Personal leasing, lending, selling collection code, bank card or penalty

 Personal leasing, lending, selling collection code, bank card or penalty

This year, the peoples Bank of China held a working conference on cracking down on cross-border gambling capital chain, which clearly pointed out that the central bank should make every effort to promote the financial supervision of cracking down on cross-border gambling, resolutely cut off the cross-border gambling capital chain, and increase punishment for gambling related accounts and gambling related fund activities. The central bank reminds consumers to pay attention to the running points trap in which some illegal network platforms induce renting and lending personal collection codes, which in disguise provide collection services for gambling and other online black ash products.

Not only do you receive QR codes, but you will also be held criminally responsible for buying and selling personal bank cards. In July 2016, a man bought a bank card at the gate of a middle school. Hong sold seven bank cards to him, making an illegal profit of 3500 yuan. Later, the man was investigated for criminal responsibility for using the bank card to collect and transfer gambling money. Hong was also sentenced to one year and nine months imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan for selling the bank card to criminals.

According to the notice of the peoples Bank of China on Further Strengthening the management of payment and settlement and preventing new-type violations and crimes in telecommunication networks, the units and individuals who rent, lend, sell or purchase bank accounts (including bank cards) or payment accounts, and relevant organizers, which are recognized by the public security organs at or above the municipal level with districts, fake the identity of others or make up the agency relationship Units and individuals that open bank accounts or payment accounts shall suspend all non counter business and payment account business of their bank accounts within five years, and shall not open new accounts for them.

In addition, individuals who transfer funds through underground banks to participate in gambling abroad will not only be fined, but also be included in the credit reporting system, leaving a credit taint. According to the provisions of the measures for the administration of individual foreign exchange and the regulations on foreign exchange control, domestic individuals engaged in foreign exchange trading and other transactions shall be handled through domestic financial institutions that have obtained corresponding business qualifications according to law. Those who privately buy or sell foreign exchange, buy or sell foreign exchange in disguise, buy or sell foreign exchange illegally, or illegally introduce and sell foreign exchange with a large amount, shall be given a warning by the foreign exchange administration agency and the illegal income shall be confiscated If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.