Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., 17 years late

 Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., 17 years late

One is 54 years old, the other is 51 years old. Although the match is 17 years late and the two legendary boxing champions have retired for many years, the current collision will undoubtedly arouse the appetite of the whole world.

Lets have a fight first!

Perhaps to confirm media speculation, Tyson released a video on the social platform in the afternoon of the 24 th press conference, with the text: meet on September 12.

In the video, two boxing legends, Roy Jones Jr. and Tyson, talk about the mentality of fighting each other.

Im not going to go back and play again, but for Tyson, Im willing to make an exception. Hes a legend. For me, its an opportunity that I cant refuse. Of all the people who want to play with him, he chose me. If he did, how could I refuse?

Tyson in the video is very arrogant, he provocatively said to Rowe Jones: you think you can fly in front of me? Im going to beat the hell out of you. Youd better do your best, or youll make a fool of yourself in front of people.

The same people in the end of the world

A few months ago, when Tyson announced his return to the show, a group of boxers and fighters, including Holyfield and bridges, took the initiative to send them to the door, but Tyson never took over. He kept telling the outside world, there is a louder name waiting for him.

Now that the answer has been revealed, it seems to Tyson that little Roy Jones is the best match for himself.

To some extent, Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are individuals at different levels. From the competitive level and even personal character, sometimes looking at each other is like looking at themselves in a mirror. They all have superhuman talent. They used to be the spokesmen of fast but never break. If Tyson didnt neglect training because of his arrogance, he would not have suffered Waterloo in Tokyo and would not have lost easily to Holyfield. And Roy Jones Jr. can make his career more perfect if he doesnt despise his former companion, taffer They are favored and blinded by talent.

According to the experts, both Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. have a chance to be better, but the wrong time and the wrong choice affect their career. Nowadays, fans all over the world have a chance to witness the duel they dream of. Even if the match is nearly 20 years late, even if they are no longer the strong wind and lightning on the ring, but their youth and feelings will still be the most anticipated match for fans.