Xiaolanches counter campaign against encirclement and suppression: sinking, marriage and aliwei

 Xiaolanches counter campaign against encirclement and suppression: sinking, marriage and aliwei

From Alipay to High German, harrow has two entrance entries in the Ali products. On the one hand, the growth demand revealed by the expansion of new traffic entrances; on the other hand, the collective crusade of customers just experienced by halo bicycle also shows that the theory of refined operation is biased in practice.

At the same time, the content of riding a bicycle late on Luoluo was late on July 20. The failure was nearly 10 months after the last large-scale network excursion of halo bicycle, and the official also blamed the third-party network.

Since the final form of a behavior based life service platform was determined at the beginning of this year, hello has made frequent trips. First, he tried to run errands in the same city and group buying in the community, and then won the Zhengzhou online car Hailing license. On June 16, halo travel reached a strategic cooperation with Zhengzhou, setting the national operation headquarters of four round business in Zhengzhou.

From the perspective of the whole travel in harrow, many of its expansion actions are focused on new local life services and four-wheel car business, while the two wheeled vehicle business, which was originally a traffic driver, has little voice. Especially in the first and second tier cities, the labels of many broken cars and dirty cars have not been removed.

With the increase of meituan bicycle and Qingju bicycles investment in the sinking market, the market foundation laid by halo relying on the strategy of encircling the city in rural areas is gradually being shaken.

Behind the expansion

Hailuobiqi called Gaode map the first partner of the whole scene strategy of mobile Internet, and its moped, hitchhiker and other travel products have been connected to the map service of Gaode for a long time.

Matching more accurate service scenarios for bicycles and importing more traffic is a way to face the threat of a sinking market. However, the higher the penetration of bike sharing into life, the greater the consumption of trust for users. It is a problem whether the Hailuo bicycle collapses twice a year to meet the service requirements of high-speed city users.

Two days ago, the network broke down, and the user scanned the code to unlock the car. Both the bicycle and the scooter showed sorry, the network has strayed, please try again later. Users cant scan the code to unlock the car, or fortunately they cant lock the car. In the user tuckslike like cycling three minutes, locked for half an hour, various groove points make complaints about too many bad cars, many cars are not maintained very dirty, and unreasonable charges.

The most difficult point for users to accept is that the system does not indicate that it is a single vehicle fault, but a network problem, which makes users waste a lot of time in the endless cycle of starting up, restarting and retrying, thus losing the best opportunity to find alternatives, resulting in lateness. However, the last large-scale fault of Hailuo bicycle was in October 2019, and it also showed sorry, the network has strayed, please try again later.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with a product that can be solved in time and bear subsequent compensation. However, bike sharing has changed from a simple travel tool to a traffic prying point of each major platform. Through the membership system, the user stickiness is constantly improved, and the business model is gradually clear, but the service level is still at the initial level.

According to the information of a special Internet renovation activity conducted by Beijing Transportation Commission on June 24, moBay (meituan bicycle) has the largest investment in the operation and maintenance of Beijings shared bicycles, with an average daily investment of more than 1000 people. However, the daily average investment in the operation and maintenance of halo travel is less, with an average daily number of more than 100. During the special operation period, 5960 unregistered vehicles were found in Hailuo, and the non filing rate was as high as 98%.

That is to say, the number of halo bikes has exceeded the number given by relevant departments. In addition to causing idle bicycles, a large number of illegal vehicles are also prone to operation and maintenance dead ends. It is not difficult to understand why there are always idle or broken Hello bicycles on the road.

The competition pressure behind the illegal launch of halo bicycle, which is the first to enter the refined operation stage, can not be ignored.

Marriage attack and defense

In the situation of more and more concentrated competition in the sinking market, a large number of subsidies and investment will become the most effective means of market competition, but it also tests the overall operation ability and financial level of the company. The public financing of Hello travel has reached 14 rounds, and the official valuation is close to 5 billion US dollars. Even if he has made adequate preparations, he still needs to think about the future in the face of the mature and financially powerful Internet giants like didi and meituan.

Of course, hello is already ready. On June 16, halo travel reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, which means that it has won the priority of Chinas largest population province and created many conveniences for business development.

Although Li Kaizhu disclosed that the specific mode is still being explored, it should not be considered as a special car, but for the Zhengzhou online car Hailing license plate, his imagination is still huge.

In the past, due to the high degree of Internet in the first and second tier cities and the high acceptance of new applications by users, the competition for online car Hailing is often fierce here. Hello has set up its headquarters in Zhengzhou. It seems that he has the intention to copy the bicycle playing method again, but he has other considerations.

Henan local media Dahe newspaper said that the founder and CEO of Hello travel, Yang Lei, and senior executives of Ali department attended the signing ceremony. At that time, halo revealed that the reason for choosing Henan was vigorous economic development, demographic dividend and consumption vitality. The regional market of Hailuo bicycle, moped, electric vehicle, free ride and other businesses in Henan ranked among the best in China, and had the conditions to be integrated into a regional center.

The huge consumption potential of travel related businesses in Henan Province has made Harlow gradually increase its investment since 2017, including 11 cities for bicycles, 12 cities for mopeds, 7 cities for electric vehicle sales and leasing, and 2 cities for vehicle battery city charging stations.

However, with more players entering, all businesses have entered the Henan market, and the performance of Hello is not excellent.

According to Dahe Daily in early April, the service quality assessment results of Zhengzhou shared bicycle enterprises in the first quarter of 2020 announced by Zhengzhou City Management Bureau of Henan Province: meituan score was 71.4, Qingju was 69.5, and hello was 59.7.

The total amount of shared bicycles provided by Zhengzhou urban area (except airport area) in the current quarter was 180000, and that of Qingju, Hailuo and meituan (formerly Moby bikes) was 60000. After the results of the bicycle quality assessment, the number of bicycles with the lowest score will be reduced by 3000 vehicles, and the reduced share will be transferred to the bicycle platform with good performance.

If the efficiency of operation and maintenance can not be improved in a short time, the number of vehicles put into production in Henan will be less and less. This may be one of the important factors in the marriage between hallo and Henan, but the more important reason is Ali, the major shareholder.

On the same day that hallo and Zhengzhou signed the strategic cooperation agreement, Alibaba and Zhengzhou signed the strategic cooperation agreement on deepening the construction of digital city, respectively signed the strategic cooperation agreement on deepening the construction of digital city, the 2020 digital Zhengzhou Industrial Ecological alliance and the digital Zhengzhou talent training cooperation agreement.

In addition to the above, the sinking of the halo quad is both an innovation and a defense.

According to the previous late latepost report, by June 2020, the average daily unit volume of halo motorcycles will be about 4 million, while that of didi and meituan will reach about 3.5 million and 1 million respectively. Meituan plans to launch 2 million vehicles in 2020, while didi plans to take 40% of the market share of two wheeled vehicles in 2020.

The market share of the two wheeled vehicles has been swallowed up since the epidemic. In the case of unsatisfactory service quality and the strong encirclement and suppression of didi and meituan, the foundation of Harlow is being shaken. This loosening also means that the industry pattern of shared travel may change dramatically in the next six months or even in a shorter period of time.

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