Tighten the core, where is it?

 Tighten the core, where is it?


What is the core?

Regardless of the different perspectives of different research projects, the core in the current domestic and foreign studies as a whole should refer to the lumbar pelvis hip joint, forming a whole, which is the area below the shoulder joint and above the hip joint, including the pelvis.

The core area goes up to diaphragm and down to pelvic floor muscle, including transverse abdominal muscle, multifidus muscle, rectus abdominis and oblique muscle.

As can be seen from the distribution and quantity of the core muscle group in the figure below, the core muscle group includes but is not limited to the abdominal muscle group.

Picture source: one hundred day course compulsory card of body shaping with sister chic

Therefore, even if not specialized in training the waistline and abdominal muscles, the tightening of the core is still a problem that must be paid attention to in fitness.

Only a functional core is enough to support the normal operation of the whole body. A strong core can escort your sports performance. In particular, there are several advantages:

Stabilize your body and maintain the correct posture

As mentioned above, the stable contraction of the core can create fulcrum for the contraction of limb muscles, improve the contraction strength of limb muscles, and ensure that the limbs maintain the correct posture in the movement.

Improve exercise efficiency

The core muscles of our body play a connecting role in the power transmission of the whole power chain.

The strong core strength will play the role of power transmission, making the bridge linking the upper and lower limbs more stable, so that the transmission efficiency of strength will be higher, and we can better complete the training action.

Sports injury prevention

When exercising, especially some explosive sports, the strong core muscle group can ensure that the limbs keep in the normal position in the process of movement, so as to play a stabilizing role of deep muscle groups, and avoid sports injuries such as lower back pain and abdominal sprain.

Avoid compensation and relax tense muscles


How to find the feeling of core tightening?

So how to find the feeling of core tightening? Here we summarize several methods

Fake smile

Inhale and puff your stomach and exhale. Keep your stomach shrunken. Then cough or smile. Put your hand on your stomach and feel that the core is tightening.

Supine breathing

Lie on your back on the yoga mat with your back and waist close to the surface of the mat. Place your fingers on the straight line of your navel. Take a deep breath. Keep your pelvis, back and chest still. Tighten your abdomen and exhale slowly.

At this time, your stomach will not rise and fall significantly, but the fingers can feel the tension of the stomach, which is the feeling of core tightening.

Straight line method


How to train the core

Plate support

Lie prone with elbows bent and supported on the ground, shoulders and elbow joints perpendicular to the ground, feet on the ground, body off the ground, trunk straight, core tight, head, shoulder, hip and ankle kept in the same plane, eyes to the ground, keep breathing evenly.

Each group was maintained for 60 seconds, and 4 groups were trained each time. The interval between groups was no more than 20 seconds.

Lie on your back and straighten your hip

Lie on your back, bend your knees and separate your legs. Step on the ground with your feet close to your hips. The core is tightened, and the buttocks vibrate up and down from the ground. When the buttocks are lifted upward, the gluteus muscles are forced to tighten and contract the anus. Dont touch your hips when you come down.

Repeat this action 10 times, and finally stand still for 10 seconds.

Side bridge

This is a group of actions, you can do four groups in a row.


Stretch your hands forward and lie on your back on the yoga mat with your core tightened and exhaled. Look straight ahead with your eyes and extend your limbs naturally. Inhale and slowly lift your limbs to both ends to make your body present superhuman posture. Wait until your body stretches as far as you can, exhale and restore.

Fitness, is really a pay back thing.

And core training is even more so. Every time the core is strengthened, it wakes up the powerful body function again. It is like a fulcrum, which will send your body index to a higher level.

Remember from today on, try to feel the core of the force, you will find that when we tighten the core, we are particularly strong.


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