Come and look for early and ride the wind and waves together!

 Come and look for early and ride the wind and waves together!

Shanghai, Chongqing, Xian, Qingdao, Foshan, Jiangmen

Six cities in China

In progress!

Come to early space to find the same kind!

Young people have to grow up savagely, so they can have fun

#Its cool to be together#

This midsummer, you can find early space here!

Building a spiritual habitat together as early as possible

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You can take part in the fat burning challenge,

Win surprise gifts and speak for yourself with your beautiful body;

You can also take photos and punch in our early wall,

Leave a beautiful moment;

Whats more, with all the early stars,

From managing body to managing time,

Meet as soon as possible,

Have a good time together!


There are eight other famous brands and new artists,

In China, 6 cities and 9 fusion cities are linked

Lets switch to explore mode,

A wonderful and fun journey starts in imixpark!

1. Sound seeking and enlightening space

Together with Netease cloud music - Lighting live action, imixpark launched sound seeking enlightenment to create offline experience scenes.

Together with every ordinary person who loves music, return to the music scene and help the performance industry in this special year of 2020!

2. Peaches make their own space

Huang Weiting, a cross-border independent designer and illustrator, has drawn a spiritual program of freetoeat for the Z generation of foodie youths with his artistic illustrations.

We encourage good mouth on the one hand and good health on the other, because excellent people always know how to maximize themselves.

Mao Ting, who has multiple identities as a cutting-edge visual designer, director, illustrator and fashion designer, has made visual design for 100 variety shows such as the first season to the fourth season of the wonderful flowers, this is street dance, instant audio, and tmalls double ten and one evening party. Maoif, founded by her, looks like a different kind of clothes. She is good at speaking with colors. With her open, casual, fashionable and artistic dress attitude, it attracts people of Z generation who are enthusiastic and boastful, unique and confident, and love street culture.

Let more people pay attention to today, be loyal to themselves, publicize personality, rely on beautiful line fierce!

4. Energy cabin space

Brother in law transforms into tribal style, awakens your constellation energy in mysterious wooden house! Come on, find the hidden energy of your own constellation!

5. Liucheng youth life video exhibition space

Together with Houshan, an independent photographer in imixpansion City, Meng Utopia discovers different characteristics of young people belonging to a city. During the whole shooting process, I tried to understand their attitude towards life and growth, as well as the unusual and inexplicable fit between generations Z, she said. When shes thinking, I focus on looking at her eyes and catching them, she says.

What she said and what she didnt say was fixed by the perfect makeup of perfect diary, presenting a different happy life in the form of a film exhibition. What does a photographer think of generation Z? Dont you want to come and see it?

6. Scrap world space

Sustainable fashion is now a very fashionable lifestyle. Chanel, Prada, burberry and other international brands have already joined the environmental protection forces.

Reemixstudio is certainly not willing to lag behind in the design of environmental protection brands. It adheres to the environmental protection concept of pick up, re create with both hands, and recycle to the rich, and create a brilliant world of waste and cutting together with imixperture. Even the useless talent in the traditional context can also radiate light here.

7. Dream garden space

Song santu, a cross boundary ghost artist, creates a colorful girl space with the flowers and symbols that the artist is good at.

Write a hymn to the girl full of dreams: in an era when everyone can be an artist, anyones creativity is likely to be stimulated in the next second.

Its easier to live with green plants. Just like boiled noodles with white water, you have to sprinkle some green onions, which are all confrontation with the mediocre life.

With humorous language and the appeal of plants, damingcheng has built a comfortable place for people in busy life. It tells everyone in the language of plants: Cool together, you can relax!


In 39 days, in addition to the rich community theme activities, imixpark also presented a series of art derivatives -- woo Muji, a comprehensive retail brand of art and daily necessities.

Come and unlock the secret space!

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