Lin Yichen cuts short hair and shakes herself into a girl next door

 Lin Yichen cuts short hair and shakes herself into a girl next door

Lin Yichen has her hair cut short

According to Taiwan media reports on July 25, according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Yichen recently showed her short hair and turned into a sister next door. Fans were excited to say its beautiful, I like long hair and short hair, Im looking forward to seeing a new style at the event, and some even said its finally updated..

When she appeared in the TV series in 2018, Lin Yichen used to show her short hair style. Among them, there are six kinds of short hair in a row, which is also known as the short hair model of the year. Recently, when she was shooting the cover of a magazine, she still kept elegant long hair, highlighting the diversity of styles. In recent years, she began to slow down and return to life, constantly changing between maladjustment and enjoyment. She also knew how to look for such a life As for the new things brought about by the change, Lin Yichen thinks: each of us has his own speed, so we dont need to compare with others..

The latest release of a new film has shocked fans and the media that she is no different from her beloved sister in the film six years ago. She is often asked whether she is troubled by baby face? Lin Yichen also said frankly: each stage will have different looks and different feelings. When you have different experience and experience of life, people will feel relatively different, and different scripts will come to you.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351