30 just is popular, Tong Yao is no longer little Zhang Ziyi, tearing open the true face of middle-aged people

 30 just is popular, Tong Yao is no longer little Zhang Ziyi, tearing open the true face of middle-aged people

Recently, Ive been chasing twenty is not confused and thirty only . I think they are both good. One is about youth and the other is about the hardship of 30 years old. Are you pursuing drama? Lets talk.


Over 30 years old, I really have to admit: old.

This kind of old, is not in the mouth said that old, but stitched into life.

For example,

For example, you can start with an ironing machine.

For example, I fell in love with the storage, arranged the house in an orderly way, and began to worry like a middle-aged woman.

At a certain moment of watching just 30, Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao and Mao Xiaotong, the three womens intertwined life and role, is a witness after 10 years.

Jiang Shuying is no longer the school flower in to our youth who will die. She has become an ambitious Wang mani;

Mao Xiaotong is no longer the Yinggui in the legend of Zhen Huan, but a comprehensive and decent Zhong Xiaoqin.

Tong Yao is no longer the little Zhang Ziyi in other peoples eyes. She began to be known, from Ruyi Zhuan to todays thirty.

In their different life experiences, everyone has grown up to be what they are today.

Tearing open the chicken feathers under the gorgeous appearance is anxiety, unwilling, and persistent to life.

And I want to talk about Gu Jia, a woman with high heels and a big bag on her back;

This woman who is not willing to admit defeat, but bows down for the sake of family;

The woman who is biting her teeth to make sure she doesnt fall behind.

Many times in life, we are Gu Jia, whether you believe it or not.


In fact, there is a reason why Tong Yao can play Gu Jia, and then get a good result.

It is said that in the beginning, this character did not belong to Tong Yao. At that time, Tong Liya wanted to take over, but fans objected strongly, so the role went to Tong Yao.

Sometimes, I think that Tong Yao is not only because of her good acting skills, so she makes Gu Jia angry.

But in Tong Yao, there is something in common with Gu Jia.

Tong Yao was first known, in fact, it was a detour. In other peoples eyes, all the disgrace and controversy happened to her.

I even think that it is this detour that makes Tong Yao so late to be seen.

With a face similar to Zhang Ziyi (probably more than 80), but not as lucky as Zhang Ziyi. Now it seems that this acting skill may not lose to Zhang Ziyi.

From Gao Guifei in Ruyi Zhuan, song Yunping in the great river, and todays Gu Jia, Tong Yaos journey is not so easy.

This reminds me of a scene in which Gu Jia asks Wang mani to buy a bag in order to get into the rich wife circle.

Im not saying that Tong Yao is trying to mix the circle, but that, in essence, they are people with a sense of direction. Tong Yaos persistence in the way of actors and Gu Jias carefulness for her family and career.

In a word: they are cruel people.

Of course, we can say that I dont care about rich wives. Im not rare.

You know, Gu Jia really is not to buy bags for vanity, she is for the family business.

The unspoken rule of business circles is that under the same conditions, resources will be given to the more familiar person. Information is not so developed. The more resources you have, the more likely you are to open up the situation.

So dont underestimate the word network..

Its just that fate is not so pleasant to her who works so hard.

Still will be the teacher to the childs cruelty, will still face the husbands infidelity, will still be someone to her said you are not good enough.

In other peoples eyes, she is the rich lady.

But the real waves, can only let her in most of the time can not open her heart, can not relax to live.

Life is like this, no years quiet good, most of the time, only the undercurrent surging, you move slowly, you have no place to hide.

Think of around, like Gu Jia such a woman, actually never less.

A lot is said because it is not easy for everyone to have a life. Its like life has never been kind to anyone.

A woman envied by everyone divorced and said her husband was cheating.

How good are women?

Im very good-looking. Im in my 30s with fine wrinkles. But because of my daily fitness, I have beautiful vest line. Every time I take a picture, I will subconsciously hide behind.

Yes, beautiful women, it will make people feel inferior.

I have a good job with both children and rich family background.

Who knows that the script of the winner of first-hand life suddenly turns a corner?

When she divorced her husband, almost all of us were shocked.

Never thought it would be her turn to divorce.

No reason.

However, she later said:

Her husband only comes back three times a week and says hes working overtime every time. Come back to sleep, never say more.

The adulterous woman, divorced with a child, put on the dating market, indeed, education, salary, even appearance are not as good as her.

She said: whats more embarrassing is that everyone thinks that her husband didnt want her, so she cheated.

Im not saying I have to be with him. I can have a good time with my two children alone.

I just want to ask, is he really worthy of me? Is it really the behavior of a moral man?

At the time of divorce, her parents felt very embarrassed.

Its not her fault, but it seems that she is.

You see her driving a luxury car and carrying Chanel, but her life is not really easy. Everyone stripped the surface naked in the world, are engraved with capital heartache.

Life falls down and climbs up, just like crossing a robbery, difficult and difficult.

The joys and sorrows of people are similar.

Everyone has to move forward, afraid of falling behind, afraid of pain, afraid of accidentally hit by life, but there is no dead drag straw.

That PlanB has to be ready at all times.

The most common thing is that the person you admire is not as easy as it appears; what you seem to be very difficult and easy is actually the same.

The woman who lived in the mansion, everyone said that she had entered the mansion. Only she knew the depth of the mansion and her face was as hard to see as peoples heart.

The woman who is showing her love may also be the one who will defend her marriage to the death. Tell others that we are fine.

The person who displays the childrens report card in the circle of friends may have spent several nights staying up late to run for the children and shed tears for the childrens failure at a certain moment.

Back to me, some people said, I really envy you. I was a civil servant before the age of 30 and had a stable job. But after 30, I started a business and went solid all the way for nearly four years.

Others only see the good side of me.

But I dont know, because of a detail, I had a bad time with clients, insomnia in the morning.

I also had anxiety and hesitation. I was afraid that I could not do it one day. Maybe so many readers would be lost.

One day I will also miss the past, when I could go to work and get off work. The worst result is that I did not do decent enough and was criticized by the leaders.

Now, write beautiful articles, provide valuable emotions, and receive advertisements to make money to keep the company alive.

After saying so much, someone will say that you are not easy. I dont want to sell it.

But who is easy?

Life has never been able to live a good life when you should try, when you should bend, when you should strive.

Dont think others are easy, others may not be easier than you;

Dont feel that you are the most difficult. There are many things more difficult than you.


After the age of 30, crying and laughing are common.

Marriage, career, life, indescribable depression, anxiety and hesitation are the normal life.

Its not only about age, but also about ourselves.

Many things in life just walk on the road of running. Because its fresh, it needs to grow stronger.

And we have never known that our life is not easy.

When time turns around, we are different.

When we turn around, life is another scene.

Do not force themselves, but do not give up their own, worth thousands of years.

Point to see, to write so good-looking me

The author of this issue: Xie Kehui. The post-80s writers, mothers of two children, like to salvage moving emotions and elegant qualities in life. The official account: Qiu Xiao Yu.