has also deleted this content. Currently, searching for Han Han Han has failed to see the relevant information. The truth of the incident needs further investigation.